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Plot Coverage: The Faeries' Ruin

Step 1 - Xandra's Library

(You can no longer do this step.)

Head over to Xandra's Library.

Your Goal For This Step

You will now be faced with a map of her library. Essentially, this is a game of Pac-Man. You need to guide Hanso to exit the library door while collecting all of the green, glowing artefacts, shown below, all the while avoiding being zapped by Xandra. Once you successfully complete this step, you can go back and do it again as many times as you like.

Items to Collect

And then exit the library through the door!


Hanso gets one move at a time, followed by one move from Xandra. Hanso can move to any spot adjacent to him or diagonal to him. When it is Hanso's turn, click on any legal square to move him there, or click on Hanso to keep him where he is. After Hanso moves, click the map again to show what Xandra does.

Xandra's goal is to get close enough to shoot a beam of magic to zap Hanso. She must be in the same row or column as Hanso to zap him. So, if you're on a spot diagonal to Xandra, Hanso is safe. When it is Xandra's turn, she can do one of multiple things:

Xandra's Moves
Move to adjacent squares, but not diagonally.
Teleport anywhere on the map.
Make a pile of rubble appear to block Hanso's path. (Clicking the rubble two times, while next to it, will remove it.)
Zap Hanso up to 9 spots away, but not in a diagonal fashion. This also means game over.
Yell something to Hanso and not move. "Return those items at once, you scoundrel!"
"Put those back where you found them!"
"Come back here with my artefacts!"
"I've had just about enough of you!"
"What do you think you're doing?!"
"You'll never get away with this!"
"Stop, thief!"


  • Xandra cannot move diagonally, so if you move Hanso to a spot directly diagonal to Xandra, Hanso will be safe.
  • Xandra also cannot move over artefacts.
  • You can complete this step as many times as you like, so you can keep working to get all of the achievements on multiple tries.
  • Click directly on Hanso when it's his turn to move to keep him where he is.
  • Xandra cannot zap Hanso through one of the small, square tables, so use them as a shield. She can, however, zap Hanso through book shelves and artefacts.


There are currently three available "Fearless Deeds" that are obtainable with this plot step. You can play the step as many times as you like, even after winning once, to continue to try for all three achievements.

Fearless Deeds
Ooh, Shiny! Ooh, Shiny! Collect the artefact that looks like the round mirror. (See achievement image.)
The Task at Hand The Task at Hand Collect all four artefacts and successfully exit the library without picking up any of the bonus books.
Proximity Warning Proximity Warning Have Xandra move to a space adjacent or diagonal to Hanso and still manage to exit the library.

Bonus Items

Collect any of the bonus items along the way, and they'll be awarded to you upon successful completion of this plot step. You do not need to collect these items to complete the step! Note, if you pick up a bonus item during one try, then you fail and need to start again, you'll need to pick up that bonus item again.