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The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Hello! Soooo, I know certain Petpets are rare. But as a VERY avid petpet collector trying to 'catch them all' I feel like certain ones just do not get restocked in the shops. Do R99 Petpets get restocked less than other R99 items in the game? Thanks! *Runs off to be the best, the best there ever was* ~happy_dog_1995

Hi! All R99 would have the same restock rates as all other R99s do, so R99 petpets would not be more rare than say a R99 weapon when it comes to restocking, however both would be considered rare on the site. So all Petpets (other than retired petpets or ones that came from events, plots, advent calendar, contests or in other limited ways that we might have given out, should restock pretty much the same way as anything else on the site. Good luck with your collection!!

From Neopian Times, Issue 896. JN Editorial ID: 20454

Hi Team! Any chance we can remove stamps from our album like the neodeck current set up? I'd like to remove my Coltzan stamp and sell it to someone who would love the avatar more than me. This will bring back retired stamps back into circulation for everyone to enjoy as well. ~5tar

Although we can't say never, because you never know, this is extremely unlikely. Stamps were set up that way so that once they are used in your stamp album they are "stuck".

From Neopian Times, Issue 896. JN Editorial ID: 20453

I'm feeling a lot of nostalgia recently. Could you end this tutorial with Mr Coconut for old times' sake? Thanks!

Gotchu ;)

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20452

Hi TNT, I just have a question regarding side accounts. I've been on Neopets for quite a while and know that the general rule about side accounts is that you cannot earn neopoints on that account, and that all neopoints must be transferred from the main account if needed. But what about the Forbidden Shore? Since it's unlocked through items that can be purchased on a main account and transferred to a side account (like the secret lab map pieces and petpet lab pieces), does that mean it's okay to visit the Forbidden Shore on a side account? ~~amaranthine_

No, you would not be able to use the Forbidden Shore on a side account since it does give items as rewards.

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20451

Seriously, guys, same as last week - the article links on the front page of the Neopian Times lead to an article from issue 153. Same as last week. What’s going on?

Sorry about that Aesop is new to doing the neopian times, and 153 is the issue we have on the template we have set so he just forgot to change the issue. Just gotta give him some time to learn all the ropes.

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20450

HI friends! I was wondering if our maraquan pets could get some contacts! I would love an ocean blue or a jeweled one! Thanks so much *hugs*~~spukl1

Oh my goodness, it looks like y'all don't have any contacts :( Wow yeah totally coming right up!

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20449

Is there any way you may be able to fix the comics in NT Issue 756? It's been years now, but most of the comics in that issue are still all broken images, many of them part of a larger comic story line. It's been brought to the attention of editors in the past, but nothing seems to have been done in that time, so I was wondering if you were aware of this issue and are able to help.

So i looked into these and unfortunately it looks like they never uploaded them :( So there is no way I could retroactively fix these. I'm really sorry.

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20448

Greetings TNT! We learned in the March 9th news post that you moved. How is the new headquarters? Got any pictures?

Well the 9th was just the beginning of it all. That was just the day TNT was all packing up our stuff, but we still have a whole office to pack up as well. So it will be a continual process for the next month really. We are also all working from home at the moment in these crazy times, so we won't be in our new office for about another month :( But soon...soon...

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20447

How soon should we start submitting for Issue #900?

You can start submitting now! We have been focusing on the Neovian Gothic issue and next week will be the april fool's issue...hermph i mean regular issue of course. So after that is when we will start holding over issues for the 900th.

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20446

It's no secret that as many of us have gotten older, Neopia has gotten quieter. Is there anything us remaining denizens can do to help with that?~~isaac13579

Thank you for staying here in Neopia, we appreciate your loyal citizenship :) The best way you can rile things up is by spreading the word to friends and family. Be the Neopian warrior I know you can be and help them get set up in a nice home with pets of their own!

From Neopian Times, Issue 895. JN Editorial ID: 20445

Hey there TNT! Been a member forever. Could you put a picture of a plumpy eating cake at the end of the Neopian Times? Thank you!~~tabascosoup

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20444

So one of my petpets won the PPL (yay!!), and got a gold trophy (double yay!!!). However, on the PPL page it says "each week they select a Petpet and award the owner 10 NP for every day they have been owned". My pet got her trophy, but I didn't get any NP awarded for the number of days I'd had the petpet on there. Is this a new thing to not have the NP awarded now (as my Dad had a PPL winning petpet on his Neopet a few months ago, and didn't get the NP either), or have the Meepits been playing with the coding and caused it to glitch? Thanks :)

Hi! This is a really weird issue, could you please send in a ticket to support so we can investigate further?

