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Freaky Factory

Freaky Factory Information
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Tucked away on the dark side of Kreludor, you can find the Krelufun Industries toy factory. A subsidiary of Virtupets, Inc, Krelufun is known for the production of quality toys for all ages... but their business practices are anything but family-friendly. Rumor has it that the material they use in the manufacture of their products, Kreludite, may be a sentient species similar to Kreludor's other natural minerals...

Red Kreludite Speedy Kreludite Clean Kreludite
Faces? What faces?

How to Play

Freaky Factory is played with the mouse, which is used to detach the blobs of Kreludite from the line they're moving along at the top of the screen. Your goal in each level is to drop blobs of Kreludite into the appropriately coloured vats, which will automatically be used to produce toys once the vats are full enough.

A display in the lower right corner shows what colors the current batch of toys need, as well as how full the vats of those colors need to be and how many toys the batch will make. Once the toy quota shown in the lower left corner is met, you will proceed to the next level.

Blobs of Kreludite will fall with a trajectory determined by the speed they're moving; slower blobs will go straight down, while faster-moving ones will continue in the direction they were moving as they drop. If you drop Kreludite in the wrong vat, it will be emptied by the amount the blob would've filled, and a meter on the right indicating how much Kreludite you've wasted will go up. This meter is also increased by dropping Kreludite on the floor and by overfilling vats, so keep the size of the blob in mind before detaching it. Dropped Kreludite will also occasionally land on toys as they're being produced, changing their colour, or on the head of the Grundo thief, neither of which adds to your waste meter.

If the meter fills completely or you take longer than two minutes to meet the quota (as indicated by an orange clock at the top of the screen), it will be game over.

Game Screen
Delicious flavor text

If not dealt with, either by dropped Kreludite or clicking directly on him, the thief will steal any toys he can reach. This will not only require you to make extra toys to meet your quota and cost you time, but will also reset the bonus you receive for delivering toys consecutively.

In addition to the standard red, yellow, and blue Kreludite used to produce toys, you will encounter a number of mutant varieties, which serve as the game's power-ups. Most of these will immediately activate upon being detached from their lines. The exceptions to this are the Evil Blob, which appears as a normal red, yellow, or blue blob of Kreludite with an evil face, and the halo-bearing Good Blob, both of which only take effect upon being dropped into a vat. The Good Blob has an additional effect if dropped onto a toy; see the Scoring section below for more information.

Mutated Kreludite
Kreludite Effect
Soap Blob Decreases waste meter by 20%
Glow Blob Increases value of toys on conveyor belt
Evil Blob Always counts as an incorrect color
Angel Blob Completely fills the vat it's dropped into
Speed Blob Temporarily raises conveyor belt speed
Ice Blob Temporarily lowers conveyor belt speed
Clock Blob Adds 5 seconds to the level timer
Atom Blob Completely fills all three vats


In Freaky Factory, points are earned by successfully delivering toys to the chute at the end of the conveyor belt. Each species of Neopet has its own point value, with primary colors (red/yellow/blue) being worth the base amount, secondary colors (purple/orange/green) being worth twice as much, and rainbow being worth three times as much.

Species Primary Secondary Rainbow
JubJub 1 pt 2 pts 3 pts
Poogle 2 pts 4 pts 6 pts
Scorchio 3 pts 6 pts 9 pts
Kau 4 pts 8 pts 12 pts
Chomby 5 pts 10 pts 15 pts

When a toy enters the chute, a meter will be shown on the Bonus panel above it. If another toy enters before the meter empties (which takes about one second), the bonus will increase and the meter will be refilled. Each consecutive toy adds the number it is in the queue (i.e. the first toy adds 1, the fifth adds 5) to the bonus, which is added to your score when the meter runs out or the current level ends. Because of this, it's best to keep all three vats of Kreludite as full as possible, to create a continuous stream of toys and increase your bonus. While you won't lose any points when the Grundo thief steals a toy, the empty spot on the conveyor belt will usually reset your bonus.

There are also several bonuses that appear on the results screen at the end of each level. These are mostly used to award points for things that you would have been credited with had the level not ended.

  • Time Remaining Bonus: Any time remaining on the clock will be converted to points
  • Toys on Conveyor Bonus: You will receive the full point values for any toys on the conveyor belt
  • Toys in Queue Bonus: Unproduced toys that you had the Kreludite for award 1 point each
  • Remaining Consecutive Bonus: Any unawarded bonus points will be added to your score
  • Halo Bonus: You will receive 1 point for each toy that has had a Good Blob dropped on top of it

Quick Tips

  • Play as quickly as possible to maximize your time bonus
  • Make use of the Soap Blob, Good Blob, and Glowing Blob whenever possible
  • Fill the other vats before the one you need, to produce more toys in a row for a higher bonus
  • Red blobs coming from the left and blue blobs coming from the right will always be Evil Blobs
  • If you see the rare Atomic Blob, ignore all other blobs to make use of it


Freaky Factory - Yoinked

Freaky Factory - Yoinked / Guide

Send a score of 1,250+ points in Freaky Factory.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreased the score needed to 1,000+ points.

Released: August 24, 2004

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