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Festival of Neggs Coverage

2019 Festival of Neggs

Topsi the Cybunny is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again! Starting on April 8th at 8:00 am NST, Topsi began hiding around the site, and when found, awarded Neopians with a choice of spring-themed items.

Negg Locations

When visiting the Festival of Neggs page for the first time this year, you are greeted with an introductory message:

Topsi ready? Check! Neggs hidden? Check! Fun-filled celebrations? Check! Are you ready?

Click on the green "Check" button to join the event. Topsi will hide on various Neopets pages and give you clues to the locations. After finding Topsi at the locations below, you will be offered the choice of one of three random Neggs for your efforts (there are five possible Neggs, but you will only have a choice of three per day).

Negg Collection Tip: If the location of a Negg is a game or a daily, make sure to collect your prize from Topsi first. The prompt to collect your prize may disappear if you play the game or complete the daily first.

April 8th/9th

Clue: Brr! Its cold, and full of Ice. To get out of his cave you won't have to be told twice.

Location: Snowager

April 10th

Clue: Think you need an extra push? Your next Negg is in a berry bush.

Location: Pick Your Own

April 11th

Clue: Some say a story can take you away, but books still need a place to stay.

Location: Moltaran Books or Booktastic Books

April 12th

Clue: I'm hungry! I'm hungry! Please feed me something nice! Preferably something that's made of ice!

Location: Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

April 13th

Clue: Is this the end? Oh no, its NOT. Try a place where it gets very HOT!

Location: Mystery Island Volcano or Moltara Caves

April 14th

Clue: Along with this Negg is a gift for you! This one's easy, its near a Roo!

Location: Roo Island Merry Go Round or Roo Island Souvenirs

April 15th

Clue: You don't have to search very far or long, the next one is where you sing along to a song!

Location: Concert Hall

April 16th

Clue: Diddley doo, diddley dee. The next Negg is where you find coffee and tea.

Location: The Coffee Cave

April 17th

Clue: Wow! You're really good at this, so here's a harder one. This Negg is waiting where cooking is done.

Location: Mystery Island Cooking Pot or Kelp

April 18th

Clue: Remember to play fair, your next Negg is in a lair!

Location: Deserted Tomb or Symol Hole

April 19th

Clue: Vroom Vroom! Off you go! Your next Negg is in the General Store.

Location: General Store

April 20th

Clue: Golly and gosh! You are good at this! The next Negg is where a Mortog you will KISS!

Location: Kiss The Mortog

April 21st

Clue: Itchy Scratchies, Cricky Neck, Chickaroo. If you need medical aid, this is where you go.

Location: The Neopian Hospital

April 22nd

Clue: Pillow is where you rest your head, not in your Neohome but in a hotel instead.

Location: Neopian Neolodge

April 23rd

Clue: Ears help you hear and eyes help you look, find your next Negg where you use bait and hook!

Location: Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Negg Prizes

After selecting a Negg, you will be rewarded with a prize specific to that Negg type as seen below:

Hand Painted Negg Prizes

Hand Painted Negg Prizes

Paint-Splattered Negg Prizes

Paint-Splattered Negg Prizes

Speckled Negg Prizes

Squeegee Painted Negg Prizes

Squeegee Painted Negg Prizes

Watercoloured Negg Prizes

Finding each of Topsi's Neggs on the first day they are available will grant a bonus at the end of the event, signified by gold checkmarks on the main event page next to each clue. All Neggs will remain available for the duration of the event and can be collected in any order after release.

Mysterious Magic Neggs

This year's Neocash component involves using some Mystical Magic Dust to convert special Neggs you may find into exclusive wearables.

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Final Prizes

Final prizes for participating in this year's hunt became available on April 24, 2019. To claim them, you must visit the Festival of Neggs hub (they were not automatically awarded with the last hidden negg).

For collecting all 15 Neggs on their release day, you will receive the following items.

For finding all 15 neggs by the end of the event (not on release day), you are awarded the following items:

Final Prizes - All Neggs

If you found at least one negg by the end of the event, but didn't actually finish, you are awarded:

Final Prizes - Some Neggs

All participants who found at least one negg in the Festival also received the Festival of Neggs site theme.

Festival of Neggs Site Theme