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Neopian Times Editorial Database

The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Hi there! I used to submit comics for the NT in the past and I'm still doing so now after coming back after a hiatus. I noticed that the NT comic thumbnails are now always provided by the editor/neo art team instead of how they used to be- the submitter's custom images. Just curious, why is this so? And if it's a permanent change maybe I could suggest removing the thumbnail submission on the submission page. Thanks for your time ^^

Yes, that feature sadly has been broken for a long time and we are unsure how to remove it without breaking the entire system. So if you want to submit a picture for your submission please include the link in the comment section or at the top of your entry.

From Neopian Times, Issue 903. JN Editorial ID: 20514

Hey TNT! I'm really excited for the Altador Cup to have started again, but the recaptchas can get really annoying. When playing Make Some Noise i sometimes have to spend longer on the recaptcha and waiting for the game to reload than on the actual game. It's really taking away the fun for me. Would you consider removing them again? Thank you!

Unfortunately, until cheaters stop existing we cannot do this. In order to keep the games fair and discourage cheating, this is the solution we have found works best. We appreciate the effort you are putting into playing these games fairly.

From Neopian Times, Issue 903. JN Editorial ID: 20513

Hey, TNT. I've been contributing to the Neopian Times since issue 98 and humans as owners have always been a part of the worlds within the stories and comics of the Times. In fact, in the editorial for issue 699, it was stated that although the focus should always be on Neopian characters, human owners still play a big role in Neopets' lives. So my question is, why are humans now being disallowed from the NT? After all, the NT is a compilation of fanworks we share with each other based on our experiences on the Neopets site, emphasis on "fan". They're still different from everything in the site proper. Not to mention, it seems unfair that a couple of stories that breach the current NT rules made it into a recent issue, but after 900+ issues of being allowed, humans are suddenly not allowed in the NT. Thanks!

You are right it was a little rash to do that. We apologize for this. Honestly, some of my favourite NT comics have involved humans. After some consideration, we have decided that as long as humans aren't the main focus, any submission that includes humans will be allowed in the NT.

From Neopian Times, Issue 903. JN Editorial ID: 20512

Hi TnT, I would like to ask if the members that are playing in the Altador Staff Tournament are representing different Departments or just themselves? For example, Lawyerbot as a Brightvale supporter represents Customer Management, while Snarkie as a Virtupets supporter represents the IT Department. Lastly, was the Phantom Orange T-Shirt Guy(Oliver) removed from appearing after you click the eye of the Techo after a yooyuball match because he isn't with TnT anymore? Not sure if we have another Phantom T-Shirt Guy/Girl we haven't discovered in the current games or is my imagination out of control?~~ profs_isaac

Yes we have all staff members who wanted to be a part of the tournament. So we have people from several departments, site content, social media, narrative, management, development and support.

From Neopian Times, Issue 903. JN Editorial ID: 20511

Dear TNT, I would like to know your position on the following (some of which you might want to ask Kikocat): 1. Neopets spin-offs of existing ideas: So far I’ve seen an Art Gallery entry (AAA replacing Uncle Sam on the “I want YOU poster”) and some NT comics (which replaced people and/or animals in TV shows, movies, or memes with Neopets) that would qualify as Neopets spin-offs. Would it ever be considered plagiarism or art theft to make a Neopets spin-off? If there’s an existing craft idea that features images of animals or people would it be acceptable for a user to recreate it with Neopets, Petpets, Faeries, etc. instead of people or animals and enter it into the NT or another creative contest? 2. Elements of official Neopets April Fool’s Jokes (besides the (now real) Petpets): are references to these in creative contests (like the Art Gallery) only allowed in the April Fool’s edition? Specifically, when would an entry featuring the Marshmallow Kougra be allowed to win if at all? ~~jaylahcat

Hello, For the first part, we would need to be very careful about the copyrighted content, so you would need to watch out for that. Using the world around us for inspiration is how art is created, it's from our experience and things we saw and loved. So using something for inspiration is perfectly fine, the problem would come if someone else's work was simply copied into Neopia (so no tracing or using their artwork) and of course nothing copyrighted. Marshmallow Kougras would be allowed in the Beauty Contest but not in the Art Gallery. For entries into the Art Gallery the colour must exist for the pet, however for the BC, that rule does not exist so have fun and enter any colour of pet you would like even if it doesn't exist right now. The only rule related to this for the BC is if your pet is a Kougra, then the entry has to be of a Kougra.

