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Hi TNT! :) I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing species-related wearables that have been released lately! They are really incredible. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to whomever is designing these; they're clearly drawing inspiration from nature, bringing more natural looking aesthetics to neopets! I am especially drawn to the recent horns(ixi), spikes(krawk) and fins(koi)! I *cannot* wait to see what rolls out for Draik day this September! P.S When draik day finally rolls around, if you happen to release some horns (similar darigan draik horns) in the shade of black/charcoal, I can think of one person and one draik who would be eternally grateful. 0:-) (also please don't zone as hat. maybe earrings?) ~nook

We’re so happy to hear all the joy the new species-related wearable have been bringing!! We actually have something similar planned for Draik day so we hope you enjoy them as well! /genuine ~Stone

From Neopian Times, Issue 989 (Modern) · Published August 11, 2023 · JN Editorial ID: 21704