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Faerie Quest Events

Faerie Quests

This guide is about the yearly Faerie Quest event. For a guide to random quests, see our Faerie Quests article.


Starting March 5th (at the stroke of midnight) and ending on March 22nd, the faeries offered the ability to accept a daily faerie quest. (Instead of the usual random quests.) By visiting the quests page, you could collect one free item and faerie quest (from a random faerie) per day.

The official Faerie Quest FAQ is here. Some things to note:

  • Quest rewards were applied to your active pet
  • To receive the bonus item prize, you must visit the Quest hub to receive the freebie each day of the event
  • You could not participate in this event on your side account(s) since items are awarded for visiting the quest hub
  • After the event is over, faerie quests will once again be restricted to random events

Prior to March 9th, the event FAQ stated that in order to receive the bonus prize, you had to complete a quest each day of the event. This was a miscommunication and you only need to visit the Quest hub each day to receive your daily free item—just as in years past.

First Day Extension

This year, the first day of the event began on March 5th at midnight and did not appear to last through the 6th. If you missed receiving your daily freebie the 5th, then you unfortunately missed the opportunity to qualify for the final bonus prize. (In other words, there was no "Day 1.5" this year.)

New Items Requested

This year, the faeries are asking for items to help heal them of the effects of Mr. Krawley's dubious goods. We are currently collecting data on these quest requests, so please see our list and let us know what we're missing:

Items Requested »

Quest Refresh Boon

The Refreshed Quest Request boon, available from the bi-weekly Tyrannian Battleground, does not allow you to successfully refresh the daily faerie quests given to you during this event. (You may be given the option to do it, but it'll just refresh the page without doing anything.)

However, the boon may be used to refresh the daily Delina quest offered to you after completing each daily quest. To use the boon:

  • Complete the regular daily quest offered to you.
  • After turning in the item, Delina will show up and offer you one of her quests. Accept her quest.
  • You may then use the boon to refresh Delina's quest to receive a normal faerie quest.

If you also have a Faerie Quest Cookie active, be sure to complete your daily free event quest first, before the cookie quest. If you do that, you'll receive two Delina quests (one after the event quest, and the second after the cookie quest), both of which may be refreshed with the boon.

This has not been tested with the same boon offered by 2019's Charity Corner. The behavior may differ. If you've used the Charity Corner quest refresh perk successfully this year, please let us know.

Daily Prize

Each day you visited, Fyora would grant you one of the below faerie-themed items:

Bonus Prize

At the end of the event, if you visited the quest hub every day from March 5th through 22nd, you will receive a bonus prize! Prior to March 9th, the event FAQ stated that you had to complete a quest each day of the event. TNT has since updated that to confirm the same bonus requirements as in past years.

Bonus Prize

Counter Curse Robe

Faerie Quest NC Cookies

You may use a Faerie Quest Cookie during the event to receive a total of two daily quests, and you may redeem these quests in any order you choose. (In prior years, you had to accept the free daily quest first.)

Also, during the event, FQ cookies are on sale in the NC Mall for only 50 NC!

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

Crafting Faerie Quests

This year, Delina is offering a free NC quest after every regular Faerie quest that you complete. To celebrate, she has come up with a new set of items to offer as rewards. These can be viewed on our regular Faerie Quests guide.