From Neopian Times, Issue 903. JN Editorial ID: 20510

I'm a long-term neopets player and having returned from a hiatus. Having watched the boards for a while it is obvious who are moving these pets around. If I see something suspicious going on with a pet or an account, should I report it?

YES!!! If you have any information about suspicious pets please send in a ticket by writing to support@neopets.com and that can be investigated. We have people who will look into your report straight away.

From Neopian Times, Issue 903. JN Editorial ID: 20509

Hi TNT! I recently returned to Neopets after a 6-7 year hiatus back in March, and naturally a lot has changed since 2014. In particular, I noticed that a lot of the staff members I knew as a kid have either left or changed hands. I don’t even recognize half of the staff’s usernames anymore! I really want to get to know the new TNT staff, there any way you can list the current staff members or have them introduce themselves in the editorial? That would be awesome! Thanks :)~~emmilou123

This is actually something we have been wanting to do as well. We could try doing this through the news for Staff Tournament so be on the lookout.

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20508

Hi TNT! Getting excited for the games to start, can’t believe Altador Cup is almost upon us once again. Any chance of re-releasing all teams’ foam fingers in a retired capsule? I think quite a few of us had them in mind when hoping for retired items last year, yet they weren’t included. Depending on what team you support, some of them are really hard to find and I know my pets would love one to show their support!

Yes we hope to re-release the Altador Retired Capsule very soon so stay tuned.

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20507

Hey there! Are you able to change the NC item 'Candychan Plushie' to 'Candychan Handheld Plushie'? There already exists an item called 'Candychan Plushie'!~~swordsforlegs

You got it.

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20506

Help! My pet is a cog! My poor Maraquan Lutari's face has been obscured by a cog all week when posting to the neoboards... I'd love to be able to show off his new paint job! *slips a cookie in your pocket*

This issue is now resolved! Go checkout your Lutari now!

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20505

Dear Editor, Recently, I had a comic held over, only to be rejected by saying "There were certain elements of your story that were found to be inconsistent with what users are allowed to post on the Neopets site." Now, I've heard recently that some other comic artist were rejected for the same reason, and we're all lost as to what we're doing wrong. The only thing in common we've been able to find is that all of our comics feature owners, aka humans. I've never had a problem in the past with this, but if it's something I need to be aware of now, I need to know. So, are humans no longer allowed in the Neopian Times? Thank you for your time, June Scarlet

So yes it is listed in the rules here We apologies if entries were overlooked in the past.

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20504

Hey TNT! Would you guys be mad if we wanted to start a new account afresh but keep our old main with all of our item / NP on it? The new account's items and pets would never be traded or interacted with our old account / sides Thank you - Name Removed

I'm hoping that I am reading this correctly. You want to abandon your current main and start a new account as your main. That would be fine as long as you keep in mind that would make your current main a side account and you would have to keep to all side account rules with that account. No, you can't have two main accounts. :)

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20503

Hi! I hope you are all doing well. Is there any chance you could let us know if advertising Beauty Contest entries on chat boards other than the Art Chat is allowed? Previously, in issue 887's editorial, it seemed like you reconsidered and would allow it so long as players were making real, substantive posts on chat topics and not brief token posts like "GL!" Or did you mean for the advice you gave in NT issue #887 to only apply to players trying to drum up votes in the Caption Contest? Thanks for your time & please remove my username. ~Name Removed

Hi, That is for the Beauty Contest (Caption Contest also) but you can post your link in your Neosig outside the Art, Spotlight and Premium boards now (ONLY in your Neosig though) as long as you are contributing to the conversation.

