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Plot Coverage: The Faeries' Ruin

An Introduction

On Friday, September 17, 2010, the first event for the Faerie Festival debuted: a daily giveaway. You were able to visit once a day a claim one of around 15 or so faerie-related items. Unfortunately, disaster struck soon afterward...

On Monday, September 20th, at around noon NST, all faeries in Neopia were turned to stone. All of the games in Faerieland were closed down, and any shops or places in Faerieland were also unavailable because of the lack of faeries to tend to them. One notable exception is the Hidden Tower, where you can still make a purchase, despite Fyora's absence.

Was it the work of a rogue Relic Paint Brush, or is evil afoot in Neopia? We're hoping for evil, 'cause that's just way cooler.

As still as a statue...

Stick with Jellyneo over the coming weeks to see how this site plot plays out. We'll be bringing you detailed plot steps and walkthroughs to get to the very end. And make sure you participate, since there is bound to be rewards either along the way or when evil (we hope) has been abolished!