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April Fools' Day - 2003

Bruce DJing After the success of their previous April Fools' Day jokes, TNT had another year to lull everybody into a false sense of security. Surely they wouldn't stoop so low as to try and deceive the Neopian masses again?! Well, the answer to that (as if it needed clarifying) was yes, yes they would; only this time they went even further and claimed to have redesigned the entire site! For April Fools' Day 2003, Neopets unveiled a totally rad and tubular version: Neopetz!!

TNT further baited their hook by claiming that they had decided to eliminate Neopoints, and from then on everything in the shops would be free! They also introduced Nick Neopia, a totally awesome dude who promised to act as your tour guide for the new site.

It was certainly a drastic joke and, naturally, it sent the Neoboards into utter and total chaos (though that is always the best part of any joke!). The only hint that TNT might not have completely lost their marbles was the altering of the copyright information at the bottom of the page to claim that "NEOPETS, characters, logos, names and all related indicia are TOTALLY trademarks of Neopets, Inc." (no "z" in "Neopets"); though by this point most Neopians were already too busy drooling at the prospect of what they could get their hands on for free at the Hidden Tower to bother analyzing the small print!

Nick Neopia
I'm so cool I have my own force field!

Did you miss this new layout? Well, it's still viewable here!
Though a warning: the bright colours might make your eyes bleed!

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