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The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Hi! I've been working on a plushie gallery and I couldn't help but notice that it seems every Neopet species has a set of basic colour (red, yellow, green, blue) plushies except for Poogles and Kikos. Why is this? I don't want them to be left out of my gallery! D: ~~magical336

How odd! We certainly don’t want Poogles or Kikos to feel left out, so we will be sure to add in some soon! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21058

Hello TNT! -hands you a refreshing glass of lemonade- I know we just got the ability to have more pets...but will there be an opportunity to buy more pet slots in the future? Or have more side accounts (to fill up with said pets) With UCs being re-released and all the cute NC items, THERE ISNT ENOUGH SPACE!! So...in the future maybe? (Please remove my username) ~~Anonymous

Hello! We currently have no plans to add additional pet slots in the future, but it is something that we can discuss. We do feel it would be time for a sale on those pet slots… perhaps soon… ~~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21057

Hi. Would you consider releasing colors for the Xampher? Despite being released way back in 2009, it has no petpet paint brush options at this time. Pirate would be neat. ~~sixlets1

We agree, our furry little friend the Xampher could absolutely use some more color options! Keep an eye out for some new colors coming in the near future (: ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21056

A lot of rumours are going around about what may or may not have been said about NC UC pets at SDCC, with multiple different quotes being talked about. As we are past the Altador Cup, please can you clarify what the situation is with NC UC pets, and when we can expect to see them? ~~jason_bourne_1

Hello! We understand that the UC Paintbrushes are extremely important to get correct. We are working out a lot of hurdles surrounding the release internally but want to get some input from our fellow Neopians. We will be sending out a poll in the next couple of weeks to get feedback on the direction we are going. Stay tuned and we appreciate everyone's feedback. ~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21055

The Other III album collection has been completed for some time but the avatar has not been released. Are there plans to release it soon? If so, can I request that the Hanso and Brynn Stamp be made into the avatar, since we do not have an avatar featuring these two iconic characters? ~~fiery_sword

Yes we have the creation of a new avatar for the Other III album collection on our list and are planning to begin the design process for it soon. Thank you for passing along your terrific suggestion! I completely agree that the Hanso and Brynn stamp would make an excellent avatar. We will definitely see if we can squeeze those two onto the new avatar! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21054

Would y’all ever consider going back to listing “part one,” “part two,” etc in Neopian Times series names when we are clicking between parts? It used to be easier to navigate and now we have to count to select which part to read next. Thank you! ~~encroached

Great idea! We will add part numbers to the titles so that the series should be easier to navigate! ~~Stone

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21053

Hey TNT! I really wanted to know, where would you say your guys' priorities are at for the coming one to two years? For example I'm so excited for a potential new plot, I've been training my pet in advance as well for it! But there's also a lot of site upkeep to be done. Where will your focus be, and any news you could give us on upcoming plots or features? ~~christiaan258

Hey there! After many meetings and discussions, we are hard at work with updates to the future events in Neopia to make for the best experience. We also have our work carved out for the Battledome that we want to address and the work on making UC Paintbrushes as perfect as possible. Thank you for your patience! ~~Yarner

As for the plot, our narrative team has already mapped out most of the storyline, and we are tentatively aiming for the release of the first chapters next year. Once we get through some of the upcoming events such as the Faerie Festival and Advent Calendar, we will likely start having some of the other disciplines join us in working on the plot! Although I don't want to give too much away, I can say that the next plot will be a heartfelt tale involving a certain faerie long overdue for a resolution... ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 965 (Modern) · Published July 29, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21052

Dear TNT, I have a wonderful idea for a pet and character, but I'm lacking the perfect pet - a Royal Vandagyre. Honestly no other Royal pet will do. It must be a Vandagyre. Now I could customize one with clothing and other items, but I'd still love to see an actual Royalgirl and Royalboy Vandagyre. Please, pretty please, can it be soon? ~~kitavery

I have a feeling you are going to be very pleased to see some of the content we plan to release for a certain Neopian Holiday at the end of this month (: ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21051

Hi. I'm writing in with happy thoughts because the items in the Altador Cup prize shop and staff prize shop are exceptional! There is a large variety of items which people will definitely want, from album items to books to wearables to the Rainbow Yooyu to the Thunder Sticks. I'm glad to see a mutant-friendly wearable in the mix; maybe this Mutant Day, we could see some more NP wearables for mutants that are a bit less difficult to come by, as mutants don't have much to choose from. ~~_brainchild_

Thank you so much for your kind words! Our team spends a lot of time thinking up and designing prize shop items, as well as taking into account feedback from the previous year, so we are all very delighted to see users excited about the new prizes we released! We have already begun planning Mutant Day items, and I'm happy to report that NP wearables are at the very top of our list! We agree that mutants need more wearable options, so we are designing a few different wearables that mutant pets haven’t seen before. Be sure to keep an eye out! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21050

