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Noda's Fortune Cookies

Wild Card Fortune Cookie

The Wild Card Fortune Cookie was released on August 20, 2012. It grants a day of bonus Neopoints from various card games in Neopia.

Wild Card Fortune Cookie

125 NC

How to Use

This fortune cookie can be activated from your inventory. After activation, you simply play the eligible games and you'll receive your bonus Neopoints.

If you're under 13, or you're in various countries, make sure that you have access to the games you wish to play before activating the cookie. Some are blocked due to legal reasons.

Opening additional cookies while your current one is active adds another 24 hours to your clock. For example, if you have 5 hours left on your clock, opening another cookie will make your clock jump to 29 hours remaining.


For 24 hours from opening, you'll receive either a 2X or 3X bonus on the amount of Neopoints you win from playing the following games:

Many of the games above have a maximum amount of NP you may win daily. This cap remains and does not change, so the cookie enables you to reach that cap more quickly.

Screenshots courtesy of cloonshannagh.


You'll also receive one of the below fortunes:

  • He who plays his cards right doesn't get yelled at for breaking the rules.
  • He who plays with a full deck is more likely to win Sakhmet Solitare.
  • If you have an ace in the hole, you'd better it out and put it in your hand.
  • It's all fun and games until someone gets caught with five aces.
  • Keep your cards close to your chest; otherwise a flying Neopet may see them.

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