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Faerie's Hope

Level Guide

Level Rewards

Finishing each level gives you a standard amount of rewards based on the difficulty. For each remaining move, a random special tile (Missile, Boomerang, or Bomb) will be placed on the board, and then all the remaining special tiles will activate and give you bonus coupons based on the type of tile.

In the Main Story, every 20th level is a bonus level in which you use all your moves to grab as many coins as you can. There is a maximum of 800 coins you can win in these levels.

Level Rewards
Difficulty Rewards
All Levels Main Story Only Side Stories Only


Neopoint Coins

Battle Pass Points

Wocky Jelly

Wocky Jam
Regular 20 + 20 2 1 1
Hard 100 + 100 4 1 1
Hardest 200 + 200 6 1 1
Coin Level 0 ≤ 800 2 1 1
Bonus Coupons from Power-Ups




Spinning Top
1 1 2 5

Main Story Levels

Main Story Levels Overview

The Main Story has a large number of levels, which progressively get tougher and add new elements as you get further. Every time something new is introduced, it will give you a brief teaching moment on how they work.

The following table tells you in which level each element is introduced. For more details on what everything does, check out our Gameplay page.

Element Introduction
Level Element Introduction
Standard Tiles and Matching
2 Missiles
3 Boomerangs
4 Bombs
5 Spinning Tops
6 Boxes
8 Mini Wand power-ups
9 Clouds and Constellations
13 Vines
14 Mega Wand power-ups
18 Magic Gloves power-ups
21 Bottles and Butterflies
31 Ukuleles and Music Notes
41 Letters and Loving Hearts
51 Chocolates
61 Ice
71 Paintings
81 Chocolate Boxes and Chocolate Wrappers
91 Cookies
101 Curtains
121 Surprise Boxes
141 Teleporters
161 Branches
181 Faerie Statues and Faeries
201 Honey

Side Stories Levels

Side Stories Levels Overview

The levels of the Side Stories have the same gameplay elements as the Main Story levels, except that the standard movement of the tiles is upwards. You also won't be able to use the "Gifts of Neopia" boosters in these levels.

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