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20443

Hey there editorial! Recently I was playing dress-up with some of my pets (you know how they can be, wanting new outfits with the seasons or just on a whim!) and I noticed a LOT of my backgrounds were also zoned as foregrounds making it very hard to combine some of my backgrounds with other items to give my pets the most stellar of looks. I was wondering if the following (buckle up, the list is long!) could be zoned like they are supposed to and act as just backgrounds: Lustrous Forest BG, Atsumis Abode in the Forest, Chilling Hallway BG, End of Battle BG, Enter the Battle BG, Flower House BG, King Hagan Collectors Balcony BG, MME24-B: The Seekers Conclave BG, MiniMME12-S1: Grand Maractite Hall BG, Neopia Central BG, Stocking Stufftacular 2018 BG, Swanky Lounge BG, Welcome to the Haunted Faire BG, Delicate Earth Faerie BG, Spring Fields BG, and Rainy Spring Day BG Sorry for the long list! Thanks for reading (:~~padfoot_rox_my_sox

All of the backgrounds you listed are actually built in two parts by our artists. So this means that one part of it is a background and the other part is a foreground. This way it layers well and looks nice!

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20442

Is there a chance that the Delina quests will be fixed for those of us who aren't getting any, or are we out of luck?~~neohomeninja

We understand there are some glitches with Faerie Quest. It has been difficult to solve some of these issues but we are doing our best to fix it as soon as possible.

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20441

Hey TNT. Can we please activate Underground Tunnel Background? Thank you so much in advance :)~~tarons

This item is actually active, it is an R101 (meaning its exclusive to a specific prize pool). So you can only obtain this item through this certain element of the world.

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20440

The Burlap color for Ogrins is in the pool but you can not paint your pet. Please get the Burlap for Ogrins fixed.~~fridaylass

Burlap is a lab exclusive colour, therefore it cannot be painted. It can only be zapped!

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20439

Greetings, people of the Neopets Team. I have noticed an error in the description for the Silver Helmet -- it claims that the item was "forged by faeries a millenia ago". "Millennia" has two N's, but also is plural; one "millennia" is a "millennium", as I am sure the esteemed Neopian Times editor knows. I request that this mistake be edited for clarity.~~jara_hamee

Good catch and thank you for letting us know! The item description has been updated.

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20438

Did you guys forget to update the story telling competition?~~_sissiy_sis_369

Since we just started the Storytelling Competition up again, we have understandably not been receiving many entires. We have been trying to end the most recent story but have not received any entries to finish it the past few days. So please submit! We would love to hear from you.

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20437

Hi. Lately, I've been hearing comments from a lot of people who are understandably miffed because someone impersonated them and sent out a bunch of spam mails, or because they received 50+ spam mails. Is there just one person who is continually doing this, or do we need a broader crackdown on impersonation and spamming? I think that adding "no impersonation" to the rules page on the boards would be a good idea.

Hi. This was reported to the monitors and the person who was spamming those messages was taking advantage of a glitch that has now been patched. So you shouldn't have any more issues with this type of spamming, however if you ever do have any issues please report the messages to the monitors so they can investigate. Thanks!

From Neopian Times, Issue 894. JN Editorial ID: 20436

Hi TNT! This is just a minor thing, but the Woodland Flotsam Plushie has a problem with its name. "Flotsam" and "Plushie" currently aren't capitalized the way all other plushie names are. Could Donny fix this please? Thank you very much!~~zweimalzuxys

Done & Done.

From Neopian Times, Issue 893. JN Editorial ID: 20435

Hi there! Why is it that people advertising for the CC are allowed to advertise it in their signatures while BC art isn't? I totally get the whole "spam" part and people spamming to get votes in the CC isn't considered ok. However, I feel like this is still pretty unfair to those who make art for the BC as their efforts are usually takes more time and people pour their hearts into art and aren't even allowed to advertise in their signatures even when not spamming. A lot of the enthusiasm and votes have disappeared since the rules kicked in and won't even allowed to engage people on other boards, it feels like the contest is slowly dying away. So with this I'm asking if there's a possibility to give the BC contestants the same treatment as the CC people-- to be able to advertise their entries in their signatures as long as they don't spam. Thank you for reading and I hope you understand my intentions with this! ~~brother_red

Hi, You are right, spam of any kind is not welcome on Neopets, so we need to be careful that we don’t accidently encourage spam. So let’s do this, since it does seem to be a popular request, the rule about BC spam has been re-considered and we will make a slight change in the rules regarding advertising for your BC entries. Now, please read all of this so you can keep your account safe. I (tnt_contest_judge/kikocat) will make a post after the news and editorial is out to address this on the Art Board and I’ll repost these new rules for advertising there. As of right now, your BC Link in your NeoSig is NO longer restricted to any boards, meaning you can keep your Neosig with your BC link and post anywhere you would like. Now, the same rules as the CC will go into effect with this (really old BC rules actually if everyone remembers those), your posts must contribute to the conversations, so no one word posts or “GLT” type posts. Basically don’t just post a couple words to get your NeoSig seen and then just jump from board to board to repeat that. This is the definition of spamming. Now, what will happen if you are caught spamming. Your entry will be removed for the week to make sure the contest is kept fair for all. Warnings for this will be up to the monitors discretion so if it looks like spam, it will be considered spam. They will then send me a list of usernames who they warned for spamming and I will have to remove your entry. Please do not make me remove an entry, I would rather not. So be careful out there and please play by the spirit of the rules. Just to add, you still can only advertise from the same account that the pet is on. So please do not post all your pets from your main account. Sorry to keep this part of the advertising rule but it is to make sure no one is advertising for anyone else’s pet. It keeps things fair for all entering. Happy BC’ing!!

