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Hi, I was delighted to see the new strawberry Chia color. I've been thinking for years, "Other 'pets can be painted a fruity color, but why not the Chia, which is known for fruit and vegetable colors?" I like the strawberry Chia's vibrant colors. I was thinking: if someone used a Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush on his or her Chia, would it work, or is the Magical Strawberry Chia Pop needed? Of course, there's the Lab Ray / Fountain Faerie, because magical Chia pops are EXPENSIVE. Anyway, great work! ~_brainchild_

The strawberry Chia can be painted by either feeding it a Magical Strawberry Chia Pop OR painting it with the Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush. Hooray! We felt it odd that a fruit Chia wouldn't have a pop, so we made one, but we also felt it'd be silly to have a strawberry Chia that couldn't be painted with the strawberry paint brush, so you guys got both. :)

From Neopian Times, Issue 622 (Modern) · Published November 22, 2013 · JN Editorial ID: 17201