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April Fools' Day - 2004

The Neopets Team likes to pull pranks to hopefully fool many unknowing users to believe some extravagant new feature. This year was no exception! They announced the "next" expansion set for the ever growing trading card game. The name? Quiguki Armageddon.

Quiguki Armageddon Logo

TNT really pulled out all the stops and the whole day's news was centered on adding Quiggle related things and showing some sneak peeks of the upcoming cards. Some of this new content included cards, an avatar, some buddy icons, a How-To-Draw featuring a character from the set and a Neopedia entry (which had been deleted, but was restored with the June 27, 2014 news).

Quiguki Front Page Image

The Cards

Some of the fake cards that TNT whipped up included Quiguki Warrior, Quigara, Quiguki Spellmaiden, Quiguki Blacksmith, and Sword of Quiguki Power.

Quiguki Warrior Quigara Quiguki Spellmaiden
Quiguki Blacksmith Sword of Quiguki Power

Buddy Icons

Here are the icons that were released.

Fake Buddy Icon Fake Buddy Icon Fake Buddy Icon Fake Buddy Icon


The How-To-Draw featured the Quiguki Blacksmith, one of the characters from the above cards.

How-to-Draw Step 1 How-to-Draw Step 2 How-to-Draw Step 3

The Avatar

Of course, TNT never does things anymore without an avatar. ;) Once the joke news was taken down, all you had to do was refresh the news page. This avatar can be obtained every April Fools' Day by doing the same thing.

Quiguki April Fools Avatar

Quiguki April Fools Avatar / Guide

Refresh the news page on April 4th, after the April Fools prank has been taken down.

This avatar was also obtainable from the 2019 Charity Corner perk, In a New Avatar.

Released: April 1, 2004

The Neopedia Entry

The long-lost Neopedia entry, The Story Of Xanstalon, which was removed from the site when the April Fools' joke was over, was returned to the Neopedia in Y16. Because the story takes the form of a fairy tale and alludes to humans, this entry may well simply be a noncanonical fantasy tale like Treasure Keepers.

New Language Support

Euge! Euge!

In some languages, it was announced that TNT would stop updating the site in French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Instead, they would focus on a brand new language - Latin! If you were unfamiliar with Latin, they felt it would be a great opportunity to practice... or play the site in English. The following day they reassured everyone that it had been a prank.

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