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Plot Coverage: The Faeries' Ruin

Step 6 - The Shadows Beneath

(You can no longer do this step.)

Head over to Brightvale and click the "To Meridell" sign (or just go to The Wraith Caverns directly).

I don't know how we're going to get out of here. The entrance is blocked by some sort of... energy field. I've never seen anything like it. I tried blasting it, but my magic isn't strong enough. I heard voices deeper in the cave; maybe there are other people here who can help us?
But it's pitch black in there. We'll need a light source... a torch, maybe. If we can find a stick, and a cloth to wrap around it, and something to use as fuel... and some way to light it on fire.
You don't ask much, do you? I'll handle it. You two stay here and keep an eye out for those monsters. We wouldn't want any surprises while we plan our escape.
Your confidence is overwhelming. I can provide the spark to light the torch... if you find everything else.
Let's just focus on getting out of here, okay?

Your Goal For This Step

Make it out of the caverns! Temple of 1,000 Tombs flashbacks, anyone?


At the entrance of the Cavern, select a tunnel to go down into. In a tunnel, you can shout, search the floor, or flail your arms wildly. Select the shout option and then the search option before choosing "Feel along the cave wall" and "Go into this tunnel."

[This is optional, but if you want to make a map of the caverns, keep track of room descriptions (e.g., "This chamber smells musty") and tunnel wall textures (e.g., "The tunnel wall is very cold"), as this will help determine which tunnel leads to which and more importantly, which tunnel leads to which prisoner. However, if you do make a map, you will have to make a new one every time you repeat Step 6, because the cavern layout will change.]

Continue this process of shouting, searching the floor, and going into new tunnels.

You're looking for a Flask of Lamp Oil, an Old Rag, and a Stick. You get the Oil and the Rag from shouting and you get the Stick from searching the floor. Once you have those, keep going into tunnels until you arrive back at the entrance and make the torch. If you get to the entrance but have no Oil, shout and search through the tunnels again.

Items to Collect

Well, you managed to be useful after all. Now, let's wrap that rag around the stick, and dip it in the oil. Then I'll just make a little spark...
Whoa! Watch it, lady! I prefer my hair not singed off.
So I take it there were others back in the cave who gave you these things?
Yeah. I didn't even have to pickpocket anyone... although, I think someone in there fancies themselves a thief. Nothing compared to me, of course.
Well, let's get everyone up here where there's daylight, and maybe we can figure out a way to escape. We've got a duty to rescue everyone.
Let's not take too long, hm? I'd like to keep my skin intact, and who knows what those monsters have in store for us.

Upon entering the tunnels, you'll find that they're lit up. Now the hopeless wandering begins!

[Or, if you're making a map, now the map making fun begins! A tunnel has at least one entrance/exit to it and the descriptions, such as the room being as silent as a grave, will help you match it to the ones you kept track of before.]

Rescue the five Neopets who are trapped in the caverns. When you see a Neopet, click on them.

Trapped Neopets






You'll have to remove the substance stuck to them by pulling their limbs. This process repeats until you've made the correct choice five times. Pay attention to how the tendrils move and which arm/leg results in goo removal, because the combination that works for your friend might not work for you. An arm/leg that works is one that doesn't make you start over. Keep track like this:

The tendrils pulse threateningly. Pull _____
The tendrils ripple oddly. Pull _____
The tendrils undulate slowly. Pull _____
The tendrils vibrate gently. Pull _____
The tendrils waver strangely. Pull _____

Once you know your list of combinations, you can use it for all five stranded pets and subsequent repeats of this step. After all the pets have joined you, go back to the entrance again.

Note: If you find the entrance before you have all the pets, the ones that are with you will get dropped off with Brynn and Xandra, so you can go back in the tunnels to find the remaining ones.

That's everyone.
Good. The thought of leaving people trapped in there...
Now what?
Now, let's figure out a way to get out of here. I've tried blasting the shield that blocks the exit, but it's no use. But if I had a focus of some kind... a wand! Even a simple wand would let me focus my magic enough to blast through it.
Great. Where are we going to get a wand? Normally I'd just steal one, but, ah...
We can make one!
Make one? How?
We'll need a few things. Hm... If I can find something with a crystalline structure to focus the magic... a handle of some sort to attach it to... and something to bind them together... I can make a crude wand. It won't be much, but it'll be enough to get us out of here.
Well? You folks heard the lady. Turn out your pockets! Let's see what you've got!

Click on the "See what items are available..." link at the bottom of the conversation to see the group's inventory. You'll need to combine items to make a wand. There are nine items and three categories of items.

So, here's the items we've got. We'll need a focus, a handle, and a binding. Not everything will be appropriate, of course, so we might have to try a few different things.

Binding Items

length of rope

old belt

pipe cleaners

Focus Items



odd crystal

Handle Items

fancy cane

feather duster

soup ladle

Click on one item from each category and combine the three items. You'll have to do a bit of trial and error to get the solution, but Xandra's comments will help.

"We're almost there!" = 2 out of 3 items correct
"That's closer to being right..." = 1 out of 3 items correct
"No, no, that's not right at all!" or "... but they don't do anything" = 0 out of 3 items correct

Make the wand and you free everyone! Hooray!

That's the last time I let you pick our vacation destination!

Bonus Items

Sometimes, you'll get random items while navigating the tunnels.

Below are some of the items that you can receive.


Fearless Deeds
How Many Tunnels Must An Ixi Walk Down? How Many Tunnels Must An Ixi Walk Down? Awarded after going into many tunnels.
The Goo Whisperer The Goo Whisperer Get the goo off of all five Neopets without having to start over. You start over when you choose the wrong limb and get goo on yourself.
Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down Be in a tunnel with someone else in it, and keep shouting a greeting to them until you get this achievement (may take 10+ shouts).