Hey TNT, My pet is an avid plushie collector and he noticed, that there is a plushie that is simply called "Kougra Plushie". Could you please change the name, because this is clearly a "Tyrannian Kougra Plushie". My pet would be grateful. ~~padxe

Hello! Your pet has a great eye for detail! We have now changed the name to “Tyrannian Kougra Plushie”. Thanks for writing in! (: ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21049

DONNNNNNY!!! Last week, the Fire Hydruplit was chosen for PPL. A friend had one that had been attached for 77 days at that point. The list only had 40 petpets on it, and hers was not one of them. It seemed like the script quit running early. For this week's PPL, if you look at the petpet ages, it once again appears that the script stopped short. Looking at both lists, it appears that your petpet needs to be attached for 4,500 days to have a chance at a PPL award (ie, we should have attached them back in early 2010). I would love for this to be fixed before one of my petpets is selected for PPL. *Looks around* Well, I'm hoarding a lot of stuff for the next Charity Corner so I don't really want to give you any baked goods, but I'm willing to name a petpet after you if this is corrected. Many thanks! ~~scatsmom

We also noticed that two of the Petpet Protection League scripts seemed to quit early, so we made sure that the most recent Petpet Protection League script ran fully through without any issues! We will be keeping a close eye on the contest to ensure that the scripts finish running moving forward since we have a sneaking suspicion that some meepits have been up to their old tricks again... ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21048

Hello TNT! The new Princess Lunaras Kazeriu Collectible is beautiful. I just feel it doesn't fit the lower foreground zone since it's a bit too high for that zone. I would love it in the thought bubble zone, so that it could get layert with lower foregrounds. Also, it would be great if it had hands like the Kazeriu (one of my favorite Petpets). Thanks for making that cute Collectible! (: ~~Anonymous

Hello and thank you for bringing this up! We’re so happy to hear that you're enjoying your very own little Kazeriu right by your side! We have heard a lot of requests about changing the zone on this and for having some little hands sprout out of the Kazeriu. We are happy to say that both of those requests have been fulfilled! Happy customising! ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21047

Hi, Could someone please take a look at the code that's displaying user lookup shields? This was asked in editorial 947 but I don't think the question was understood because the issue persists. the artwork is on the server for up to 22.5 years, but the script doesn't recognize anything past 21, and the max shield is incorrectly set at 15.5 so when you hit 21.5 and later you revert to the 15.5 shield. Also, the font used on every shield except for the 22 and 22.5 year is Coolvetica in case you'd like them to match. Thanks much! ~~skippy263

Hi there! We have addressed the issue and the new shields should be present now. Thank you so much for letting us know! ~~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21046

Hello TNT, will any new teams join the Altador Cup in the coming years? ~~puffelpizza2

Yes, we actually have been discussing adding some new teams to the Altador Cup in the future. The Dacardia Team was teased at the end of this Altador Cup, and there are other Neopian lands that could surely use some representation in the Cup as well. Which lands would you love to see with their own Altador Cup team? Feel free to tell us which teams should join the Altador Cup next through the Editorial, Neomail, or on the Neoboards. We'd love to hear your thoughts! (: ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21045

Hi TNT! I hope you're all doing well! Do you think in the future some kind of sent folder or even just a neomail overhaul might be possible? I can't be the only one who forgets 2.3 seconds after I send a message what I said/asked. ~~sunfairy6402

Hello! We are currently looking at ways to revamp Neomail and having a sent folder is something we definitely want to add <3 ~~Sunpotato

From Neopian Times, Issue 964 (Modern) · Published July 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21044

Dear TNT, in the Top Goal Scorer page of the Altador Cup that is currently under way, either the picture or the name of many of the top goal scorers are wrong (just an example, the first ranked scorer is listed as Kayn Hireck but the picture is Montecito's) . I don't think they'll be pleased if they get wind of this... Do revise and update for team Brightvale, Krawk Island, Virtupet, Haunted Woods, Lost Desert, Meridell, Mystery Island and Kreludor. Thanks! ~~zzub

Appreciate you bringing this to our attention! We went through all of the top goal scorers and made sure to update them with the correct player images. Please do let us know if you notice anything else off! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21043

Hi!, I don't know if the following question has already been asked/answered, but can I send an article/short story/comic in spanish? or does it necessarily have to be in english?. Gracias por la atención :D ~~burritoysnoopy

You can ABSOLUTELY send in your writing submissions in whatever language you are most comfortable with! Since opening up the creative contests to more languages, it’s been so wonderful to see artists from all over the world be more involved in the creative community. If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a Neomail about this and I’ll be happy to help! ~~Mac

