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(Not So) Annual Faerie Festival


Faerieland is in a buzz as Fyora and all the other faeries celebrate the annual Faerie Festival. This year's festivities include a daily activity. Visit each day to complete it to earn a prize.

Festival Overview

To celebrate the revamped Faerieland Map, new elements were introduced into this year's Faerie Festival. A new daily freebie is available at The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, and there's also a special activity during the few weeks following the festival. Below is a list of the activities and prizes given.

Festival Activities

Daily Activities
Day Activity Prize
Oct 1 Play Snowball Fight Snow Faerie Stamp
Sept 30 Visit Jhudora's Cloud Jhudoras Secret
Sept 29 Visit Jhuidah at the Cooking Pot Jhuidah Stamp
Sept 28 Visit the statue of Siyana in the Hall of Heroes King Altador Statue
Sept 27 Visit the Soup Kitchen Soup Faerie Book
Sept 26 Achieve a score of 100+ in Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers Faerie Crash Helmet
Sept 25 Visit the Tooth Faerie Neopedia article Tooth Faerie Muffin
Sept 24 Achieve a score of 60+ in Maths Nightmare Maths Nightmare Background
Sept 23 Visit the Faerieland Colouring Pages Faerieland Colouring Book
Sept 22 Take the Faerie Personality Quiz Faerie Slorg Pull Along Toy
Sept 21 Play Faerie Cloud Racers Snow Faerie Darts
Sept 20 Visit the Book of Heroes Book of Heroes Reprint
Sept 19 Play Faerie Bubbles Faerie Bubbles
Sept 18 Visit the Healing Springs Fyoras Elixir
Sept 17 Spin the Wheel of Excitement Bottled Faerie
Random Bottled Faerie
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