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Faerie's Hope

Story Tasks

This guide was written for the original beta version, Neopia Studio. In mid-April, a new version of the game known as Faerie's Hope was released. While some information may still be accurate, others may be out of date. We appreciate your patience as we bring things up to date!

The story of Neopia Studio is advanced by exchanging blue Wocky Jam, which is earned by winning levels. You can progress through the story at your own pace separate from your level progression, redeeming Wocky Jam whenever you wish—you don't even have to redeem them at all, though you would miss out on some rewards.

Light spoilers ahead! If you want to play it safe, avoid reading the "Description" column.

Neopia Studio: Memory of Love

The "Memory of Love" sequence of the Neopia Studio story is broken up into several Scenes.

I received a letter from an old friend, asking for my help resotring our beloved Neopia Studio to its former glory. He was a young man when the film industry was just emerging. With the passing of time, Neopia lost its enthusiasm for movies and the studio lost its luster. But even now, he refuses to give up on the studio and has left its future success in my hands. It won't be easy, but I believe I can bring this studio back to life by creating some brand new movies with the help of my friends.

Scene 1

Memory of Love - Scene 1
Task Jam Cost Description Reward

The Letter
free! The player is shown a letter from Jeff asking them to refurbish the old movie studio.

New Beginning
1 Shimmy and the player faerie reacquaint with each other.

A Visitor
1 Shimmy informs the player faerie that a young girl came by the studio looking for an old film reel.

Reboot It
1 Shimmy introduces Kelly to the player faerie. The trio discuss a movie based on Artichoke Hearts: A Love Story.


Sweep the Floor
1 The trio cleans the floor of the studio.

Clean the Wall
1 The trio cleans the walls of the studio.

Paint the Wall
1 The trio chooses a wallpaper colour for the studio:


Fix Poster
1 The player faerie picks up an old movie poster from the floor and puts it on the wall.

Fall into Dreamland
1 Shimmy and the player faerie fall into a portal on the poster, warping into the Dreamworld!

Back to Reality
1 The trio speculate what caused the portal and the possible significance of the Dreamworld.

End of Scene
1 The trio speculate what caused the portal and the possible significance of the Dreamworld.

300  100

Scene 2

Memory of Love - Scene 2
Task Jam Cost Description Reward

Replace Windows
1 The trio chooses a window to better light the studio:

Place a Backdrop
1 The trio chooses a backdrop for the studio:

Add Curtains
1 The trio chooses a backdrop for the studio:

Place Sofa (1/2)
1 The trio chooses sofa for the studio:


Place Sofa (2/2)
1 The trio chooses another sofa for the studio while Kelly reminisces about her grandparents:

Assemble Bookshelf
1 The trio chooses a bookshelf for the studio:

Favorite Books
1 Kelly discusses her grandfather's favorite types of books.


Place a Table
1 The trio chooses a table for the studio crew:

Something Missing
1 The trio discusses the need for filming equipment in the studio.

End of Scene
1 The trio speculate what caused the portal and the possible significance of the Dreamworld.

300  100
20 mins
10 mins

Scene 3

Memory of Love - Scene 3
Task Jam Cost Description Reward

Place Tracks
1 The trio lays down dolly tracks for the camera.

Place Camera Jib
1 Shimmy installs a camera jib.

Place Camera
1 Shimmy sets up the camera.


Place Grandfather Clock
1 A grandfather clock arrives and the trio place it in the corner of the studio.

Place a Mirror
1 The trio places an "artistic" mirror in the studio.

2 The trio places a pair of planters at the top of the studio steps.


Add a Coffee Table
1 The trio places a coffee table in the studio.

Add Lamps
1 The trio adds lamps and end tables next to each sofa.

2 The trio move some beverages from the main table to the coffee table.

End of Scene
1 Nothing happens. The scene just ends.

300  100
20 mins
10 mins

Scene 4

Memory of Love - Scene 4
Task Jam Cost Description Reward

Add a Carpet
1 The trio place a carpet rug under the furniture and a mat at the top of the steps.

1 Shimmy accidentally knocks over one of the planters, and the trio clean it up. No one gets hurt.

A New Flowerpot
2 Shimmy gets a new pot of flowers. The new flowers are the player faerie's favorite kind, which Shimmy remembered from working together years earlier.

Add Wall Decoration
1 The trio hangs a small cabinet on the wall behind the mirror.


Place Wall Lamp
2 The trio places a pair of wall lamps on either side of the studio door:

Almost there
2 The trio resolves to recruit some actors, but then realizes they couldn't possibly do so while part of the wall is still bare. Shimmy suggests adding more wallpaper, but Kelly convinces the group to add a window instead.

Looking for Actor
2 The trio decides to recruit some actors. Oscar immediately appears to respond to their search.