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21042

Hi.Im wondering if TNT ever plans on fixing Defenders of Neopia? I am a returning player, Ive been back for 9 years and it still isnt fixed!!!! ~~rockchick63135

Hiya! We are currently looking into ways to improve Defenders of Neopia and convert this to the new site. No set dates yet but it’s something that’s on our minds and is being looked into! ~~ Sunpotato

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21041

Hi TNT, Jhudora asked me for a book called 'Illusions Illusion', but i saw that the cover for the book was 'Illusen's Illusion'. Can that be fixed? ~~domdee17

Thank you so much for letting us know! If Jhudora had found out we made a typo on the cover of that book, we certainly could have been turned into Mortogs... We went ahead and corrected that mistake, hopefully before Jhudora noticed, so you can now enjoy reading Illusen's Illusion to your pets! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21040

Hey TNT! What are the rules around streaming Neopets gameplay? I can only think that you'd have to be careful not to share any personal data whilst playing, but otherwise is this within the rules? I think the Altador cup grind might be more fun on stream! ~~ipodcruncher

We love that you want to do this! We say go for it, just be mindful of your login information and have fun! I hope I can catch one of your streams! ~~Mac

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21039

Hey TNT!!! I think it's been long enough, and the world deserves to know - what exactly IS borovan? There's hot borovan, borovan crepes, borovan cakes, you name it! So what is it?? ~~ossabritt

An excellent question that keeps most of the TNT staff up at night! This delectable beverage is served hot and consists of a mixture made of Hot Chocolate and Asparagus. Although that doesn't sound like a particularly tasty combination, apparently it is quite delicious if mixed just right! However, the amount of each ingredient must be carefully measured, or else you will end up with a foul concoction that even Skeiths would turn their nose at. Rumour has it only Adam himself knows the proper procedures to create a perfect mixed cup of Borovan, and that he passed his knowledge onto a select few trusted Neopians who continue brewing the unique drink to this very day! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21038

Hello TNT! I had recently decided to change the customization of my pets again, and between trying on clothes and checking if there was something new, I realized that there are more clothes and wigs from NC than from nps. And even if I wanted to, I can't afford to buy NC, so I have to settle for what is from nps. So I was wondering if they can release nps clothes again and bring back that perfect balance between the amount of NC clothes and NP clothes. It is possible that more users like me will be very grateful to see cute np clothes for variety of pets again. *Gives you a cup of coffee and cookies for reading it to the end* ~~bruja_mm8__55

*Chugs coffee and scarfs down cookies remembering I once again forgot to eat today* Yes we completely agree! We were happy to have the opportunity to release some NP wearable items recently, and plan to continue to release more throughout the year with different themed packs, some of which will absolutely include clothing! :) We want to make sure that all Neopians can afford to look their best! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21037

Captain of the Shenkuu team, we interviewed Mirsha Grenlinek about just how serious the competition was getting in this year’s hotly contested Altador Cup!

Interviewer: “So Mirsha, after progressing through the Round Robin Tournament, how are you feeling about Team Shenkuu’s chances?”

Mirsha: “The entire team trained tirelessly during the offseason so we have our new plays down pat, but the fierce competition in the Round Robins proved that the other teams have been practicing just as relentlessly as we have. I’m confident we still have a shot at taking home first, but the pressure is on.”

Interviewer: “Wise words indeed! How has the Shenkuu team been dealing with that pressure this year?”

Mirsha: “Well we are very close as a team, so we have each other to lean on. Plus, all of our loved ones have been very supportive.”

Interviewer: “That is certainly important! Is there anyone in particular out there you would like to give a shout-out to?”

Mirsha: “There is a special little usul out there whose eloquent words have always inspired me to be the best version of myself. So, I have to thank Ginia, no matter how embarrassed this will make her, for always being patient with me when I get frustrated with myself. I know I can rely on her whenever I might need it, and that means the world to me. No matter how we finish out this Altador Cup, I already won the day I met you.”

Interviewer: “Oh my, that was so heartfelt you have me tearing up!”

Thanks for joining us for another round of Quick Questions. We will try to squeeze at least one more interview in before the end of the Altador Cup, so be sure to stay tuned!

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21036

Now that our interviewer is all healed up, it’s time for another round of Quick Questions! Today we interviewed newcomer Lili Lever from Team Kiko Lake and veteran Mirsha Grenlinek from Team Shenkuu!

When approached, Lili Lever squealed and ran off during our first interview attempt. However, she worked up the courage to reschedule our Quick Questions session and give it another shot!

Interviewer: “After you left our last interview rather abruptly, we were worried that we wouldn’t have a chance to interview you. Why the sudden change?”

Lili: “Oh yes, I’m so sorry about that. It’s just uh, I have um, a tough time with meeting new Neopets. I always freeze up, and I’m never sure what to say. So, playing in my first Altador Cup, with all of the attention from fans and other teams, well it can be very overwhelming! But I had some helpful chats with my teammates, specially Erli who was very understanding, and came to the conclusion that I have to face my fears if I truly want to be a professional Yooyuballer.”

