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Festival of Neggs Coverage

2021 Festival of Neggs

Kari, the Negg Faerie, is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again! Starting on April 5th at 1:00pm NST, Kari enlisted Neopians to find Topsi and then begin looking for the neggs he's hidden around Neopia. As in years' past, when found, Neopians are awarded with a choice of spring-themed items.

The event will run for 15 days with the first 1.5 days counting as one, running through April 6th. (The event runs through April 20th, with final prizes on the 21st.)

First Task: Find Topsi

Your first task this year (before you go hunting for any neggs) will be to visit Kari at the Festival of Neggs page and speak with her (click on her when you see the yellow exclamation point). She will greet you with the following:

Kari: Oh, hey there!

Sorry, the festival isn't ready quite yet. Normally Topsi helps me set up but I haven’t seen him in some time.

I'm actually starting to get worried about him... Say, could you do me a favour and check up on him?

No one has seen neither hide nor hair of him since last year's festival, but he must be somewhere in Neopia!

To find Topsi, head to the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland and look for him hiding within the Fountain:

The view if you have no pending dip in the Fountain.

The view if you have a pending dip in the Fountain.

Click on Topsi to speak with him. (He's well hidden—look within the falling water.) You will find him whether you have a pending dip in the Fountain or not—so don't spend that Fountain dip if you're not ready to!

Afterwards, Topsi will return to Kari. Head back to the Festival of Neggs hub to continue the event.

Negg Locations

During each day of the event, a new clue will appear at the bottom of the main Festival page to direct you to a new hidden negg location.

After finding each negg at the locations below, you will be offered the choice between three random neggs for your efforts (there are five possible neggs, but you will only have a choice of three per day).

Negg Collection Tip: If the location of a negg is a game or a daily, make sure to collect your prize from Kari first. The prompt to collect your prize may disappear if you play the game or complete the daily first.

April 5th/6th

Clue: Prepare for the negg hunt, this year is sure to be grand! Your first negg can be found at the most exclusive pool in all the land!

Location: Magma Pool

Discovery Text: Nestled underneath one of the magma pool statues you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari claps excitedly "Look at that you solved Topsi's first clue! Now, which of these neggs will you pick?"

Claim Text: Brillant!
Wow that magma pool statue sure was heavy, guess Topsi must be stronger than he looks!

April 7th

Clue: For more neggs listen to this clue, find a hobby that will hook you!

Location: Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Discovery Text: Tucked under the seat of an abandoned rowboat is a stash of Neggs!
Kari smiles "Oooh these neggs all look so delightful. I'm glad I don't have to choose between them!"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 8th

Clue: You are off to a good start! Now look for a sundae cart!

Location: Happy Valley Ice Cream

Discovery Text: Hidden inside Mr. Chipper's ice cream cart is a frosty stash of Neggs!
Kari shivers "Great find, that was a tricky one! Now please pick out a negg quickly these are freezing!"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 9th

Clue: If a negg hunter is what you wish to be, look for a place where patience is key!

Location: Wheel of Monotony

Discovery Text: Crammed behind the slowly rotating Wheel of Monotony you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari watches the wheel mesmerized "Have you ever actually seen it stop?... Sorry, I zoned out for a moment there. Which negg did you want?"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 10th

Clue: Seeking another negg stash? Perhaps you ought to take out the trash...

Location: The Meridell Rubbish Dump

Discovery Text: Deep in the pile of rubbish, you find a rather foul-smelling stash of Neggs!
Kari holds the negg stash out and covers her nose "I'm going to need to have a talk with Topsi about these hiding places. Please hurry up and grab a negg so I can wash the rest of these..."

Claim Text: Brillant!
PEE-YEW! However did Topsi stand the smell of this place long enough to hide that negg?

April 11th

Clue: Head to the desert and put on your boots, keep an eye out for spinning fruits.

Location: The Neopets Fruit Machine

Discovery Text: Under a particularly lumpy rug, you find a sandy stash of Neggs!
Kari dusts off the stash of neggs "I sure hope no one trampled these neggs! Which one will you choose?"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 12th

Clue: Someone has a sharp eye for neggs! Be on the look out for a buccaneer with three legs!

Location: Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy

Discovery Text: Inside a nook of the Swashbuckling Academy, you find a stash of Neggs! Kari exclaims "Yay another clue down! So, do any of these neggs catch your eye?"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 13th

Clue: You've find so many neggs, and all on your own! Now search for a colossal Techo made of stone...

Location: Mystery Island Volcano

Discovery Text: Climbing on top of the massive carved Techo's head you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari calls up "Be careful getting down from there! Now, which of those neggs would you like to keep?"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 14th

Clue: Take a moment to think of what you have worn, then find the store run by a Neopet with one horn.

Location: Unis Clothing Shop

Discovery Text: Hidden under a pile of stylish jeans you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari examines the neggs eagerly "Ohh these are some of my favourite neggs! Which one will you choose?"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 15th

Clue: Oh searching for neggs is such a joy! Now keep an eye out for an abandoned toy...

Location: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

Discovery Text: Stuffed inside a nearby tree hollow you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari exclaims "Wow good eye! I almost missed those. Which of these neggs would you like?"

Claim Text: Brillant!
Inside the hollow are a few rusty bolts. Wonder how they ended up in here?

April 16th

Clue: What's that, do you smell something tasty? Follow your nose to the place of pastry...

Location: The Crumpetmonger

Discovery Text: Poking out from inside a Chunky Potato Pie you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari wrinkles her nose "What was Topsi thinking? Terribly sorry about this Ms. Crumpetmonger I will pay for the pie. While I do that you can pick out a negg!"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 17th

Clue: You are almost there, but your negg basket is not quite full! So seek out the lever that one should never pull...

