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Fetch! Information
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In Fetch!, the poor labyrinth Blumaroo is sent into a dark and spooky maze, where it must retrieve a magical object for its master.

How to Play

Starting off, you will have three difficulties to choose from: Easy, Medium and Hard. Once your score has risen high enough, you will unlock Fiendish and Insane difficulties as well. The differences between the difficulty levels are the size of the maze, how many moves you're given to complete it, and how many points (prior to bonus) you'll receive on completion.

Maze Sizes
Difficulty Maze Size Max. Moves Base Points
Easy difficulty 10x10 65 100
Medium difficulty 15x15 100 200
Hard difficulty 20x20 175 500
Fiendish difficulty 25x25 225 1,500
Insane difficulty 30x30 250 2,500

When you enter a game of Fetch!, you start out on one side of the maze; the object you must collect is in the very center. As the maze is randomly generated and you see only a small portion of it at any given time, finding your way will usually be a matter of guesswork. Once you've found the object, you must take it back to your master; the exit to the maze will always be on the opposite wall from where you started. If you started the game in the corner rather than on one side, you will have to figure out which wall the exit appeared on. To move around, click a direction on the... Er, Tentacompass, and the Blumaroo will walk one meter in that direction. Since this isn't a flash-based game, you unfortunately can't use the arrow keys.

Game Screen
Okay, so it may not be the prettiest of games...

As the game isn't timed, you may want to map out the maze as you travel through it, especially on the hardest difficulties. Your score largely depends on how few steps you can reach the exit in, and with the largest mazes it's easy to get lost. Whether you take screenshots as you play or work with good old graphing paper, keeping a record of the maze can go a long way in keeping you from getting lost.

High Scores

Like Sakhmet Solitaire, Pyramids, and a few other games, the high score table for Fetch! is cumulative; as you complete mazes over and over, your score will rise, until you fail to complete one in the required number of steps. When this happens your score will be reset, though your high score will remain. Upon reaching certain milestones, you will unlock harder difficulty settings: 1,000 points for Fiendish, and 2,000 for Insane. To get a gold trophy in Fetch! you will usually need more than 5,000 points, unless you're playing immediately after the high score table is cleared, which happens every three months. The easiest way to reach this score is to play on the Fiendish difficulty setting, as it awards a base of 1,500 points each time you complete the maze.

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