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Plot Coverage: The Faeries' Ruin

Prizes and Trophies

The prizes are here! Check them out below, along with the trophies at the very bottom of the page.

In addition to your regular plot prizes, you were given the Faeries' Ruin Site Theme and the following avatar:


Ruined / Guide

Awarded to users who participated in the Faeries' Ruin plot. If you took part you can claim yours at the plot prize shop.

Released: January 25, 2011


(Point values are estimates.)


Petrified Pie
Points: 0-999

Points: 1,000-9,999

Wraith Puncher
Points: 10,000-29,999

Smarmy Hero
Points: 30,000-49,999

Master of Insults
Points: 50,000-64,999

Artefact Eradicator
Points: 65,000-89,999

Saviour of the Faeries
Points: 90,000+