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Hi TNT! Since the maps got updated to HTML5, the Shop of Offers no longer exists in Neopia Central. However, it would be a shame if our favourite slorg is no longer available to visit! Could you guys please add a slorg rock for us to visit him? It could look something like this: Something Has Happened! "You peer under a small rock on the patch of land where the Shop of Offers used to be. To your surprise, you see the Very Rich Slorg having a meal with his family. He thanks you for visiting and invites you to join their meal, but you politely decline. He offers you 50 Neopoints as a gift, a reminder of what used to be there." ~~aliceo96

This seems completely doable! Having a visible link to the Rich Slorg within a Neopia Central map wouldn’t be difficult to implement. Since we’re converting the maps, Now is the time to make sure that we can capture issues like these- especially since this specific issue seems like a long-forgotten oversight. The exact look of how we implement this still needs to be figured out, but rest assured, the Rich Slorg will make its daring return soon! ~~Clammyhand

From Neopian Times, Issue 951. JN Editorial ID: 20914