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(Not So) Annual Faerie Festival


Jellyneo's Faerie Festival Coverage


Faerieland is in a buzz as Fyora and all the other faeries celebrate the annual Faerie Festival a little late. This year's festivities, beginning on October 2nd, include a variety of activities. The event has promised to include a Charity Corner-like component, which was not released with the event's initial launch.

You may not participate in the Faerie Festival on side accounts—see the FAQs.

Festival Overview

Illusen and Jhudora had been ordered to co-host the festival, but the News dated October 4th revealed each Faerie will be holding her own festival beginning on October 9th. The Recycling component is slated to start then as well—read more in the FAQs.

Starting on October 4th, users were invited to each of the separate festivals.

You've Been Invited!
Faerie Festival is upon us!!

Would you like to join the effort in helping the faeries set up Faerie Festival this year? OH!? It appears you got two invitations... view them below!

Illusen's Invitation  Jhudora's Invitation

On October 9th, users were finally able to choose a faerie's invitation to accept.

Time to choose

Upon choosing a side and confirming which Faerie's festival you wish to attend, you'll receive a gift matching your chosen Faerie:

Faerie Party Favours

If you did not choose a side by the end of the day on October 9th, you were randomly assigned to a side and received the respective gift when next visiting the festival page.

You've Been Recruited by Team Illusen!

Since you didn't choose a side in time, Illusen decided to poach you for their festival.
Welcome to Team Illusen! The elegant Earth Faerie also bribed gifted you with this party favor
You've Been Drafted by Team Jhudora!

Since you didn't choose a side in time, Jhudora decided to poach you for their festival.
Welcome to Team Jhudora! The dour Dark Faerie also bribed gifted you with this party favor

Festival Activities

Daily Faerie Quest & Freebie Item

There is a daily freebie item awarded for visiting the Faerie Quests hub. You will also have the opportunity to accept a free Faerie Quest.

View Daily Faerie Quests Guide »


Starting on October 9th, in the style of the 2020 Charity Corner, Illusen and Jhudora are each leading efforts to collect recycling materials to help clean up Neopia. Recycling items can earn you an item reward and points redeemable at a prize shop.

View Recycling Guide »

Free Activities

Throughout the duration of the festival, the Wheel of Excitement will issue one free spin each day.

At the Soup Kitchen, your pets can eat for free regardless of your total Neopoints.

Standard Activities

The festival also links to the following Faerie/Faerieland-related activities, although it appears there is no difference in using these features now versus any other day:

Final Prizes

Various prizes were given out for different types of participation in the Faerie Festival.

View Final Prizes »


On October 19th, when returning to the Festival hub, a pop-up automatically opened with a comic featuring Vira and what appears to be (spoiler? we're not sure!) another figure from Neopia's past. The comic is seemingly a precursor to the previously-announced upcoming plot "The Void Within."

View the Epilogue Comic »

Free the Faeries

This year's Neocash component involves using Slingshots to free the bottled Faeries.

View Free the Faeries Guide »

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