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Neopian Times Editorial Database

The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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I did not want to write. However my Orange Grundo, OrangenaToo made me. He is number 69 on the book reading list. He wants to read them all. However 78 of the 354 books he needs to read he finds boring. They are mostly cheaper books too. You have no idea about how much it bugs him that he cannot get a trophy because of the number of letters in his name. This is archaic and unfair. Could you please end this awful tradition and allow all pets to be properly educated? OrangenaToo thanks you in advance. ~~nashie363comesback

TNT! For the love of all things Sloth, PLEASE remove the boring book and disgusting food feature! It's impossible to win any book award or gourmet club award now with no work around by changing the language on the newer items. Please remove this feature so new users can have a chance to win! Please please please with a cherry on top? :) Thanks :D ~~kaylaxbeth

We have definitely share your concerns with the boring book and disgusting food features! It does make it incredibly difficult for new players or pets with a certain amount of letters in their name to gain trophies. Besides, being brave enough to try new things that may seem rather offputting at first is one of the ways we all learn and grow! We will check in with the team about removing this feature once we are back from break! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 951. JN Editorial ID: 20912