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20502

Hey TNT! I was wondering if it would be possible to trade 2 or more pets for 1 pet? For an example there are some really nice higher tiered UC pets that I would like to trade for but I have mainly lower tiers. Would it be allowed? Thank you ~m0nster_rancher

Hello!! No, all pet trades must be one for one trades. You cannot trade a pet for multiple pets or any items. Sorry about that, good luck with your pet trades though.

From Neopian Times, Issue 902. JN Editorial ID: 20501

Giving Donny a heads up -- the new Hissi, Lupe, and Cybunny clothes seem to be glitching.~~mollyscribbles

Yes we are aware of this issue and we are working on fixing these. Sorry about that!

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20500

Thank-you to everyone involved with bringing us the Neopian Times each week! I recently submitted a comic, intending to poke fun at the pandemonium surrounding the curation of the 900th edition. The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me what a thankless job that really must have been. I can't unsubmit my comic, but I CAN make sure I voice my appreciation now. Y'all take the time to read so many user-created works each week, and really help make the backbone of the Neopian community. Thank-you for the work you do to make the Neopian Times the most entertaining virtual pet site newspaper out there!!

Thank you so much! This means a lot <3

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20499

Hi TNT! Before I begin, I love Neo. There are thousands of us who put our heart and soul into this site. We have grown up with the site and it is engrained in our adolescence. However, we are no longer children. The audience on the site are adults. We are grown. We have matured into functioning adults (go us!) with careers, children. Has TNT taken their audience age into account as it moves forward? We love you Neo. Please grow up with us.~~ sessduh

We totally see what you're saying and we wish we could. But there are those above watching closely over us...cough cough...you know who, so we must comply with the rules set before us. We try to have some fun every once in a while but we must keep our language/actions appropriate for all ages.

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20498

Hi, I know stuff like this has been addressed/fixed in the editorial before, so I thought I'd bring this to your attention if possible: I put together a cute Meridell-themed customization for my eyrie, but when I went to put it on him, I found that the Regulation Meridellian Chainmail, instead of just restricting his neck fluff, restricts the whole collar zone, so he can't wear a scarf or anything! Is this an error? It creates a gap where his wing should be attached to his body, which can't be covered without a collar item. I'd love if this could be fixed, so he can wear his chainmail without his wings falling off! ;) Thanks so much!~~jaudaran

Woah you're so right, I've informed Donny and he is on it. Should be good to go by the time you see this.

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20497

Two random questions: 1) Are collaborative efforts allowed for the Art Gallery? For example: as long as both of us are credited, would I be allowed to sketch something and then have a friend color it? 2) Do we have an ETA on getting Defenders of Neopia back online? I'd sure like to get back to kicking some bad-guy booty in the name of justice! ~~4zure

Hi, No, for the Art Gallery all work must be by a single member. We cannot allow collaborations. We love the defenders so we hope to improve that system one day, not sure when but thanks for the reminder, maybe i can keep bringing it up randomly in meetings to see what happens....

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20496

Is the Support ticket system ever going to come back? It's been a really long time :( ~~kimchica

Hi, The support system is alive and well, there is just no form anymore like there was with the system. With the new system, it is all done by email. All you need to do is send an email to support@neopets.com and include your username and basic information about your account or issue. If they need more information they will email you back and let you know.
Just a side note here, you will immediately be issued a ticket number when you send in your ticket. If you don't get this automated email, that would mean that we have not received your ticket. In that case, try using a different email and re-send your email ticket in.

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20495

Is there any way we can flag a Neopian that may need to have some in real life assistance? Social media websites have tools to direct you to contact sources outside of Neopets for help and I think with a larger adult base, it would be nice to have an option when you report a post to have a message sent to the Neopian to gently nudge them to reach out to some real life sources.~~invaderzimgrl777

This is something we do behind the scenes. Each situation is treated with the absolute highest priority and treated as unique. There is NOTHING we take more seriously than the situations you’re alluding to.

