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Festival of Neggs Coverage

2023 Festival of Neggs

Festival of Neggs Y25 Header

Kari, the Negg Faerie, is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again, this time at the Virtupets Space Station. Starting on April 20th at 10:00am NST, Kari enlisted Neopians to find neggs hidden around Neopia. As in years' past, when found, Neopians are awarded with a choice of themed items - this time all spacey.

The event will run for 16 days with the first 1.5 days counting as one, running through April 21st. (The event runs through May 6th, with final prizes on the 7th.) Refer to the official FAQ for more.

To begin participation, go to the FoN event page and click on Kari. Keep clicking through the conversation to receive the hint for the first negg location.

Negg Locations

During each day of the event, a new clue will appear at the bottom of the main Festival page to direct you to a new hidden negg location.

After finding each negg at the locations below, you will be offered the choice between three random neggs for your efforts (there are five possible neggs, but you will only have a choice of three per day).

Negg Collection Tip: If the location of a negg is a game or a daily, make sure to collect your prize from Kari first. The prompt to collect your prize may disappear if you play the game or complete the daily first.

April 20th/21st

Clue: Hooray! The festival has started in just the right neighbourhood! If you want to find the first Neggs, perhaps try some local food!

Location: Cafe Kreludor

Discovery Text: Mixed in with a few egg-shaped food items, you find the stash of Neggs right before the cook almost mistakes them for ingredients!
Kari wipes off a bit of food from them before presenting them to you. "Great job finding these! Which one would you like?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 22nd

Clue: The next place is a lot like space, as it may be hard to catch your breath! But if you find your way in the depth, you can bet, the stash will be with a real cute Petpet!

Location: Maraquan Petpets

Discovery Text: You have to nudge a Lellefisk over a bit, but you find the stash of Neggs in excellent condition.
Kari giggles and pets the Lellefisk a bit before picking up the Neggs. "I always love hiding Neggs in Pepet shops! Choose whichever you would like!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 23rd

Clue: You've been to the highest highs and the lowest lows. Now for the next place you must go? Well, it could be considered the middle. Just remember to hydrate while you think about this riddle.

Location: Slushie Shop

Discovery Text: You pop open the lids of empty slushie cups and find the Neggs hidden inside.
Kari quickly throws the cups in the recycling before returning with the Neggs. "Don't worry. I used and cleaned the cups before hiding these Neggs. Now, which do you want?"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 24th

Clue: The next place to go is where nature would never be taken for granted, but with so many plants around, we better hope the Neggs aren't planted!

Location: Neopian Garden Centre

Discovery Text: Arty, the shopkeep, hands you a tiny shovel and points to a pile of dirt and winks. You find the stash of Neggs after one shovel full!
Kari and Arty have a small laugh together. "I should've known he would pull a silly joke like that! Good thing these Neggs are still prime for choosing!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 25th

Clue: If I had a coin for every Negg I hid here previously, I would have zero. Which is weird because I'm a Negg hiding hero!

Location: Collectable Coins

Discovery Text: You find the stash of Neggs inside a locked coin case.
Kari asks the Skeith to unlock it and puts the Neggs on the counter. "Kept nice and safe for you. Choose the one you'd like!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 26th

Clue: I sure hope this next place isn't too boring, but when I hid the Neggs even the shopkeeper was snoring!

Location: Tyrannian Furniture

Discovery Text: Under a couch cushion, you find the stash of Neggs, all while the shopkeeper keeps sleeping.
Kari quietly comes over and picks them up. "Sssh, pick one as softly as you can."

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 27th

Clue: I like to think I'm a good host, as I left this stash well protected, but you may see a ghost when you go to inspect it!

Location: Haunted Weaponry

Discovery Text: Boo! A Ghostkerchief pops up from behind the stash of Neggs and then floats away.
Kari jumps from fright but gathers herself quickly. "Oh goodness, that cute little guy gave me a scare! Quickly, pick a Negg so we can get out of here!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 28th

Clue: I have to admit that if you're a Petpet, this hiding spot may be dangerous. Meh, it will be fine I bet, as the creature nearby is usually slumberous.

Location: Turmaculus

Discovery Text: You find the stash of Neggs tucked behind a bush nearby.
Kari watches the Turmaculus. "You know I thought about hiding these in his mouth...anyways pick a Negg!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 29th

Clue: To find the next Neggs, you must trek through the heat. But once you arrive, you can have a nice treat!

