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Free the Faeries

Free the Faeries

To celebrate the Faerie Festival in 2017, a Free the Faeries stall was set up by Evella, which houses the Festival's NC Mall component. Special slingshot packs allow you to free the faeries trapped inside of jars, and for doing so you'll receive a prize.

You can participate in this on your side account(s). For more information, please read the official FAQ.

Obtaining Slingshots

After you obtain a pack, go to your inventory, click on the item, and choose the Activate option.

The Faeries

Below is a map of all the faerie locations and the day they correspond to:


After activating your slingshots, head to the Free the Faeries page and click on the jar you wish to open. You will then receive your item.

The original final deadline to nab goodies was September 30, 2017, however, after three baby-themed wearables were changed to fit all pets, the slingshots were re-released in the mall from October 9-16, 2017.

September 20

Lampshades With Butterflies
September 21

Mushroom Houses Foreground
September 22

Faerie Celebrations Background
September 23

Butterfly Dress
September 24

Glass Shoes
September 25

Ribboned Wig
September 26

Clutch with Butterflies


For opening all 7 jars, you'll receive the following bonus:

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