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Noda's Fortune Cookies

For twenty years, Noda has aimed to spread his grandmother's fortune cookie recipe across Neopia. His latest venture - selling them in the NC Mall - seems like it just may be the most lucrative.

Different types of fortune cookies unlock different effects and wearables, so no two are exactly the same. Effects have ranged from extra lab zaps to exclusive wearable items.

The official Neopets help site has FAQs in its "Membership/Neocash" section both for fortune cookies in general and for specific fortune cookies.

Here are all of the cookies that have been available. Click on the cookie to view more information:

The following cookies have been retired, and are no longer available:

Purchasing Fortune Cookies

Unlike other items in the NC Mall, the Fortune Cookies are only available when Noda's baked enough. When you visit his stand, you'll see what cookies are currently available, as well as their prices.

A full list of the currently active cookies is also available in the "Specialty" shop in the NC Mall. Sometimes you'll find other cookies in stock that are not on Noda's menu.

Sold Out

Fortune cookies are unusual for having a limited supply. This supply is listed underneath the item name in the NC Mall. In general, the demand is not high enough for them to ever stock out except during sales on Black Friday or Faerie Quest Events.

When a cookie is fully sold out, it will usually restock every 45 minutes, though occasionally it will restock sooner than this. If a cookie is less than fully sold out, the restocks are more erratic; if you are able to discern a pattern, please let us know!


There are two occasions when fortune cookies may go on sale.

Since 2015, Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies have gone on sale for 50 NC for the duration of Faerie Quest Event.

Since 2020, a selection of fortune cookies was discounted on Black Friday, which occurs on the day after the fourth Thursday in November. Prior to 2020, Black Friday sales only included Gift Box Mystery Capsules (GBCs). For more information on which cookies have gone on sale for Black Friday, check out our Black Friday sales guide.

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