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20494

Why would someone be silenced for creating a board to warn other players about a dishonest user? As long as the claim can be prove it should not be considered harassment as it is just truth telling, and if the user in question didn't want the negative attention that comes along with their actions they shouldn't have behaved in that manner. Silencing users for trying to prevent other people from being taken advantage of is not a good precedent to set. It also leaves the predatory user free to find more victims. It's disheartening to see this happen to good people and drives people away from the game. - Name Removed

We respectfully request if you find any users who you feel are being dishonest, please do not post it on the boards. Simply send us an abuse report and we will be happy to look into it straight away. We can fully look into these situations and determine exactly what happened. This is obviously not possible from a user’s perspective. Some things to consider! Could there be a misunderstanding? Could the account in question be compromised? Might the user have not logged in or seen a particular message? And something we have to look into: could this be a false warning made in an attempt to frame the other user? All of these possibilities are considered when we look into these situations.

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20493

Retired item galley owner here! I am curious why all Advent Calendar items are labelled as retired...~~myqame_myrules

Most Advent Calendar items are specifically made for the Advent Calendar so once that day has passed they would technically be retired since there would be no way to get them except to buy them from other players.

From Neopian Times, Issue 901. JN Editorial ID: 20492

Hello! I was looking to submit art to the Neopian Art Gallery, and I noticed that I wasn't able to find Lutari in the drop-down menu. Is this an intentional bias towards Lutaris?! Thank you! ~~veinglory

Oh no that's horrible the little Lutaris are missing from there. We'll ask around and see if they can be added but for now you are welcome to submit them under other, kikocat (the_contest_judge) will see them that way also when she's accepting images. This applies for all entries if they are not listed in the drop down menu. Good luck with your entry.

From Neopian Times, Issue 900. JN Editorial ID: 20491

Just wanted to say I loved this Negg Festival. The items were supercute, and getting the actual neggs as final prizes was amazing!! Thanks so much TnT, much love -no tags here-3

Yay so glad you liked them :) A little positivity is nice :)

From Neopian Times, Issue 900. JN Editorial ID: 20490

Hi. I believe the plushie from Coltzan's Shrine, currently named "Sutek Plushie," should be spelled "Sutekh Plushie." The plushie resembles the Sutekh, a desert Petpet. Sutek (with no "h") is the name of a specific character, who is a Geb.~~ _brainchild_

You are correct, I've reported and Donny has fixed!

From Neopian Times, Issue 900. JN Editorial ID: 20489

Hello! I bought Shenanigifts invites for the first time ever (very fun, I highly recommend). I got two of the items I was really wanting, Witchs Wardrobe and Ultimate Book of Magic. I was super sad to see that these items can't be worn at the same time :( is it possible that this is just a zoning glitch? Thank you for any info!~~ohsnapitsleeanne

Sure, my apologies on this i would have made it fg lower but i know you guys like using that zone for other things, so i have changed to thought bubble, hope this works!

From Neopian Times, Issue 900. JN Editorial ID: 20488

Hi, can you let us know what the next site event will be? Will it be Charity Corner or Daily Dare - or have those been postponed/cancelled? Will it be the Altador Cup? I just want time to plan so I can maximize my time on the great job you've all been doing!

The next site event will be...Altador Cup. We really wanted to daily dare next but with half the staff being on mobile it's pretty tricky trying to plan too many events at once. Hope you can understand. But we are super excited for the tournament! Which team will you be on?

From Neopian Times, Issue 900. JN Editorial ID: 20487

Back in October 2009, the item "Tarla Plushie" was announced in the news, but it looks like it's glitched, seeing how it was never properly released even after all these years. Do you guys think you could activate it? I'd love to add it to my gallery :)~~leo_flores

a "Pretty Bouquet" if they are sick. ~1jediboy

From Neopian Times, Issue 900. JN Editorial ID: 20486

Could we please get a full and complete list of site rules posted somewhere? I feel like it's inviting trouble and confusion to point people at the editorial for references to rules. If all the rules were on one page that was kept up to date, perhaps even sorted by category, that would be extremely helpful. With a lot of people rejoining, it would be nice to have ONE complete page where we could point newbies who have questions about what's allowed. PLEASE.

Great question! We are currently working on a more detailed and straight forward set of site rules for you all. It will take time but know that it is in the works.

From Neopian Times, Issue 899. JN Editorial ID: 20485

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