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April Fools' Day - 2008

Sloth Neobuddy In 2008, Neopets unveiled their latest innovation: Neobuddies!

When you logged in to the site, you were presented with a pop-up of one of a number of Neopian characters, informing you that you had been "chosen" to sign up and test out the new "NeoBuddy Beta System." In all, you could have been approached by Captain Scarblade, Hannah, Isca, Master Vex, Prince Jazan, Princess Amira, Roxton A. Colchester III, Sophie, and even by his supreme highness, Dr. Sloth. They were rather persistent (read: extremely annoying and refused take "no" for an answer) and just kept on appearing until you gave in and agreed to take a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was supposedly designed to judge your personality type, the idea being that you would then be assigned a Neopets character with a similar personality to your own who would show up as you browsed the site and give you helpful hints and suggestions. However, your answers seemed to have little effect as most people ended up being paired with the, uh, aesthetically-challenged Bug Eye McGee. A small percentage of users were slightly luckier and ended up with Sir Fufon Lui following them around the site, but the vast majority got stuck with Bug Eye.

Bug Eye McGee
Say "all the better to see you with" and ye' be walkin' the plank!

As you went about your business on the site, McGee would randomly appear in a pop-up and come out with a pearl of wisdom for you, all in a cheery pirate dialect to make him just that extra bit irritating.

NeoBuddy (BETA)

Is one of yer Neopets feelin' a tad under the weather? If so, get 'em diagnosed at the Neopian Hospital and then pick up a remedy from the Pharmacy.

Obviously, if you were trying to restock or were playing a game like Pyramids that required a lot of refreshing, Mr. McGee sticking his warty nose in your business began to get most tiresome and many Neopians found themselves hurling insults at the hapless little pirate. The animosity appeared to be mutual though, as your "Buddy's" comments gradually became more insult than advice.

NeoBuddy (BETA)

Angry Bug Eye
Away with ye! Thank goodness I'm not one of yer Neopets; if I were I'd be the saddest little sprog that the seas have ever witnessed!

Neopia breathed a collective sigh of relief when they realised that Bug Eye wouldn't be a permanent addition to their Neopets experience; though after all these months we do sometimes miss the little guy... not!

Pssst! Want to see what we at Jellyneo did for our prank? Then click here. ;)
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