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Plot Coverage: The Faeries' Ruin

All Fearless Deeds

Below is a listing of all of the Fearless Deeds that have shown up. They're ordered by plot step, for easy reference when you're working on one step in particular. To view your achieved Deeds, scroll to the bottom of the main plot page.

Step 8, Released December 9, 2010

Fearless Deeds
Triumph Triumph Use every insult at least once. This can be spread over multiple attempts at this step.
Over 9000 Over 9000 Have your artefact energy absorption be over 100% in three turns (not the same as losing in three turns, because if the blast increases the artefact's absorbed energy by over 40%, it's overkill, automatic lose, and does not count towards this achievement). The quickest way to get this is to use insults that relate to her magic abilities (see Step 8 guide).
Supercharger Supercharger Successfully complete this step (i.e., block all of Xandra's shots without overloading the artefact) at least three times
in a row. Use mild insults (see Step 8 guide).

Step 7a Oblivion, Released November 23, 2010

Fearless Deeds
Fight Me Once, Shame On You Fight Me Once, Shame On You Fight the Oblivion once in the Battledome.
The Three Phases of Evil The Three Phases of Evil Fight the Oblivion for three phases. Phase changes are most noticeable when the icon types on either side of his name change, but sometimes, icon types do not change when a new phase begins.
You're Doing It Wrong You're Doing It Wrong Lose to the Oblivion by using the icon type that heals him.
(Use a weapon that does the same icon type as what's shown on the right side of his name during a battle. If he uses a Thyoras Tear to block your attack, you'll have to use that weapon again. Using Cheap Rings (Cheap Air Ring, Cheap Earth Ring) and Motes (Ee Mote) are a quick way to get this achievement.)

Step 7b, Released November 19, 2010

Fearless Deeds
Errand Spelling Errand Spelling Successfully decipher a spell and successfully complete a group task for the barrier reinforcement part. (Go to the main page for deciphering or barrier protection to see the deed earned notice.)
Cast Away! Cast Away! Visit the ritual main page while Xandra is casting the spell. You may have automatically been awarded it, so check the plot page as well.
Jack of All Stations Jack of All Stations For the barrier reinforcement part, successfully complete all four tasks (stabilize, contain, guide, suppress). If your group fails, it does not count as a successful completion. (Go to the main page for barrier protection to see the deed earned notice.)

Step 7a, Released November 18, 2010

Fearless Deeds
The Phantoms' Menace The Phantoms' Menace Defeat all nine Phantom opponents. Draws count as wins.
Medium Rare Medium Rare Use a weapon that has a medium rarity (r45 to r50). Trumpet of Blasting and Sparkshooter both work.
It's a Magic Number It's a Magic Number Defeat an enemy in exactly 3 turns.

Step 6, Released November 2, 2010

Fearless Deeds
How Many Tunnels Must An Ixi Walk Down? How Many Tunnels Must An Ixi Walk Down? Awarded after going into many tunnels.
The Goo Whisperer The Goo Whisperer Get the goo off of all five Neopets without having to start over. You start over when you choose the wrong limb and get goo on yourself.
Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down Be in a tunnel with someone else in it, and keep shouting a greeting at them until you get this achievement (may take 10+ shouts).

Step 5, Released October 20, 2010

Fearless Deeds
The Welcoming Committee The Welcoming Committee Defeat at least one Destroyer, Conqueror, and Zealot. Draws count as wins.
Six Up, Six Down Six Up, Six Down Defeat one of each type of enemy, in the following order: Minion, Destroyer, Brute, Conqueror, Fury, Zealot. Losses do not break the chain. Draws count as wins.
Well-Rounded Well-Rounded Use all attack stances on enemies.
This can be done in one battle or across multiple battles.
Attack stances include Berserk Attack (level 50+, not required for this achievement), Fierce Attack, Jump and Attack, Normal Attack, and Cautious Attack.

Step 4, Released October 15, 2010

Fearless Deeds
They're Flying Off the Shelves! They're Flying Off the Shelves! Send all the books that don't belong to the other shelf rooms.
Son, I Am Disappoint Son, I Am Disappoint Put books in the wrong place on your shelf. All books given to you must end up on the shelf. You can do this by mismatching book symbols to categories, and then use any irrelevant books to plug up empty spaces.
Then press the bell.
First Time's the Charm First Time's the Charm Submit the correct book order for your shelf on your first press of the bell.

Step 3, Released October 8, 2010

Fearless Deeds
A Winner Is You! A Winner Is You! Defeat one enemy.
Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground Don't use attack weapons and use the "Defend" ability from the drop down menu for three turns. This can be spread across multiple battles (by withdrawing), but try to do it in one.
Five of a Kind Five of a Kind Defeat (by winning or drawing) at least five of each of the three types of enemy.

Step 2, Released October 1, 2010

Step 2 Fearless Deeds
We All Scream We All Scream Have all three characters land on the Ice Cream Tile, either separately or together. Awarded once you've exited the castle.
Fort Nox Fort Nox Awarded upon setting all 5 knobs such that you enter a 'secret room' when you click "go." You can do this by entering a room with no more than two different door colours and having the knob colour set to the missing colour(s) (for example, you're in a room with a green and red door, so you set your knob to blue).
Do this for all rooms that apply.
(Credit: Griffinfeather & Mr_meenie_2)
And One For All And One For All Exit through the gold doors with all three characters together.

Step 1, Released September 23, 2010

Step 1 Fearless Deeds
Ooh, Shiny! Ooh, Shiny! Collect the artefact that looks like the round mirror. (See achievement image.)
The Task at Hand The Task at Hand Collect all four artefacts and successfully exit the library without picking up any of the bonus books.
Proximity Warning Proximity Warning Have Xandra move to a space adjacent or diagonal to Hanso and still manage to exit the library.