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Eye Of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm Information
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The Cyodrake's Gaze is lost, and it's up to you to find it! If you've ever been intimidated by the idea of having to find one specific tile out of two hundred and forty of them, then this guide is for you. Really, Eye of the Storm isn't such a hard game. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that when fully understood, it's downright easy!

How to Play

The aim of the game is to click tiles to find the Cyodrake's Gaze. The crew members of the Cyodrake's Gaze can be found along the way, pointing to where the ship is. You also might find other types of tiles that may or may not lead you closer, but are still useful.


The most important part of the game is the tiles. Actually, all the game consists of is clicking on one tile after another, some being of no help to you whatsoever and others saving the day. Here's a list of all of the ones that appear in the game, no matter how useful they are. Take note of each direction the crew members point to so that you can head that way!

text text
The Cyodrake's Gaze: finding this is the aim of the game! Easier done on the early levels than the harder ones.
Hoban tells you The Cyodrake's Gaze will be in a row lower than any row he appears in.
Shumi tells you the Cyodrake's Gaze will be in a column left of any column he appears in.
Linae tells you the Cyodrake's Gaze will be in a row higher than any row she appears in.
Bonju tells you the Cyodrake's Gaze will be in a column right of any column he appears in.
Flipping over a Cannon tile causes it and the four tiles touching to it all explode...no information is given!
The Loot tile gives you twenty extra points! When it flips back over, it becomes a normal tile.
The Storm tile is similar to the Cannon: it reveals the four adjacent tiles. But when it's done exposing them, all of them flip back over into a normal tile, just like the Loot tile does.
This unflipped tile appears before any other, because it flips over into all of the others. It comes in five different colors: red, blue, green, brown and white.
This blank tile isn't actually a tile so much as a lack of one; when you click on an unflipped tile in Extended Mode, it'll flip over into nothingness. It's also left behind by cannons.

Remember, though that just because you get, say, a Hoban tile, that doesn't mean that the Gaze is directly below him. It can wind up being ten tiles below and seven tiles left of him! If that's the case, just hope that you find a Shumi tile really soon after you find the Hoban one.


There are three modes: Normal, Timed, and Zen. Although several aspects of the game are the same in each, they all have their distinguishing qualities.

In Normal mode, there are exactly twenty levels with twenty seconds for each. If you can't find the Gaze in that amount of time on any level, the game ends early. Of course, the idea of clicking on every tile you possibly can before the clock runs out may pop into your head, but unfortunately that would also seriously kill your bonus (discussed in the section below).

In Time Trial mode, you have two hundred seconds to complete as many levels as you can. That means that if you win the first level in five seconds, you have exactly five seconds less to use in the next. For the more skilled player, this mode is a lot better for points than the normal one.

Zen mode is more of a stress-reliever than anything else; it gives you absolutely no points. You have ninety-nine seconds to complete each of a possibly infinite number of levels. It's great for practice, too.

It shouldn't be THAT hard to find a ship...right?

View Options

There are two view options in this game: Brief and Extended. Brief view is the default, but you can switch to Extended before choosing a game mode. You cannot switch once your game has started!

With Brief view, tiles flip back over quickly after they're revealed. This means you need to remember the information useful tiles gave you. Each tile costs 6 bonus points for crew members, and 3 points for all others.

With Extended view, tiles never flip back over; they stay revealed for the duration of the level. Each tile costs 10 bonus points for crew members, and 5 points for all others.


At the start of every level there's a bonus at the bottom of the screen. It will always start at 105 for the first level, and increase by 5 each level after that.

With Brief view, each tile costs 6 bonus points for crew members, and 3 points for all others. With Extended view, each tile costs 10 bonus points for crew members, and 5 points for all others. (I recommend always using Brief view as it gives you a better bonus and you shouldn't need to see what tiles you've already clicked on as, hopefully, you'll find the Gaze quickly enough.)

For every level you complete you'll earn any remaining bonus points plus an automatic 50 point bonus for winning the level. In Normal mode, you'll also get 1 point for each second you didn't use. Loot tiles give an extra 20 points in both Normal and Time Trial modes.


I recommend you start playing the game in Normal Mode and Brief View (although this strategy works with the other modes and views also). That means that you'll be playing up to twenty levels, and you'll have twenty seconds to the find the Gaze every level. At first it might be so easy that you don't even need this guide, but pretty soon it will become much, much harder.

Look carefully at the picture above, starting at the bottom of it. Let's say that that Linae tile is the first one you click on at the start of a level; she's pointing up, so you should click two tiles above her. Now you've clicked on another Linae tile, pointing the same way; do the same thing, clicking two tiles above her. You've now clicked on a Bonju tile, pointing right; click two tiles right of him.

You continue in this manner until you reach Hoban, who's pointing back toward the direction you came. No problem, simply click the tile between him and Linae, and you'll find Bonju pointing right once more. Two tiles right of him is your goal. At last, you've found the Gaze! You can either go celebrate or continue your game trying out this marvellous strategy once again.

If you run into a blank tile in the midst of charting your path, don't worry. Simply continue two more steps in the direction you were headed and continue as you were doing. Similarly, if a Cannon or a Storm tile shows up, take in the direction of all the tiles revealed and average it out for your next move. (i.e., If all the tiles are pointing the same direction, use the middle of the three revealed.)

With the scoring system in mind, the two important factors of the game are speed and how many tiles you click on in the level. Don't click on tiles as quickly as you possibly can or you might not click on the one you meant to, but try to go as quickly as is comfortable for you. You can't really help with how many tiles you click on to find the Gaze, but my average would be about ten, so you can usually tell that you didn't do too well if you won with about eighteen clicks.


When you finish up a game of Eye of the Storm your score will be given a rating. Here's a list of the rankings you can get and how you can get them:

  • Meagre: Score 800 points or less.
  • Good: Score between 801 and 1,600 points.
  • Great: Score between 1,601 and 3,200 points.
  • Excellent: Score 3,201 or more for this bad boy.

With this guide, you should get Excellent easy as pie! Then again, I can bake a pie in my sleep...


And that would be it! Good luck finding the Gaze quickly and efficiently with as many points as you can get; I guess I'll see you in the eye of the storm, searching for that poor, stranded ship like everyone else. Bye!

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