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Noda's Fortune Cookies

Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie

The Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie was released on April 24, 2014. It grants one of eight possible wearable items.

Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie

250 NC

How to Use

This fortune cookie requires you to send the item inside to 2-4 other Neopians (or yourself) - the selection is random and each cookie will vary. The item selection does not determine how many times you will be able to send the item. You are allowed to send the item to the same username multiple times if you choose. Once the cookie is sent, the user will receive the item inside the cookie, and after it is sent to them, you'll receive one too.


You'll receive one of the items below:

Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie - Wearables
Warning: Only Neopets painted Baby can wear the items from this Fortune Cookie (except the background). If your Neopet is not painted Baby, it will not be able to wear these NC items.


You'll also receive one of the below fortunes:

  • A well-stocked nursery may distract the little darlings for a bit.
  • Crying is like begging, only with less thought required.
  • He who has no sense of wonder has never seen a baby Neopet.
  • He who interrupts naptime suffers for his mistake.
  • There is nothing more valuable than a nap... for the babysitter.
  • You will find yourself sharing the blocks. It's quieter that way.
  • You will grow up someday, but you can take your time.
  • You will sleep like a baby... unfortunately.

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