Location: Qasalan Delights

Discovery Text: Hidden under a pile of spicy-looking fruit, you find the stash of Neggs!
Kari purchases a Honey Pastry before turning to you with the Neggs. "You've got to try these; they are delightful! Ooh, but first, pick whichever Negg you'd like."

Claim Text: You got your negg!

April 30th

Clue: While searching for these Neggs, you can also search for knowledge! You may just have to be careful of some of the nearby wreckage.

Location: Faerieland Bookshop

Discovery Text: You find the next stash of Neggs hidden inside what looks like a meticulously stacked pile of books.
Kari helps you carefully move the books. "Knowledge can be a dangerous thing if used in the wrong way! Luckily, the Neggs are safe, so you can pick whichever one you want."

Claim Text: You got your negg!

May 1st

Clue: This is no time to be wary! To find the next stash try looking somewhere sweet and scary!

Location: The Crumpetmonger

Discovery Text: You look around and find the Neggs in a basket full of sweet pastries!
Kari takes the basket and holds it up to you. "Choose a Negg, but leave the pastries. Those are to convince Mira to join me for a picnic after this!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

May 2nd

Clue: These Neggs may become a potent concoction if you don't concentrate. Careful though, if you trespass too far, you may be in trouble with the close by potentate!

Location: Royal Potionery

Discovery Text: When you find them, the Neggs are floating in a mysterious liquid, but they seem fine.
Kari grabs the jar and looks closely. "Hmm, yeah, I didn't think this one through. Feel free to reach in and grab whichever one you want..."

Claim Text: You got your negg!

May 3rd

Clue: Playing by the beach could make anyone thirsty. Maybe once you find the stash of Neggs, you can buy supplies for a smoothie!

Location: Tropical Food Shop

Discovery Text: The Neggs blend in well with all the colourful fruit, but you find them fairly fast anyways!
Kari buys some fruit. "Fruit probably isn't something one would come by a lot in space, huh? Anyways pick a Negg!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

May 4th

Clue: While others may say these are loathsome, these next Neggs are with playthings that are cherished among some.

Location: Darigan Toys

Discovery Text: You find the stash of Neggs inside a box of fun, yet very sharp toys.
Kari looks around the shop a bit. "These toys are just darling. Perhaps I'll come back and get one. After you choose a Negg, of course."

Claim Text: You got your negg!

May 5th

Clue: I've used many tools to hide Neggs in the past, but none that can somehow make a bubble chair last!

Location: Kiko Lake Carpentry

Discovery Text: You find a big metal can. You kind of want to kick it but refrain long enough to find the stash of Neggs underneath.
Kari sees your restraint and is proud. "Maybe we can all play Kick the Can after you pick a Negg!"

Claim Text: You got your negg!

May 6th

Clue: The last clue! What are we to do? I suppose we should end with a snack that's close to our original task!

Location: Grundos Cafe

Discovery Text: You arrive just in time to stop Gargarox from adding the Neggs to his next recipe.
Great timing! This means we are officially done with the Negg search. That means once you pick the Negg you want, we can return to Mira and keep looking into the Neggs she found! I have a good feeling about us finding the answers we need soon!

Claim Text: You got your negg!

Negg Prizes

Finding each of Kari's Neggs on the first day they are available will grant a bonus at the end of the event, signified by gold checkmarks on the main event page next to each clue. All Neggs will remain available for the duration of the event and can be collected in any order after release.

After selecting a negg, you will be rewarded with a random prize specific to that negg type as seen below:

Neopia Negg Prizes

Neopia Negg

Plasma Negg Prizes

Plasma Negg

Polar Lights Negg Prizes

Polar Lights Negg

Solar Flare Negg Prizes

Solar Flare Negg

Solar Flare Negg Prizes

Spaceship Negg Prizes

Spaceship Negg

Tarot Card Game

Introduced on May 3rd (but available throughout the event and as long as the Y25 event page is active), after talking with Orion for the second time, he presents you with a tarot card game to help him collect energy to complete his divining. To reach the option for the game to appear, you have to had read through all previous 8 scenes of dialogue. When then presented with the option, click on the I can help! button (even though it looks like a speech bubble, that is indeed a button.)

