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Faerie Quest Events

Faerie Quests

This guide is about the yearly Faerie Quest event. For a guide to random quests, see our Faerie Quests article.


From February 24th through March 12th, the faeries offered the ability to accept a daily faerie quest. (Instead of the usual random quests.) By visiting the quests page, you could collect one free item and faerie quest (from a random faerie) per day.

The official Faerie Quest FAQ is here. Some things to note:

  • Quest rewards were applied to your active pet
  • To receive the bonus item prize, you did not have to complete a quest every day, you only had to visit the quest page
  • You could not participate in this on your side account(s)
  • After the event is over, faerie quests will once again be restricted to random events

Event Duration

The first day of the event began on February 24th and lasted through the 25th. So, if you missed collecting your prize on the 24th, you may collect it on the 25th and still count as visiting every day towards your bonus.

If you collected a prize and accepted a quest on the 24th, you will not receive anything on the 25th. Day 2 begins on February 26th.

Daily Prize

Each day you visited, Fyora would grant you one of the below faerie-themed items:

By visiting the quest page daily within the time frame, you received a prize at the end of the event:

Soup Faerie Kitchen Background

New This Year

This year also marked the addition of quests from Baelia and the Soup Faerie.

See our main Faerie Quests article for more information on their quests.

Not only that, but all of the faeries that awarded stats received a bit more magic to dole out, increasing the stat awards by at least one extra bonus stat! (For example, the Dark Faerie used to give +2 HP, but now gives +3!)

Faerie Quest NC Cookies

You may use a faerie quest cookie during the event. After accepting your free daily quest, you will have the option to then accept your daily quest from the cookie.

Also, during the event, FQ cookies are on sale in the NC Mall for only 50 NC!

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie