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The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Hey TNT! Do you think you can look into and hopefully fix a glitch that has been going on for a very long time. For as long as I can remember in fact! And that is that Robot Rukis can not properly wear shoes. You can put them on the pet in customization, but they show up BEHIND the pet's feet, even when you make sure to take off the Robot housing for that area. So you can only see a tiny bit of the outline of the shoes/boots/whatever foot wear. I have a Robot Ruki who would really love to wear some shoes! ~~undeadrockstar

Hello! You know, Robots got tough feet. They’re not bothered by the hot ground on a sunny day, or slushy snow, or thorns. SO, technically they are just fine without shoes. Just kidding haha! This is now fixed hehe. Sorry for pulling your leg, but I hope you have fun customising your Robot Ruki with cute, fab, and fashionable shoes! ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20998

I would really love to see a cheese colored neopet one day! Do you think this would be possible? ~~bobtheninjacat

This is definitely something we would love to do in the future! However, whenever we discuss the idea of releasing a new paint brush, there are so many great ideas and concepts for new PBs that come up it can be very difficult to decide where to start. In order to help us choose the perfect paint brushes to release next, we've been thinking about setting up some type of survey to get feedback from users about which colours they would like to see! As we are still in the initial planning stage for new paint brushes, we do not have a set date yet for when we want to start gathering this feedback. However, since new paint brushes are brought up so often, we wanted to speak up and let you know that they are certainly on our minds as well! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20997

Hand out baskets of Easter goodies. My pets would love to wear the golden cybunny ears headband for Easter, but unfortunately it can't be used over a wig and they really don't want to be bald for Easter. Could you please fix the headband so that it can be used with wigs? Please remove my un. ~~Anonymous

Ty for the goodies! And thanks for bringing this to our attention! Wearing wigs AND snowbunny ears is peak cuteness- and I like cute thigs haha! Golden Snowbunny Ears Headband is now zoned as static and can be worn with wigs, happy customising! (: ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20996

Hi TNT! Now that we have more pet slots, is it possible to add a feature to book all of our neopets at once? It's tiring to repeat it 17 times especially on mobile. ~~scrmnow

This feature was actually implemented in our latest update! You can read about all of the different updates in our latest release here! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20995

I notice that there is a ton of empty guilds. I guess we have all moved on from Suite Life of Hanna Montana -no tags here-3 Kitten 4eva. Since there is hundreds of thousands of abandon guilds taking up so much database, do you think there will be a purge of guilds sometime soon? I have a feeling the neighborhoods could use a bit of decluttering. ~~thedrnewton

We have been planning on purging the empty guilds in the next couple of weeks. This should definitely help in decluttering! Thank you! ~~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20994

Hi tnt, why is the 'about' in All about Food in all lowercase? Shouldn't the a be in capital letters? ~~domdee17

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. This capitalization crisis has been corrected! We will also be writing a strongly worded letter to the publisher urging them to take more time during their editing process. ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20993

Hi TNT! Last year we didn't have charity corner. Can we bring it back this year featuring r99s for prizes like several years ago? It's time for another round =) ~~5tar

Hey there! We are addressing the workflow for the Charity Corner internally as we feel there are some enhancements that can be made within it to work better for all. We are hoping to gather these requirements and bring back the charity corner soon. ~~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20992

As an avid player of the Fruit Machine for almost 20 years, I'm shocked there's no avatar for it! Any chance we could see one added to celebrate one of Neopia's favorite pastimes? ~~neomaniac24757

What a wonderful suggestion! It does seem odd that such a popular neopian pastime doesn't have a single avatar related to it. We will get started on drafting one up, so be sure to keep an eye out for it! Maybe it could be awarded to users who are lucky enough to spin three Puntec Fruits? Please let us know if you have any other fun ideas for how a new Fruit Machine avatar could be awarded (: ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 958 (Modern) · Published April 15, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20991

