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Festival of Neggs Coverage

2022 Festival of Neggs

Kari, the Negg Faerie, is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again, this time at the Neovian Campsite. Starting on April 12th at 10:00am NST, Kari enlisted Neopians to find neggs hidden around Neopia. As in years' past, when found, Neopians are awarded with a choice of spring-themed items.

The event will run for 15 days with the first 1.5 days counting as one, running through April 13th. (The event runs through April 27th, with final prizes on the 28th.)

Negg Locations

During each day of the event, a new clue will appear at the bottom of the main Festival page to direct you to a new hidden negg location.

After finding each negg at the locations below, you will be offered the choice between three random neggs for your efforts (there are five possible neggs, but you will only have a choice of three per day).

Negg Collection Tip: If the location of a negg is a game or a daily, make sure to collect your prize from Kari first. The prompt to collect your prize may disappear if you play the game or complete the daily first.

April 12th/13th

Clue: The festival has begun, but there is no need for jitters! You will find your first negg where they sell legendary critters...

Location: Legendary Petpets

Discovery Text: Tucked behind a particularly friendly Vaeolus is a stash of Neggs!
Kari claps excitedly "You wasted no time solving that first clue! Now, which of these neggs would you like?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 14th

Clue: Hope you are ready for another clue, as there are plenty more. For your second day, seek out a place with a sandy shore!

Location: The Beach on Mystery Island

Discovery Text: Under an oddly shaped lump of sand, you find a sandy stash of Neggs!
Kari dusts off the stash of neggs "I almost tripped over all of these holes, where in the world did they come from! Anyway, choose whichever negg you'd like!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!
From the look of these holes in the sand, someone or something else must have been trying to dig these neggs up..

April 15th

Clue: Next, you must travel to a land of very little greenery. Here you will find a merchant who peddles wares of fantastical scenery.

Location: Mystical Surroundings

Discovery Text: Stowed away in a corner of the shop is a stash of Neggs!
Kari is caught up looking through the shop stock "Oh! Doesn't this Summer Landscape Background just make you want to hide some neggs? Oh right! Time for you to choose which negg you want!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 16th

Clue: I know it can get overwhelming, with clues coming from all sides! Now seek out some literature, on the rock that controls Neopian tides!

Location: Booktastic Books

Discovery Text: Hidden on a shelf between Light Speed Made Easy and Kreludan Recipes, you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari beams "And here I was afraid that clue would be too hard! Which negg will you choose this time?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 17th

Clue: The clues are heating up, so it's time to buckle down. Where would you go to stay informed, in a foggy little town?

Location: Neovian Printing Press

Discovery Text: Under a stack of Haunted Woods Readers, you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari exclaims "I just had to hide one in Neovia this year! Now choose which one of these lovely neggs you would like!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!
Another Negg Hunter eh? I'm surprised so many of you showed up with that phantom on the loose. Did you hear? Poor Prigpants had his sewing shop torn apart by that vengeful spirit last night. And just as he was putting the finishing touches on a special negg garment for the festival! Such a shame. I heard he was constructing the garb entirely out of negg materials. Must have cost a fortune!

April 18th

Clue: Hear ye, hear ye, listen close and you'll find the next stash with ease. Search for a place that deals in correspondence and royal decrees.

Location: The Scrollery

Discovery Text: Concealed under a pile of negg scrolls, you find a stash of neggs!
Kari remarks "I knew I should have hidden those under a less obvious pile of scrolls! Which will it be this time?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 19th

Clue: You are running through these clues, looks like you are on a spree! Now seek out the trunk, where Neopians find items for free.

Location: The Money Tree

Discovery Text: Hidden under the generous roots of the Money Tree, you find a stash of Neggs!
Kari smiles "Guess that one wasn't tricky enough for you. You certainly earned your negg today, take your pick!

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 20th

Clue: The Festival waits for no neopet, so don't you dare tarry! For your next negg, visit the dwelling of a nature-loving Faerie...

Location: Illusen's Glade

Discovery Text: Nestled in the bushes around the Glade, you find a stash of neggs!
Kari waves "Thanks for keeping an eye on these Illusen! Now, which negg will it be this time?

Claim Text: You got your negg!
"Something scrambles away through the bushes after you choose your negg, but it moves so fast all you see is a blur of fur!"

April 21st

Clue: If you want these next neggs, you might wanna look twice! A blast of freezing cold, just doesn't sound nice...

Location: The Snowager

Discovery Text: Among the many treasures lying in the Snowager's hoard, you find a stash of neggs!
Kari pokes her head around the corner of the cave "Great job! Now, I'd suggest picking this one quick!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 22nd

Clue: Conches and clams, your neggs can be found here! But you won't hear the ocean, if you put them up to your ear.

Location: Collectable Sea Shells

Discovery Text: Cosied up behind some coral, you spy a stash of neggs!
Kari exclaims "Nicely done, now let's hop to it and choose a negg shall we? I'm no water faerie after all!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 23rd

Clue: Doesn't hunting for neggs make you smile from ear to ear? Next, we are off to a gift shop, so treat yourself to a souvenir!

