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April Fools' Day - 2005

April 1st, 2005 featured over 50 new pets that were apparently going to be released... we'd be having pet days every three days! According to Donna in an editorial, some of the pet designs were simply old pets that never made it (with good reason!).

A little while after the prank, a vote was held to see which one would be added as a real pet to the site. The Llamameeah ended up winning and debuted later that year as the Gnorbu! Since then, several of the other pets have also been added to the site as petpets; these being the Calabat, the Carmariller, the Duocorn, the Gwalla, the Petoot, the Slymook, the Soreen and the Urchull. The Leofinn had a slight make-over before being released as the Lellefisk.

If you missed some of the pets, they are all shown below. Simply hover your mouse over each image to get the name.

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