What do you mean that doesn't look like a button?!

Orion then presents you with the simple rules of the game.


  • I will be using only the 22 Major Arcana cards.
  • You will be shown two cards, one which you can see and the other which is hidden.
  • You have to guess whether the hidden card is higher or lower than the one shown.
  • If you guess correctly, you must guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card.
  • If you guess incorrectly, you lose!
  • Once you've guessed 12 cards in a row, or played 3 games, that should be enough!

Click the button to play the game.

After you either correctly guess 12 cards in a row or finish 3 games (even if quick loses!), you can then proceed through the remainder of the event and will have the option of playing the game again for fun. To re-access the game, you can click on the card icon on the top right of the festival page, or just follow this link. If you did not unlock the game during the festival, the game will only be available to you by using the direct link.

Festival of Neggs game option


The cards presented are from the real-world merchandise Tarot and Oracle Deck Set. The game is just like Tyranu Evavu, except with fewer total cards and non-repeating card numbers, spanning from 0 to 21. Simply click a button to the right of the cards to submit your guess of Higher or Lower.

Negg Diviner Tarot Card Game
Starting with this card is a bad omen...

There are no rewards for playing, whether you clear all cards or fail to clear any. Simply by playing and managing at least 10 correct guesses will add a score for Negg Diviner into your personal High Scores list, with a maximum possible score of 20. This "game" also has no corresponding High Score Table or trophies.

Bython Discovery

On May 5th, the negg-like objects previously discovered had Mira's magic applied to awaken what lay within - another new Petpet species! After reading through Scene 10 Part 1 of the dialogue, you'll be presented with an animation of this new beast hatching, and then after reading Scene 10 Part 2, you'll have the option to adopt one for yourself:

Pick on May 5th!! If you do not chose your own Bython option on May 5th, the popup language suggests that upon the event ending on May 6th, a random one of the three will be picked for you and issued to your inventory.

Bython hatching animation
The snek with two heads, whoaaa the snek with two heads!

The Bython is not the final prize for the event, rather just a prize for participating in the event through the dialogue sequence. The final prizes will be released on May 7th.

On May 11th, users who had read through any of the dialogue during the event but did not finish reading through Scene 10 Part 2 before it ended on the 6th received a random one of the three Bythons along with a Neomail from TNT.

For all of your hard work uncovering the secret behind the eggs and how to hatch them, Kari has sent you a {Bython petpet}! She wanted to be sure you had a chance to adopt one of the adorable new cosmic petpets that you helped discover while thanking you once more for your help this year. You can now find the petpet in your inventory. Hope to see you again at the next Festival of Neggs!

The Neopets Team

Hop & Dye Neggs

Easter in Virtupets Negg Snowbunnies in Space Negg Constellations Negg

This year's Neocash component involves using Passes to dye neggs containing exclusive wearables.

View Our Guide »

Final Prizes

Final prizes for participating in this year's hunt became available on May 7th, 2023. To claim them, you must visit the Festival of Neggs hub (they were not automatically awarded with the last hidden negg.)

For collecting all 16 neggs on their release day, you will receive the following items.


Congrats, you did it!

You solved all of Kari's clues and, in the process, found every single one of the negg stashes. All while braving the void of space to find the answers to the mysterious object Mira discovered and safely hatch it into the Bython!

To reward this miraculous feat, here are some absolutely out-of-this-world prizes for you:

For finding all 16 neggs by the end of the event (not on release day, a.k.a. you have at least one green checkmark), you are awarded the following items, with the same text as above.

If you found at least one negg by the end of the event, but didn't actually finish, you are awarded the following item.


You managed to solve some of my clues! I'm giving you a prize for that good effort:
Final Prizes - Some Neggs

If you clicked through any of the dialogue but did not find any neggs, this still counts as "participation" and you saw the following.

Oh No!

It appears that you missed out on finding some neggs!

Don't stress about it too much. There's always next year!

All participants unlocked the original, non-Beta Festival of Neggs site theme (if not already unlocked in prior years).

Festival of Neggs Site Theme

And all participants also received a new avatar.

Bython Brood

Bython Brood / Guide

Awarded to users who participated in the 2023 Festival of Neggs.

Released: May 7, 2023