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Faerie Quests

Faerie Quests

While browsing Neopets, you might be asked to fetch a certain item for a magical, most often winged person. These creatures are faeries and there are many different types in Neopia; some have powers that relate to the elements while others have more specialised roles. Give the faeries what they want and they are sure to reward you and your pet!

There is an About the Faeries page if you would like more background information.

Quests and Rewards

Faerie Quests are given out randomly when you are browsing the Neopets site. Here is an example of what a quest will look like:

You've received a faerie quest!

The items faeries ask for are buyable from Neopian shops, so they will not exceed rarity 100. You can take as much time as you want to complete it, but when you have a quest in progress, your shop wizard access will be blocked (just to make it a bit challenging).

Can't use the shop wizard!

If you need help, there is the Quests Neoboard, which is usually full of people willing to look stuff up for you. You are also allowed to log into a side account and use the shop wizard to find the item you need. However, as always, the Neopoints to buy the item must come from your main account.

Additionally, you are allowed to complete any faerie quests that you receive randomly on a side account, so long as the items needed to complete the quest are bought using Neopoints from your main account. You are also allowed to transfer a pet from another of your accounts to receive the reward of the Faerie Quest.

Note that if you think the quest is too expensive, you can cancel it! Currently there is no drawback to rejecting quests.

The exception to the standard quest rules is the Crafting Faerie—she asks for Neocash items and gives an item in return (more about her further down in this article)—but there is still no time limit for her quests.

To hand an item in, or to cancel your current faerie quest, visit the quests page.

If your active Neopet is currently in a battle in the Battledome, the faerie will not accept your item. You will either need to finish your item or switch your active Neopet. (This is due to not being able to add stats to your Neopet while it's actively battling.)

Faerie Quest Information
Faerie Quest Info
Air Faerie

Air Faeries

Asks for: Grooming Items r69 and Under [Grooming Parlour]

Reward: +3 movement/speed points for your active pet

Dark Faerie

Dark Faeries

Asks for: Toys r69 and Under [Toy Shop]

Reward: +3 hit points for your active pet

Earth Faerie

Earth Faeries

Asks for: Magic Items r69 and Under [Magic Shop]

Reward: +3 strength or defence or movement/speed points for your active pet

Fire Faerie

Fire Faeries

Asks for: Clothing Items r69 and Under [Uni's Clothing]

Reward: +3 strength points for your active pet

Light Faerie

Light Faeries

Asks for: Collectable Cards r69 and Under [Collectable Card Shop]

Reward: +2 levels for your active pet

Water Faerie

Water Faeries

Asks for: Books r69 and Under [Magical Bookshop]

Reward: +3 defence points for your active pet

Battle Faerie

Battle Faerie (Aethia)

Asks for: Any r76-89 items

Reward: +3 hit points, +3 strength, and +3 defence points for your active pet

Fountain Faerie

Fountain Faerie (Naia)

Asks for: Any r94-96 items

Reward: Access to the Rainbow Fountain

Faerie Queen

Faerie Queen (Fyora)

Asks for: Any r80-95 items

Reward: +2 level, +5 hit points, and +5 strength points for your active pet

Space Faerie

Space Faerie (Mira)

Asks for: Any r81-94 items

Reward: +5 levels for your active pet

(Available to Premium users only.)

Soup Faerie

The Soup Faerie

Asks for: Smoothies r69 and Under [Smoothie Shop]

Reward: One of three possible outcomes: +2 movement points and +2 hit points or +2 strength points and +2 levels or +2 defense points and +2 hit points for your active pet

Grey Faerie

Grey Faerie (Baelia)

Asks for: Neopia Central Petpets r69 and Under [Neopia Central Petpet Shop]

Reward: The "borrowed" reward from an elemental faerie or the Fountain Faerie (including stats for your active pet or a Rainbow Fountain pass to use on any pet you own).

Crafting Faerie

Crafting Faerie (Delina)

Asks for: Certain NC Mall items (requires real money to buy)

Reward: Wearables (see guide)

Delina's Quests Guide »


Shenkuu Faerie (Kaia)

Asks for: One Neocash item that is currently in your inventory, plus one Pink Paper Bag (Kaia will only pay you a visit if you have Neocash items in your inventory, otherwise only the other faeries will pop up)

Reward: Various Neocash items - see guide for active prizes

Kaia's Quests Guide »

Changing Your Quest

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Refreshed Quest Request boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. Whilst this boon is active you are given the choice of "refreshing" any faerie quests you receive, allowing you to swap your current quest for a new one. This is especially useful if you want to increase your chances of receiving a Fountain Faerie quest, or if you are training your pet and would rather increase a specific statistic.

If you already have access to the Rainbow Fountain and you complete a Baelia Quest that awards the Fountain Faerie Quest, then the existing Rainbow Fountain access will be overwritten.

Faerie Quest Events

For a recap of special events that Neopets has held, please head to the Faerie Quest Events article.

More Quests

These are not the only quests that Neopets has to offer. If you want some that have a more predictable schedule, or some that have rare item rewards, check out Illusen's Glade, Jhudora's Bluff, the Snow Faerie, and other Quests of Neopia.

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