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Noda's Fortune Cookies

Delightable NC Fortune Cookie

The Delightable NC Fortune Cookie was released on July 17, 2012, and the last batch was released on October 18, 2012. It was re-released in limited quantities on the weekend of April 11-13, 2014. It grants one of seven possible wearable items.

Delightable NC Fortune Cookie

250 NC

How to Use

This fortune cookie requires you to send the item inside to 2-4 other Neopians. They will receive the item inside the cookie, and after it is sent to them, you'll receive one too.


You'll receive one of the items below:

Delightable NC Fortune Cookie Prizes - Wearables


You'll also receive one of the below fortunes:

  • Expect trouble; that way you're never unpleasantly surprised.
  • If it can't be solved with blaster fire, it's a serious problem.
  • Working for Dr. Sloth is like dancing in null gravity; a bit nauseating.

  • Kindness is free; thus, you won't find it in the Hidden Tower.
  • Like magic, fashion is more work than it seems.
  • Ruling is a terrible responsibility, but ultimate power is kind of fun.

  • If you have nothing nice to say, you don't have to speak.
  • Perseverance is knowing something will be hard, but doing it anyway.
  • You can't choose your family, but you can choose to love them.

  • Catching ghosts is like catching raindrops; it just requires patience.
  • It takes a supervillain to catch a supervillain.
  • Life just isn't the same without an archnemesis thwarting you constantly.

  • A Grundo in the lab is worth two running for their lives.
  • Let he who is without mutation be zapped first.
  • There is no sound in space, except for maniacal laughter.

  • He who is without pants lacks trousers.
  • The Pant Devil is as generous as a rainstorm is dry.
  • Thievery robs a person of his honour.

  • If trouble never darkens your doorstep, go looking for it.
  • Never sit with your back to the door when dining with pirates.
  • You have a sudden desire to visit Krawk Island and spend dubloons.

Receive a fortune not listed here? Send it in. Be sure to tell us which character it relates to!

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