Self Introduction
1 Oscar introduces himself and explains his acting history, which includes a couple commercials for businesses in Neopia Central and a supporting role in Flying Without Wings - A Warriors Tale.

Lead Actress
2 The group decide that Oscar and Kelly should do a chemistry test to see how well they work together.

Chemistry Test
1 Kelly and Oscar read through some lines of a scene in which they play love interests who have noticed each other at a movie theater.

End of Scene
1 Nothing happens. The scene just ends.

300  100
20 mins
10 mins

Scene 5

Memory of Love - Scene 5
Task Jam Cost Description Reward

Discuss scripts
1 The group moves on to a table read.

Ready to Start
1 The group agrees to start filming and gushes over the quality of the script.


Watching the Film
1 The final film adaptation of Artichoke Hearts: A Love Story is shown to you.


Take Photo
2 The group takes a photo to commemorate the completion of their movie.

1 You receive a letter congratulating you, presumably from Jeff although it is not signed.

300  100

Dreamland: Lonely Dance

The storylines of the Dreamland are considered a side quest. For the beta test, only this dream was available.

Dream 1

Lonely Dance
Task Jam Cost Description Reward

Where is this?
free! The player faerie arrives in Dreamland and explores. She meets the Dream Messenger, a mysterious Kougra who makes dreams come true by powering the Dream Core with spiritual power.

Dreamland Fragments
1 The player faerie examines a pool in the Dreamland.

Rainbow Book
1 The player faerie is escorted by an enormous whale to the Rainbow Book on the other side of the Dreamland.

Dream Core
1 The player faerie pours some spiritual power in the Dream Core and notices some dimmer dreams, which represent dreams about to fade. She quizzes the Dream Messenger about them, and resolves to help one of them.

A Lonely Dance
1 The player faerie enters the dream of Jelena, arriving at Dancing Island. Two bystanders explain who she is.

Jelena's dream
1 The player faerie meets a bread vendor on the island and asks him for Jelena's backstory. He starts by explaining that her love, Ion, had planned a surprise party for her birthday.


1 The player faerie asks for more info on Ion, but the bread vendor refers her to the Town Chief, Tom.

Once Upon a Time on the Beach
1 The player faerie meets Tom on top of the island. He explains that Ion went to the Mysterious Sea in order to find treasure to afford an expensive pair of one-of-a-kind shoes for Jelena. While at sea, he had an accident.

Dancing Shoes
1 Tom refers the player faerie to Hanke, Ion's sailing partner. The player faerie meets Hanke down at the docks, but he gets cagey when asked about Ion.

Mistake from the Past
1 The player faerie asks Hanke if he and Ion found any treasure. Hanke replies coldly that they were shipwrecked and Ion died, then dismisses the player faerie, who is now suspicious of Hanke.

Truth Potion
1 The player faerie informs Tom of Hanke's shiftiness. Tom provides a truth serum made from Hanke's favorite fruit juice to get him to tell the truth.

The Truth
1 The player faerie gets Hanke to drink the truth serum by lying about how bad she felt confronting him, offering it as an apology. Hanke drinks it, then starts to ramble incoherently about rainbows and lost shoes.


Questioning Hanke
1 The player faerie returns to Hanke with Tom in tow. Tom threatens to kick Hanke out of town if he does not tell the truth about Ion. Hanke explains that they eventually found a "rainbow island" where they met a Dream Messenger. The Dream Messenger offered Ion a deal: the shoes Jelena wanted in exchange for 100 years of service.

Meeting Ion again
1 The player faerie takes Hanke back to the Dreamland, where he recognizes the Dream Messenger introduced earlier as Ion. Hanke admits to losing the dancing shoes after Ion made the deal. Ion forgives him, accepting his own responsibility.

Just for You
1 Ion explains that Jelena was invited to a dance competition, but sad about her old shoes. He wanted to make her happy by getting her the shoes, but it backfired by his disappearing. Ion asks Hanke and the player faerie to find them again and bring them to Jelena.

Stupid Boys
1 Hanke and the player faerie return to Dancing Island, where they explain the situation to Tom and ask for his help finding the shoes.

Mission Dancing Shoes
1 The player faerie goes to another part of the island. After checking the well, the player faerie finds the shoes inside some sort of carnival game.

1 The player faerie and Hanke bring the dancing shoes to Jelena. They do not cure her happiness; she remains "heartbroken" because what she would rather have is Ion back by her side. Ion then seemingly returns to Dancing Island from the Dreamland.

A Dream Come True
1 The player faerie returns to the Dreamland, where Ion as Dream Messenger expresses appreciation for the help in fulfilling Jelena's dream. Ion expresses some dismay that he will never see Jelena again and hopes that she will move on to be happy again. (It is unclear what implications this has for the events of the previous task, in which Ion seemingly returns to Jelena.) The story concludes with, "And they all lived happily ever after."

300  100
20 mins
10 mins
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