Location: Roo Island Souvenirs

Discovery Text: Hidden underneath a Blumaroo Pad Table is a stash of neggs!
Kari claps "I was scared no one would find that one! Which of these marvellous neggs would you prefer?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!
There is a bit of glowing goo on the ground near this negg. Wonder what that could be...

April 24th

Clue: The next location is quite dark, so be sure to bring a light! Where you travel next, the hardest decision is left or right...

Location: Faerie Caverns

Discovery Text: In the brush around the entrance of the caverns, you find a stash of neggs!
Kari smiles "Phew glad no one tripped on those! So, which negg is calling your name today?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 25th

Clue: There are still more neggs to be found, can you feel the anticipation? To find your next one, you must look deep down for Illumination...

Location: Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic

Discovery Text: Under the soft glow of some lovely lanterns, you notice a stash of neggs!
Kari beams as bright as the surrounding lanterns "I was proud of that clue! So which of these splendid neggs will you pick?

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 26th

Clue: We are almost to the end, so don't take a break! Instead, find the place where you can enjoy snacks by a lake!

Location: Kiko Lake Treats

Discovery Text: Tucked away in a corner of the shop is a stash of neggs!
Kari throws her hands up in the air "Congrats, that's another negg stash found! What negg would you like this time?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!
That's odd, there seem to be some patches of fur around the floor where you found the negg...

April 27th

Clue: Time for your final clue, wasn't this Festival grand? Seek out the plant that claims to be the brightest in all the land!

Location: The BRAIN Tree

Discovery Text: Nice find! Now, which- wait a minute! These neggs were all dried out too? This doesn't make any sense! I unpacked and hid these myself. And what is all of this glowing slime? I should call in a specialist to help us identify it...

Hmmm we need to have a talk with Tippens. I am starting to think there may be something to this ghost story after all... I'll ask him to meet us back at the Festival Campsite. Please join us soon as you can!

Upon finding the dehydrated Neggs, return to the camp to talk to Kari, Tippens, and Sophie (complete all the dialogue!), then proceed to Grave Danger. Click on the gunk trail (glowing blue goo) at the side of the crypt door. Once at the side of the crypt, there will be several actions to complete:

  1. Click on the footprints
  2. Click on the trail of glowing goo
  3. Click on the loose tiles at the left of the wall
  4. Click on the dug holes by the outhouse

Pick one of four options as to what you think is causing this (whichever you pick does not matter):

  • Totally still a ghost
  • Neggbreaker 2 electric boogaloo
  • A very small but very angry faerie
  • A mysterious petpet

You'll then run through more dialogue, and Professor Kugar joins in to explain the mysterious happenings - it's the work of a new petpet species, the Talpidat! Then you'll get to select one for yourself:

I'm the cutest, hungriest, bugger around!

Actual Discovery Text: What do you know, this Talpidat was hoarding a few unbroken neggs! It must have been saving them for later. Since the last negg we found was drained by these critters you should take one. Which one do you want?

Claim Text: You have selected one {Talpidat petpet}, which has been added to your inventory!
You got your negg!

Then return to the main Festival page to complete the remaining dialogue. Kari advises final prizes will be ready tomorrow [April 28th, 2022.]

Negg Prizes

Finding each of Kari's Neggs on the first day they are available will grant a bonus at the end of the event, signified by gold checkmarks on the main event page next to each clue. All Neggs will remain available for the duration of the event and can be collected in any order after release.

After selecting a negg, you will be rewarded with a random prize specific to that negg type as seen below:

Aqua Negg Prizes

Aqua Negg Prizes

Music Negg Prizes

Stained Glass Negg Prizes

Steampunk Negg Prizes

Steampunk Negg Prizes

Teacup Negg Prizes

Dip & Bob Apples

This year's Neocash component involves using Tickets to bob for extra-special "apples" containing exclusive wearables.

View Our Guide »

Final Prizes

Final prizes for participating in this year's hunt became available on April 28th, 2022. To claim them, you must visit the Festival of Neggs hub (they were not automatically awarded with the last hidden negg.)

For collecting all 15 neggs on their release day, you will receive the following items.

By Jove, you did it!

You managed to solve all of Kari's clues, finding every single one the Negg stashes. And to top it all off, you helped solve the great Negg Mystery of Neovia and discover the Talpidat!

In recompense for your perseverance, here are some extraordinary rewards for you:

For finding all 15 neggs by the end of the event (not on release day, a.k.a. you have at least one green checkmark), you are awarded the following items.

If you found at least one negg by the end of the event, but didn't actually finish, you are awarded the following item.

You managed to solve some of my clues! I'm giving you a prize for that good effort:
Final Prizes - Some Neggs

All participants unlocked the Neovian Festival of Neggs site theme.

Neovian Festival of Neggs Site Theme

And all participants also received a new avatar.

Negg Enigma - Avatar

Negg Enigma - Avatar / Guide

Awarded to users who participated in the 2022 Festival of Neggs.

Released: April 28, 2022