Hey TNT! New MME soon? ~~swordsforlegs

Hello! You bring up a good question. Sure we’ve had grams and capsules, but what about them MME’s? It’d be nice to release one in Summer or Fall, but no exact plans have been made! Thank you for asking though- its really got our creative gears turning ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20990

Hi Tnt. I was wondering if you could give us a timeline of when we can expect new content? A few months ago you mentioned a road map for 2022 but now we're 3 months in and have heard little to no news about what you're working on? ~~catluver456

Thank you so much for the question! Yes, we are working on an updated roadmap, but there is a lot we are juggling and prioritizing since there is a lot for us to be working on.

Be assured that we are currently working on making our events look crisp and clean. In between events making updates to the quality of life for our players and working towards getting new features out this year. We will have some releases soon! ~~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20989

Howdy TNT! We are coming up on almost a year since the last Avatar was released. Are there any plans to release new avatars soon? ~~xrckdude

Thrilled to say that we do have two new avatars that will be released this month! One of them is already available on the April Fools page, so be sure to stop by and pick yours up today!

I also want to mention we have been coming up with more avatar concepts recently (besides the two in April) and plan to sprinkle in some more regular avatar releases in the future! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20988

*Gives a Meowclops Plushie* My gallery spotlight submission was held-over two months ago, and I still don't dare add any new items to it (because you told me not to make any changes.) Given that it's a spooky gallery, do I have to wait until Halloween to see it featured, or can I add some more items to it and re-submit? please remove my username. Thx. ~~Anonymous

I’m sure you’re really excited to add some more stuff, so go ahead and update your inventory and resubmit! I’ll keep an eye out for it!

As always, feel free to also send me a Neomail if you’d like to keep me in the loop. My door’s always open! ~~Mac

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20987

Would it be possible for a link to the neoboard preferences page to be added to the new layout? It's a pretty essential link and has been missing for over a year now. ~~cloudypoogle

This is actually a feature we have been discussing and working on bringing back. I am happy to report that the link to the neoboard preferences page will be added to the new layout in our next release, which is scheduled to go out early next week! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20986

Hi TNT! *a flock of meepits is dropped in by owls* I know that most older wearables are not made compatible with Vandagyres, but the owls (and the meepits) demand to be able to hold their namesake item, the Whoot Purse. The owl pet needs to be able to hold the owl bag! ~~zilaena

Hello! *the flock of meepits disperse in a frantic scurry, probably hoping to find more wires to gnaw and juice to drink* Whoot Purse eh? It's cute, it really is, and I'm feeling extra kind today. x) So enjoy the purse because it is now able to be worn by Vandagyres! Yay! ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20985

Jingly Bell is priced 0 NP in the ever stocked General Store so no one can buy them. ~~shadomir

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I had Donny do a quick fix on these bells, so they should now be appearing at the Neopian Music Shop. Bring one home today, and jingle all the way! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20984

Hi TNT! Happy spring. With spring cleaning on the bran, I'm curious as to whether we could have an update on the status of the organization of our pets with the new slots? I'd really like to get to work on perfecting my pet order but I remember in the few days after the release of slots, it was mentioned that you guys were working on making it so we can organize our pets. Thank you for any updates you can give!! ~~skimaga

Hiya! We plan on giving the ability to sort pets in the future there isn’t a set release date yet. Until then though, we’ll be adding a little order to the pets by making them appear in alphabetical order in the next update! ~ Sunpotato

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20983

Hi. Will there be a Festival of Neggs soon? :) Hopefully with at least one album item as a prize. ~~_brainchild_

Very excited to say that yes there will be a Festival of Neggs soon!

Kari has mentioned trying something different this year, hinting that she has already found a brand new locale where she will be hosting the Festival! She also warned us that setting up in a new location is taking more time to prepare, which means the Festival will be taking place a tad later than usual this year. However, it sounds like it will be well worth the wait!

