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Fivetastic Birthday Celebration

The Fivetastic Birthday Celebration is a NC Mall event (running from July 10th to July 31st, 2012) to commemorate five years of the mall being open! For each of the 22 days you get the chance to light a candle on the mahoosive NC Mall cake in order to obtain a prize! A bonus item will be made available to users who complete all 22 days (unfortunately it will not be given out to those who activate less candles). This event can also be completed on side accounts, should you wish! The full FAQ for the event can be found here.

Candle Sparkler Ticket Packs

You'll need to purchase one or more of the ticket packs below (be sure not to activate a total of 22 candles, however!) from the NC Mall. Then activate the pack by clicking on it in your inventory, and selecting "Activate Candle Sparkle Pack" before you can continue with the event.

Candle Prizes

After activating your candle packs, head on over to the main birthday page. You'll see your count of available candles in the top right corner. Any candles on the cake that are in full colour can be lit up, and that prize collected. If you have less than the full 22 candles you may want to be use the guide below to choose whether or not you wish to collect the item for certain days.

July 10

Oversized Birthday Shield
July 11

Dessert Party Background
July 12

Lovely Rose Cardigan
July 13

Pink Frosting Wig
July 14

Birthday Ribbon Shoes
July 15

Cupcake String Lights
July 16

Birthday Cupcake Apron
July 17

Birthday Polka Dot Dress
July 18

Dazzling Ice Cream Castle
July 19

Topsy Turvy Cake Hat
July 20

Cupcake Clip Wig
July 21

Rock Candy Staff
July 22

Hand Carved Candle Wings
July 23

Waffle Cone Skirt
July 24

Kaleidoscope Contacts
July 25

Balloon Face Paint
July 26

Birthday Candle Pillars
July 27

Malevolent Sentient Birthday Poogle Handheld Plushie
July 28

Ribbon Masquerade Mask
July 29

Magical Balloon Background
July 30

Cupcake Wand
July 31

Sparkly Purple Tuxedo Top with White Shirt Underneath

Bonus Prizes

For collecting prizes on certain days during the event, you received a second prize:

Bonus Prizes

For completing all 22 days, you'll receiving the following item as a bonus:

Full Completion Prize

Candy Gate
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