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April Fools' Day - 2014

The Foster Program

After years of service at the Pound, Dr. Death had decided it was finally time to retire from his position as Pound Director. Neopians eager to adopt, trade or abandon their pets that day were greeted with a large CLOSED sign on the property, its services discontinued until a suitable replacement had been found.

In the meantime, however, kind Neopians were chosen at random through Random Events to foster the poor pets in his absence. These were real pets that had been in the Pound, and they could be fed and played with just like any other pet. Although you could not paint them with Paint Brushes at the Rainbow Pool or customize them, you could change their color or species with Morphing Potions.

As the day went on, more and more pets accumulated onto accounts, in some cases far more than any one owner is supposed to have.

The New Pound Director Contest

Later in the day when the news was released, a contest was held to determine who the next Pound Director would be. Neopians could choose between four different contestants - Bug Eye McGee, Count Von Roo, Rosie, or the Kreludan Defender Robot. Each applicant discussed their reasons for why they were most suitable. Votes were to be tallied with the big announcement promised the following day.

After midnight, Dr. Death inexplicably returned and re-opened the Pound, and the contest concluded with Rosie as the winner. Instead of replacing Dr. Death, she became the overseer of the Neopian Pound Neoboard.

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