Oh! And we did hear through the neggvine that one of the neggs this year will in fact be giving out an album item... ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 957 (Modern) · Published April 1, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20982

Meet Stone!

My favourite Neopet is Acara. I just love their little toe-bean looking feet!

My favourite Neopian Land is the Haunted Woods! I’d build a vacation home there in real life if I could!

My favourite Neopian character is Jhudora, with Illusen following close behind her!

My favourite Neopian food is almost any Doughnutfruit. I don’t know why but they seem like they’d be so satisfying to eat!

My favourite thing about working on TNT is definitely the people I get to work with! There’s never a day we aren’t laughing!

The closest thing to real magic is science! I like to think that there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. We just haven’t found the science behind making it happen!

My proudest accomplishment is that I haven’t broken any bones! Which is very impressive for me because I fall a lot! Like even when I’m just standing there…

For fun, I play video games, read, or do one of the dozen hobbies that I always start and then never fully finish. XD

If I had a warning label, it would be: “Talking volume may increase drastically when something they enjoy is brought up!”

My hidden talent is always having the right song! This is something I’m very proud of actually!

What keeps me up at night? Either the ever-impending doom that the world could end at any moment or remembering all the times I’ve said “you too” when a waiter has told me to enjoy my meal.

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20980

*throw packets of ketchup* Hey TNT any chance you guys can fix these errors with the new Dyeworks please? All the Fishtail Wigs are missing Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings restrictions; the Maraquan Contacts are not compatible with Jetsam; Purple: Sunny Garden Dress is bugged on Vandagyre and Wocky; and all the Baby Superstar Dresses are missing their Baby only disclaimer. Thank you for checking out! ~~mikurubeam297

Hello! *catches packets* Lucky for you…I actually like ketchup! But thank you so much for bringing all these issues front and center- and in such a nice detailed list! We were able to go in and fix these all up. Enjoy! ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20979

So now that one-way transfers are unlimited, can you clarify if transferring your pet between your own accounts to zap it with the lab ray multiple times a day is allowed? It seems like this would go against the spirit of the ray being once per day (without a lab cookie) if you can just circumvent it and toss the pet around your accounts. ~~Anonymous

You are correct, that would go against the spirit of the rules. The lab ray should only be used once a day per account/per pet. ~~Kikocat

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20978

Hello! Please remove my username~ Recently, I've noticed some groups of more elite / prominent players gathering up items and working together to artificially inflate them to take advantage of less well connected players. I feel as though this has always been blatantly breaking rules, but could we get another clear reminder that this is not allowed here? Please remove my ~~Anonymous

This is completely against the rules. No group of individuals can come together to control the market. ~~Kikocat

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20977

Hi TNT! (Please remove my username) here — I noticed that for two weeks in a row, there has been one user that has won twice. The first week, the user won both 1st AND 2nd place in the Neocash category, and in the second, they won 1st in Neopoint and 2nd in Neocash. I am wondering if these results are the contest being ran as intended or maybe an oversight? It feels like people shouldn’t be able to sweep the contest like that, but the contest is supposed to be decided by votes right? Could we get an official take on this? Thanks team! ~~Anonymous

Yes you are absolutely right this was an oversight. We want to make sure all users have a chance to win this contest so we do have rules that state users are not able to win twice within the same week! We will be sure to be more careful about this in the future! ~~Aesop

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20976

I recently installed a browser extension that acts as a Flash emulator, and I want to know the rules before I send any scores. You've mentioned in previous editorials that getting NP by playing old Flash games is not against the rules, but what about for games like Hasee Bounce, Kass Basher, and and Turmac Roll, which have official HTML5 conversions in the mobile-supported Games Room? If possible, I'd prefer to use the Flash versions due to certain peculiarities of the official conversions which make it harder to get points in the aforementioned games, but would choosing the Flash versions specifically to get more NP per play be considered cheating? Also, is it possible to send scores from both the Flash and HTML5 versions of games, and would that be considered cheating? That seems like a cheater-ish thing to do, but I figured I should ask just in case. ~~Anonymous


