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Festival of Neggs Coverage

2017 Festival of Neggs

Topsi the Cybunny is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again! Starting on April 13th, Topsi began hiding around the site, and when found, awarded Neopians with a choice of spring-themed items.

Negg Locations

After signing up for the Festival of Neggs page (you must click the "Join" button), Topsi will give you your clues and hide on a Neopets page. After finding Topsi at the locations below, you will be offered the choice of one of three different neggs for your efforts (there are four possible neggs, but you will only have a choice of three per day). You will find Topsi at each location we list and be given the opportunity to select a prize at each location, unlike in prior years where you were looking for a single negg across an entire world each day.

Negg Collection Tip: If the location of a Negg is a game or a daily, make sure to collect your prize from Topsi first. The prompt to collect your prize may disappear if you play the game or complete the daily first.

Filled Neggs
Day/Negg Clue Location
April 13th/14th Some Neggs are a little tricky to open... Mysterious Negg Cave
April 15th Looking closely, Kreludor resembles a cracked Negg Shenkuu Lunar Temple
April 16th With all the fog around, Topsi faced a lot of trouble looking for Neggs here Lutari Island
April 17th How would a pre-historic Cybunny's painting look? Tyrannian Cave Painting
April 18th When did the Festival of Neggs begin, you ask? I'm sure that information is archived somewhere. Altadorian Archives
April 19th Topsi's absurd questions are being returned with vague answers. Igneot's Cavern
April 20th There's nothing wrong with that Negg plushie! Donny's Toy Repair Shop
April 21st How do you read ancient scriptures when they're all cracked and faded? Words of Antiquity
April 22nd Throw in a few coins into the water and you may just get what you wish for. The Wishing Well
Faerie Caverns
April 23rd Topsi likes to posit that he can escape the castle. The Castle of Eliv Thade
April 24th Topsi confused this game stall with the Festival of Neggs one. Kiko Pop
April 25th Why not help Topsi select some nice gifts for his friends while you're here? Neopian Gift Shop
April 26th Eyepatch? Check. Neckscarf? Check. Pegleg? Arrr! Krawk Island Fashions
April 27th Say cheese! No, seriously. Which cheese do you want? Cheeseroller
April 28th And just when you thought that only Neggs were out of this world... Grundos Cafe

After selecting a negg, you will be rewarded with a prize specific to that negg type, seen below:

Nesting Negg Prizes

Nutty Negg Prizes

Nutty Negg Prizes

Willow Negg Prizes

Willow Negg Prizes

Avocado Negg Prizes

Avocado Negg Prizes

Kari Negg Prizes

Kari Negg Prizes

Finding each of Topsi's neggs on the first day they are available will grant a bonus at the end of the event, signified by gold checks on the main event page - but the neggs themselves will remain available for the duration and can be collected in any order after release.

Mysterious Magic Neggs

This year's Neocash component involves using some magic dust to convert other Neggs you may find into spiffy wearables.

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Final Prizes

For collecting all 15 Neggs on their release day, you will receive the following items.

Final Prizes - All Neggs, Same Day

For finding all 15 neggs by the end of the event (not on release day), you are awarded the following items:

Final Prizes - All Neggs

Egged Chair

Negg Museum

If you found at least one negg by the end of the event, but didn't actually finish, you are awarded:

Final Prizes - Some Neggs

Egged Chair

All participants who found at least one negg in the Festival also received the Festival of Neggs site theme (not released since 2014!).

Festival of Neggs Site Theme