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April Fools' Day - 2019

Charity Corner Perk Shop Preview

At midnight NST on April 1st 2019, a Charity Corner perk shop preview page went live. Later in the day, the news page said the following:

The Charity Corner Perk Shop Preview is up! I know what you're thinking - has Charity Corner been announced for this year? Well no, but it looks like Granny Hopbobbin is very excited to give everyone a preview of the perks. She is really chuffed with what she has come up with even if she isn't quite ready with the actual event yet, so do check it out. Make sure to read the FAQs for more information.

The Perk Shop preview link was available for two days or so and redirected to the Neopets home page on April 3rd.

The preview page had the following contents:

Oh, hello there. I didn’t expect to see you just yet. Dear me, I am not quite ready! Last minute arrangements, you know? I’ll tell you what, since you are already here, why don’t I open the Gift Shop in advance for you so that you can decide what you’d like to save up for? Yes, that’s what I will do!

Gift Shop

I have curated a very exciting list of perks this year and I can’t wait to present them to you. Can you tell? So much so that I have decided to throw the doors to the Gift Shop open a day in advance. Take a look!

Perk Details Points
Go Back in Time
Get an additional ability in the Battedome that lets you rewind time in case of a defeat. Go back to the challenge screen and make a well-informed decision on whether or not to battle your skilled challenger.
Duration: N/A
Oh Gross
Do you dislike battling on a full stomach? This perk will change that! Feed your Neopet any gross food and then go into battle right after - your Neopet will puke out their meal on the opponent, causing a significant reduction in your opponent’s health and damaging any food-based weapons that they may have equipped for the turn.
Duration: N/A
Get in My Skin
Choose a maximum of three colors for your active pet and use them much like skins. You can shed one skin and get into another anytime. The skin that you shed will be unavailable for 12 hours before you can use it again. Remember to choose your skins carefully as the decision cannot be reverted.
Duration: N/A
No Hunger Games
Gain exclusive access to the new Omelette Harvester. Just grab a piece of the Giant Omelette in a flavour that your Neopet enjoys and harvest it. It will multiply every 24 hours and feed your pet automatically. No more meal-time fussing or hungry pets EVER.
Duration: N/A
CC Gives You Wings
Give your active Neopet a pair of ‘wings’ so that they don’t just stand in one corner of the home page, they hover about with you wherever you go on Neopets.com.
Duration: 30 days
Stock Up
Buy any stocks for 10NP below the current trading price. There has never been a better time to stock up than now!
Duration: 10 days
Off the Beaten Coast
Gain access to a new island off the coast of Maraqua for 24 hours. There is lots of hidden treasure to be found, so stay up all night if you have to. You can’t afford to miss this one!
Duration: 1 day
The Hidden Wheel
Spin a secret wheel with a chance at winning r101 and r180 stamps at no cost to you! Once activated, you will be eligible for two free spins every day for 7 days.
Duration: 7 days
All-Hours Access
Get exclusive access to the Hidden Tower during its stock-taking shut down hours to grab an item and make off with it before anyone notices it’s gone!
Duration: 1 day
Wraith Wrestling Federation
Access the exclusive Wraith wrestling arena where a few captive wraiths are made to wrestle it out once every 6 hours. Remember though, this can get gory!
Duration: N/A
In-genie-ous Idea
Get a chance to meet Sutek’s spirit while playing Sutek’s Tomb. If you can answer his riddle, he will grant you three wishes that you can claim whenever you like.
Duration: N/A
You're a Wizard!
Take the Shop Wizard’s place for a day and call the shots on which items may be searched for. You can remove the current restrictions or add new ones as you wish. You will also get a cut from the sale of any item found through the searches that day.
Duration: 1 day
Make yourself at Home
Stay at Neolodge’s AstroVilla and choose any 5 of the 12 extras for 5 days at just 1NP a day.
Duration: 5 days
Box-ing Day
Get extra Basic Gift Boxes for playing Trudy’s Surprise on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month.
Duration: N/A

The Perk Shop FAQ

1. Where can I go to donate?

Granny Hopbobbin hasn’t started accepting donations just yet. She is still taking care of a few last-minute arrangements, and decided to allow you a sneak peek into the perks that will go on sale once the event begins.

2. Will I be able to use the leftover points that I have from last year’s Charity Corner?

Yes, once the shop officially opens, you will be able to use your leftover points from last year to buy the perks available this year. There will be a converter on-site that will explain how the points carry over and how many extra points you will have to spend based on the conversion logic used.

3. What is the Omelette Harvester?

The Omelette Harvester is a handy contraption that Granny Hopbobbin got her well-wishers to set up for her. Once you have access to this neat machine, you can visit any time you wish with an omelette of your Neopet’s liking and place it in the harvester. Once activated, the Harvester will multiply the omelette and also feed your pet whenever it’s hungry. If you feed your Neopet in the meantime, the extra omelettes will remain in the harvester and you can pick them up at your convenience to then sell or trade as you wish.

4. Will the Go Back in Time perk use up the ability slot in a battle?

No, players who have activated this perk will see it in an exclusive fourth slot that cannot be used for any other ability. This ability can only be used in three battles, after which it will expire.

5. How does Oh Gross work?

Once activated, players must feed their Neopets any gross food item, and then go into battle within the next hour. The Neopet is guaranteed to puke during the fight, causing damage to the opponent and potentially damaging any food-based weapons equipped for that turn. This attack cannot be blocked, and will not take up any of the weapon slots. However, the amount of damage caused to the opponent depends on the type of gross food consumed, and your Neopet’s strength.

6. Will the island of treasure off the coast of Maraqua be available to players who do not use the "Off the Beaten Coast" perk?

No, only players who avail of the perk can access this exclusive island and the treasures hidden on its shores.

7. Will The Hidden Wheel be available to users who have not activated the perk?

Yes, The Hidden Wheel will eventually be made accessible to all players after a few months. Each spin will cost 500,000NP.

8. How is Sutek’s spirit summoned, and what can it help with?

If you can successfully solve the spirit’s riddle, you will be able to summon it whenever you wish using an icon on the header, until you have used up your three wishes. Sutek’s spirit is pretty powerful, and it can help you with common Neopian desires, such as the wish to be richer, good looking, smarter, or stronger. However, you must remember that the spirit will fulfill them based on its own interpretation of these terms. The spirit can also help with more specific desires, such as getting treasure from the Faerie Caverns, or the Deserted Tomb.

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