Yes, playing both the HTML5 and Flash version of a game and sending those scores would be against the rules in the same way that playing mirror games is against the rules. Basically you would be intentionally going around the per day game limit by doing that. So yes, doing both is putting your account at risk. ~~Kikocat

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20975

Is there any way you can make the Gnorbu Snowbeast Costume Mask take off the cloud gnorbu's hair? Poor Ronglas has a white blob sticking off his head now. ~~shorte2002

Hello! Yea the white blob was a little distracting huh? Well no worries, you won't have to worry about it anymore! This has been fixed. Happy customising! ~~Miss Rainbow

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20974

Hey TNT, I've been noticing a streak of various arguments on the neoboards getting heated to the point of deliberate insults, nastiness, and bad-faith arguments rather than polite discussion or even debate. I've wondered if this is allowed on the boards now (I only recently became active on them again) and if so, why? And if not, how would a user go about reporting such behavior? Would insults toward other players(even veiled in sarcasm) fall under "harassment" or "profanity/offensive"? This includes speech implying derision toward a specific user or group of users. I'm all for freedom of expression but it seems to often be taken too far leading to personal comments and direct rudeness. What is a reasonable level of antagonism to even allow in these sorts of situations? I know some subjects get very heated, and again, I don't mean to police people's speech, but it gets to a point that it's just depressing to see. Please remove my username from this! ~~Anonymous

Thank you so much for the question. We are always on the lookout for offensive/inappropriate posts, we do have a dedicated team that is looking after all of the many messages that are being displayed within Neopets. We also advise that if you see any activity that is questionable, inappropriate or offensive, that you please report it immediately and we will work quickly to remove any of those items. Thank you again! ~Yarner

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20973

Hey there! You might have answered this before, but I was browsing the web and came across screenshots of someone playing a flash game on here- but how could that be, when there is no flash? Is this allowed, and if so, what do I have to do to obtain this power? Thanks :) ~~jrayeb3

Yes, this is allowed. There are several browsers out there that still do offer flash support and using those to play our games is allowed. ~~Kikocat

From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20972

Hello Neopians! Just wanted to give a quick update that the glitch last week's submitter was trying to point out about the Coincidence has been fixed! There were a few items that were being given out instead of the proper petpets, but we reported this to Donny and he was able to ensure these petpets are now being given out!


From Neopian Times, Issue 956 (Modern) · Published March 18, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20981

Get to Know Aesop!

Favourite Neopet: I am particularly partial to shoyrus and scorchios. I guess I have a soft spot for adorable dragons.

Favourite Neopian Land: Kreludor for sure! I find outer space fascinating. Plus I always rep the old purple and orange to show my support for the greatest Altador Cup team of all time. We came so close last cup that I have a feeling this might just be our year Kreludorians!

Favourite Neopian Character: This might be the most difficult question I've ever had to answer... There's nothing I love more than a captivating villain, so I would have to say it's a three-way tie for me between Xandra, Dr Sloth, and The Darkest Faerie!

Favourite Neopian food: Normally I would say Buttered Watermelon, but I've been trying to eat healthier so I guess I'll go with the Dust Covered Salad... Although now that I think about it, that new Trapango did look pretty tasty. Maybe I'll just try a nibble *reaches hand in and instantly regrets it* OW!

What is your favourite thing about working on TNT: Wow another tough one... I'd have to say having the opportunity to meet and work with some incredibly passionate people. The entire Neopets team is just so talented and dedicated that it is an honour to collaborate with them to bring more content to Neopia. And despite how awesome they are it's not just the team, but also the amazing neopets players who actively participate in the creative contests across the site that I've had the pleasure of getting to know during my time at TNT :)

What's the closest thing to real magic: a story that truly moves you! Whether it's through a book, movie, or video game I think the closest I've personally gotten to magic is when I really connected with a character or got so caught up in a well-woven plot it started me down a rabbit hole that led to an existential crisis. If you have ever felt those goosebumps washing over you while watching a trailer or during a particularly tense chapter you know exactly what I mean...