Interviewer: “Lovely to hear that your team already has your back! Now, becoming a professional Yooyuball player is never an easy road to take, so what drove you to train hard enough that you would one day play in the Altador Cup?”

Lili: “Well, my mother was a very talented Gormball player back in her day! I grew up watching her, being inspired not only by her talent but also by how happy she looked out on the field. She was never as quiet as me, but she still really seemed to open up when she was playing. Then and there I knew I wanted to do the same thing; to find an outlet that allowed me to feel just as free. That let me be myself. And when I gave Yooyuball a shot, everything just clicked!”

Interviewer: “Well now that you are playing for Team Kiko Lake in this year’s Altador Cup I am sure you are making her proud!”

Lili: “I certainly hope so! She’s always been such a big inspiration to me, and my personal hero. If you’re reading this Mom, I just want to thank you so much for pushing me. You were right, I belong wherever I want to be!”

From Neopian Times, Issue 963 (Modern) · Published July 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21035

There are 4 wonderful Creative Contests the Art Gallery, Caption Contest, Poetry Gallery, and Storytelling Contest. Its been fun competing and entering in all of these over the years. What would your thoughts be on a single avatar for having placed in all of these contests as evidenced by trophies on ones user lookup!?! ~~andypopo

Wow, this is such a cool idea! Just chatting it over briefly the team was already getting excited about the idea of a Jack of All Trades avatar! Thank you so much for the spectacular suggestion we will definitely look into this :) ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 962 (Modern) · Published June 17, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21034

Hi there! Recently came back to neopets and was browsing through some books and saw one called "Watch Out!" and the description reads: "Watch out, spooks are about Neopia. This book helps your pet learn how to avoid the nasty natives." I know we were all younger and ignorant back in the day, and y'all probably meant it as "spooky", but coming across this item today really feels outdated and uncomfortable. For those not in the know, "spook" is a racial slur used against black people and combined with the "nasty natives" phrase, I feel this item is not in line with the inclusivity Neopets is trying to promote and is long overdue to be renamed or removed from the site. Thanks for your time! ~~ravenclaw_whitewolf

Thank you SO much for bringing this to our attention! We’re changing the name now, and will be letting the art team know that the cover could use an upgrade as well. ~~Mac

From Neopian Times, Issue 962 (Modern) · Published June 17, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21033

Hi TNT! Many of us at the NCC would seriously love if some lovely retired items like Cloak of the Night Sky and Night Time Negg Hunt could be re-released for the NCMall's birthday capsules next month. They're wanted by many but not enough of them were created when they were still obtainable at the mall :( I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if you could reintroduce them to the game *heart* please consider bringing them back!! (also please remove my name if published) ~~Anonymous

Hello! Those are definitely some cool items. We appreciate your feedback and we are gonna see if we can try and squeeze some of those goodies into the capsule. Keep an eye out! ; ) ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 962 (Modern) · Published June 17, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21032

I remember that a few editorials ago, there was a mention that a plot was in the works, and it was about Lutari Island, is that still being worked on or has it been shelved? (Please make my name anonymous) ~~Anonymous

So happy you asked this question! We are actually working on planning out multiple plots right now that I am incredibly excited about :D These do take a long time to put together, but we are tentatively aiming to release the first of these new plots next year. Although the Lutari Island plot will likely be the second or third of these plots already in the works, I can assure you it certainly has not been shelved! And I'll be sure to keep Neopia updated as we move forward with these exciting new plots! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 962 (Modern) · Published June 17, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21031

Pastel Raindorf Antlers, Holiday Hair Bow, Flower Hair Bow, Food-Eating Monster Horns, Spring Flower Head Wreath, Ribbon Faerie Head Wreath, Fancy Purple Hair Bow, Elegant Holiday Hair Clip, Delicate Flower Laurel, Valentine Hair Accessory and Lace Headband ~~you said in editorial 960 that you would change these to static but you haven't yet. When can you do this? ~~_sissiy_sis_369

Thank you for the updated list! With the Altador Cup underway, my schedule’s slowed down enough to begin chipping away at this list. Thank you so much for your patience! ~~Mac

From Neopian Times, Issue 962 (Modern) · Published June 17, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21030

Can you consider adding something in Future Fashions in the NC Mall? I don't really see anything besides 1-2 items a month in there. It doesn't really hold any benefits as intended. ~~invaderzimgrl777

Hello! You have a point- people need their fashions of the future!! But hey, why don't you take a peek and see what’s been dropped in there today? And don’t worry, we’ll be sure to continue dropping more and more items in there : ) Thanks! ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 962 (Modern) · Published June 17, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 21029

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