From Neopian Times, Issue 893. JN Editorial ID: 20642

Hello! I have an Iced Chomby Biscuit in my inventory and it's of course listed as a Baked item, but there's no option to feed it to any of my pets. Could this be fixed, please?~~ilovebunnees

Oopsie, Donnie has made this item edible now!

From Neopian Times, Issue 893. JN Editorial ID: 20434

Hey, a couple years ago it was mentioned that you all were working on a way for players to rename their pets. I would (and so would everyone else!) love an option like this! Could you give an updated on how the work is going? Thanks!~~justanotherperson1

As you know, from one editorial about this, see Editorial 759 (http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=759), this is something we would love to be able to do but it would be a rather involved process since everything on the site links to either the username of a member or if it's pet related to the petname.

From Neopian Times, Issue 893. JN Editorial ID: 20433

So I just logged on the Neopets and the news updated simultaneously, so new News and I click on the Better than You challenge and 385 people have already beaten it. How is it that possible when the news just came out? ~~sunnshinegrrl

Hello, I see where that could be confusing, however Better Than You is usually updated prior to the news coming out so that it gets mentioned in the news. It's best to check BTY on Wednesday morning and then early afternoon even if the news has not come out yet.

From Neopian Times, Issue 893. JN Editorial ID: 20432

Hey TNT, could you please reactivate the "Brightvale Team Jersey" and the "Spring Korbat Toy"? Both seem to be unactivated by mistake.~~padxe

Darn that ghost glitch...all back to normal now.

From Neopian Times, Issue 892. JN Editorial ID: 20431

The following items from last year's DD are STILL not usable: Gnome Bottle of Perfume Wingoball Game Board Meepit Juice Jar Angry Meepit Plushie Cloudberry Doughnutfruit Pirate Gummy Slorg Gwyl Parachuting Toy Red Kiko Hair Clip And there are probably more. Can Donny do something about this?~~ blackghoulmon

Woah that is just downright crazy. Donny shuffled himself around and was able to fix all of these. Thank you for your help in reporting these!

From Neopian Times, Issue 892. JN Editorial ID: 20430

Hi TNT! I really liked the 20th anniversary merch but I couldn't buy any. Do you have any plans to release new merch, maybe on Zazzle or Redbubble? It would be way easier for international fans and I would LOVE some stickers!~~xeniathewarriorcat

Yes we plan on releasing more merch for sure! This was our first round and we will be releasing more in the future. When, that we don't know. But we will announce here on the site as soon as we have plans for more releases.

Donny's Corner:

From Neopian Times, Issue 892. JN Editorial ID: 20429

Hi. I am writing in as a friendly reminder to send out the item prize for the recent Neopian Times Valentine's Day issue. It's usually a Pink Paint Brush, but a Valentine Petpet Paint Brush would be another good choice instead.~~_brainchild_

Yes, you're totally right they were a bit late this week, these were granted!

From Neopian Times, Issue 892. JN Editorial ID: 20428

Dear TNT, is it possible to at least make the code for the Filters so that they at least exclude the items and Names used in Neopets? Like..for example Chomby and the Fungus... You can not mention the band on the guildboards and can not past the specific names on the Quest board pages because the filter thinks we use a bad word. I understand you want to cover all possibilities and it is probably a lot of items that would be put into a white list that they would go through the filters. But I would so much thank you for that and other i am sure too, since this is frustrating (and can sometimes as it seems even lead to warnings). Thank you in advance for your answer and you are doing a great job with what is all right now on your table. I wish I could help and make it easier, unfortunately I do not know a lot about coding. HUGS! – marithdragon

Monitors review all reports and investigate all situations before any action is taken, so if a pet is fine the pet and account it is located on would not be touched.

From Neopian Times, Issue 892. JN Editorial ID: 20427

Hello there! Hey what if a person falsely accuse you of owning a pet that is illegitimate? I know buying pets is considered cheating but I bet not all of those pets are hacked(maybe they were saved from the pound yes I know is still wrong tho!) but there is people who TRACK down people's trades/allaccounts if they involve good real named or Ucs(generally) for wtvr reason and think there is "fishy business" this is worrysome because some users are bound to fall on judgement(if you ask where they buy the pet when in reality they trade it then?) ,Does this people get a warning because if they don't please do,all of this is not nice sorry if I mispell I'm not a native english speaker and thank you ,Hope they don't keep tabs with me you or you - purrmew

Hello. Yes, false reporting is against the rules. So if someone is reporting someone out of maliciousness then they would be risking their own account, however reporting someone because you are suspicious and would like something to be checked out is fine.

From Neopian Times, Issue 892. JN Editorial ID: 20426

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