What is your proudest accomplishment: Having the opportunity to craft stories in the world of Neopia! Writing the scripts for the Advent Calendar comics and video this year was one of the coolest things I've ever done! Easily my proudest accomplishment of all time :) Although to be fair, most of the credit goes to our amazing art team that brought my little holiday tales to life.

What do you like to do for fun: Writing, reading, fitness, and hiking are some of my routine hobbies. But I'm also an expert at rolling cheese (directly into my mouth)!

If you had a warning label, what would yours say: Avoid direct sunlight and don't feed after midnight.

Do you have any hidden talents: I have a real knack for staying up all night thinking about embarrassing things I did a decade ago!

What keeps you up at night: See above.

From Neopian Times, Issue 955 (Modern) · Published March 4, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20971

Get to Know Miss Rainbow!

Hello! A lot of you have seen me hopping in and out of the NC Mall Neoboard, but apart from me working on NC Mall things day in and day out, I bet you didn’t know…. THIS!

My favourite Neopet… probably the Pastel Bori. I loooove Usuls and Kacheeks (and Baby Bruces!) because I think they are super cute, but the Pastel Bori has my heart because of the pastel rainbow design it has!

My favourite Neopian food… Mayonnaise Doughnuts comes to mind because I love how gross and silly it is, but I also like Baby Aisha Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cone and Baby Aisha Bubble Gum Juice Drink! I think about these items often.

My favourite thing about working on TNT… is that I get to be super creative and make sooo many people happy with the things that make me happy – cute and fun items! I love seeing you all get excited and hyped up for new items that come out, it means I’ve done my job if you are happy with the items hehe. ALSO! I have a great team that I work with! TNT is very friendly, funny, hardworking, passionate, and I feel very accepted and supported here x)

The closest thing to real magic? …Probably retail therapy, strawberry milk, and Spotify. All at the same time.

My proudest accomplishment… I have 130 unique playlists that I made – all with different moods and vibes. I love them dearly! BUT I am most proud about my job here at Neopets and how cutely I’ve decorated my apartment!

What I like to do for fun… I make super cute beaded bracelets, paint my own gel manicures, watch scary movies, and go out to shop and eat with my boyfriend!

From Neopian Times, Issue 955 (Modern) · Published March 4, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20970

Meet Unknown!

Favourite Neopet? - Merca’s are cute little rodents.

Favourite Neopian land? - As someone who values experience and enjoyment, my favourite land is roo island

Favourite Neopian character? - I am new, so I haven’t gotten to know very many of the citizens, I am looking forward to meeting them all over time though!!

Favourite Neopian food? - You can never go wrong with a “steaming Hot Udon Noodles”.

What is your favourite thing about working on TNT? - My favourite part about working here is collaborating with the talented people on this team to help keep Neopia safe and our fans happy.

What’s the closest thing to real magic? - To me the closest thing to real magic is Human ingenuity and cooperation. We can achieve anything we collectively set our mind to.

What is your proudest accomplishment? – So far, my proudest accomplishment is becoming QA lead for a community that had such a big impact on my generation.

What do you like to do for fun? – I love to sit in and play video games but enjoy getting out and trying new things just as much. My dog and I get out to the woods often, and I am always looking for a nearby climbing gym.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say? – WARNING: Sporadic information and existential dread may occur with extended exposure.

Do you have any hidden talents? – Anything skill based is achievable with enough practice, but a natural talent I have is selective listening. I can isolate a conversation across the room in a crowded building.

What keeps you up at night? – Low melatonin levels made worse by caffeine blocking the receptors?

From Neopian Times, Issue 955 (Modern) · Published March 4, 2022 · JN Editorial ID: 20969

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