Location: Lever of Doom

Discovery Text: Placed precariously on the Lever of Doom you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari carefully picks up the Negg stash "Well that certainly wasn't very safe! Anyways, which of these neggs do you like the best?

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 18th

Clue: So close now, just hold it together... Where can you find a petpet with paper for feathers?

Location: Fanciful Fauna

Discovery Text: Resting inside a Quintilc nest you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari claps excitedly "Great job you've found another stash! Time to pick out your favourite!"

Claim Text: Brillant!

April 19th

Clue: The Creator will reward me greatly, he will see my devotion. Oh and look for something that spins in a circular motion!

Location: Roo Island Merry Go Round

Discovery Text: Tucked under the hooves of a Merry Go Round Uni you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari ponders "These clues sure are getting odd huh? Well anyways congratulations on finding another stash of neggs! Which Negg will you choose this time?"

Claim Text: Brillant!
Lying on the floor of the Merry Go Round are the tattered remains of a Space Faerie plushie that has been torn in half! Perhaps the poor plush was caught in the ride's mechanics?

April 20th

Clue: The Space Faerie thinks she has won, but Sloth is always lurking... For your last negg, find the business that excels at woodworking!

Location: Kiko Lake Carpentry

Discovery Text: Inside a rusty old toolbox, you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari looks a tad worried "Congrats on finding the last of the negg stashes. Once you pick out your negg, please hurry back to the campsite. Dr Neggistential insists he has something he must discuss with us right away!"

Claim Text: Brillant!

Negg Prizes

Finding each of Kari's Neggs on the first day they are available will grant a bonus at the end of the event, signified by gold checkmarks on the main event page next to each clue. All Neggs will remain available for the duration of the event and can be collected in any order after release.

After selecting a negg, you will be rewarded with a random prize specific to that negg type as seen below:

Chalkboard Negg Prizes

Lady Blurg Negg Prizes

Lady Blurg Negg Prizes

Rippling Colours Negg Prizes

Void Negg Prizes

Wild Negg Prizes

Topsi's Hide and Seek

After finding your first negg (likely at the Magma Pool if you're following along each day - but any negg location should work), you will see Topsi pop out from the side of the screen. Click on him to be given the option to join in a game of hide and seek throughout the festival.

Say, you've got a good eye, how about we play a little game of hide and seek? I am feeling quite confident in my abilities after staying hidden all year! All you have to do is find me 10 more times. Well, what do you say?

Catch me if you can...

Topsi will be hiding at any of the following locations (ANY! - it's not random, any will work), and an additional prize will be awarded for finding him 10 times during the event. You can find Topsi once a day after joining the hunt. If you find him in a location on one day, he will not appear in the same location on future days, so make sure to visit a different page each day!

Heads up! Finding Topsi is intended to be a once a day task. But, if you visit the above locations in multiple tabs, he may pop up in several of the locations at once. Clicking on him in each of those locations will count towards the 10 total required, but it's been confirmed you will not receive a prize earlier than when TNT intended.

We recommend not finding Topsi more than once per day—TNT has confirmed that they do not want Neopians finishing the hide and seek hunt earlier than intended.

After you've found him on 10 different days, you'll receive the following message:

Drat! I can't believe you found me all 10 times! Guess I still have plenty more to learn about hide and seek... Well, congratulations! I'll make sure you get an extra special prize at the end of the festival!

Dip & Dye Neggs

This year's Neocash component involves using Negg Dyeing Kits to convert special Neggs into exclusive wearables.

View Our Guide »

Final Prizes

Final prizes for participating in this year's hunt became available on April 21st, 2021. To claim them, you must visit the Festival of Neggs hub to talk to Dr. Neggistential, then go back to the Rainbow Fountain and click on Topsi hiding in there again, and then a final trip to the Festival of Neggs page will award your prizes. The festival page and award claiming are up until April 30th, 2021.

For collecting all 15 neggs on their release day, you will receive the following items.

Wow, you did it!

Not only did you help thwart Sloth's dastardly escape plan, you also managed to solve all of Topsi's clues and find every single one the Negg stashes!

As a reward for your diligence, here are some extra special prizes for you:

For finding all 15 neggs by the end of the event (not on release day, a.k.a. you have at least one green checkmark), you are awarded the following items.

If you found at least one negg by the end of the event, but didn't actually finish, you are awarded the following item.

You managed to solve some of my clues! I'm giving you a prize for that good effort:
Final Prizes - Some Neggs

All participants unlocked the Festival of Neggs site theme (if not already unlocked in prior years).

Festival of Neggs Site Theme

And all participants also received a new avatar.

Mecha Topsi - Avatar

Mecha Topsi - Avatar / Guide

Awarded to users who participated in the 2021 Festival of Neggs.

Released: April 21, 2021

For finding Topsi 10 times by the end of the event, you are awarded the following items.

Wow you really spotted Topsi all ten times? Congratulations! Your exhaustive search has earned you these prizes:
Topsi Hide and Seek Prizes - 10 Times

For finding Topsi at least once by the end of the event, you are awarded the following items.

You may not have found Topsi all ten times, but you still proved you have a sharp eye! Here's a consolation prize for your efforts:
Topsi Hide and Seek Prizes - Once
Oops! After an issue was discovered with the stats awarded from a pet eating a Rare Cyber Negg, TNT additionally released the Rare Cyber Negg 2.0 on April 22nd to compensate for the error. You must return to the Negg Festival hub to claim the additional negg.

Trailer Video

2021's Festival of Neggs included a trailer video released on the official Neopets YouTube channel on April 6th, 2021.