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Dungeon Dash

Dungeon Dash Information
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After being bested by AAA and Abigail during Daily Dare, King Roothless has transported them inside the games to try to beat them once and for all! Help them evade Roothless' minion, Scram, and find the exit. Once they escape, they will finally be free from Roothless' control!

This game was originally featured as the grand finale during Daily Dare 2008. To get the full backstory for this game, you can read about it here!

Dungeon Dash
This is no way to treat Neopia's finest gamer!

How to Play

To free themselves from Roothless' clutches, our favourite gaming duo must brave five different levels, each one representing a real game that can be played in the Games Room. Each one has its own unique obstacles, hazards and enemies to be dealt with. If that wasn't enough, they also have to worry about Scram, who is always hot on their heels! If you are hurt by any hazards or enemies three times, or are captured by Scram, it's game over.


For the duration of the game, your character will always run to the right of the screen. To jump over obstacles and hazards, press the spacebar. During your mad dash to the exit, different tools can be collected to both help you traverse the gamescape and protect you; each one is assigned to a different key. The purpose that each tool serves can vary by level.

Tool Controls

Alternatively, you can use the mouse and click the icons for the tools on the bottom left side of the screen to use them, but this is not recommended as it is both distracting and slower than pressing the keys. It may take some getting used to, but it makes the game much easier!


Your score is directly tied to the distance your character has traveled, and each character earns a different amount of points per level. Abigail is the more athletic of the two siblings; she can jump higher and run faster than her brother, but she can only earn 800 points per level. Playing as AAA is significantly more difficult; he has trouble jumping over obstacles and running up hills and is generally slower, but he can earn 1000 points per level. For this reason, AAA is the only character that can earn the maximum score of 5000 points. If you want to earn a trophy for this game, you must use him!


Best Blumaroo Ever
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Level 1

This level is full of the ice blocks that Dieter loves to snack on in Snowmuncher! Right away you'll collect the Shovel, which can be used to break them up if they are blocking your path. Near the end of the level, you'll also pick up the Bubble, which will be very useful later.

Level 2

Dotting the landscape of this level are the same hills, mud, and tree stumps that can be seen in Turmac Roll. Abigail can run over the hills without any difficulty, but AAA will struggle if they are too steep and needs to jump over them. After a hill or two you should come across the Spring, which is useful for getting over large obstacles. AAA will need to use it to clear the tree stumps. The mud puddles will not harm you, but they will slow you down considerably and make you an easy target for Scram! To move over them quickly, use the Bubble.

Level 3

This level is full of Destruct-O-Match bricks! Use your Shovel to break them up and use the Spring to jump over the taller brick stacks. Keep an eye out for the Helmet - in some instances, it will be placed next to a tall stack of bricks, making it difficult to collect. If you miss it, you'll need to start the game over. Once you have the Helmet, you can use it to protect your head from the bricks falling from the sky.

Level 4

The interior of this level is filled with the familiar blue tile used in Ice Cream Machine. Use your Spring to jump over the higher tile stacks and use your Bubble to cross the ice cream vats. After you collect the last tool in the game, the Shield, you'll be assaulted by flying ice cream cones for the remainder of the level. Use the Helmet to protect your head and upper body and use the Shield to protect your lower body and your feet. Make sure to use the Helmet if you are jumping and are in danger of being hit; likewise if you are falling into danger use your Shield to prevent taking damage.

Level 5

The last level takes place on a dock with a familiar ship in the background - the SS Primella from Stowaway Sting! You'll need to use all of your tools to make it to the exit. There are two types of enemies in this level, the Kougra and Skeith thugs. In order to pass by them without getting pummeled, you'll need to use the Helmet for the Kougra and the Shield for the Skeith. While you are running over the dock and jumping on the crates that litter the level, use the Bubble to cross over the exposed fishing equipment and wooden splinters. As in previous levels, use the Spring to jump over larger crate stacks and use the Shovel to break them as necessary.

Quick Tips

  • If you send in a maximum score (5000 points) you'll be added to the bottom of the high score table, with the person in first place getting knocked off. If you stay anywhere on the high score table after midnight, you'll be rewarded with a gold trophy!
  • Even though the game is easier when you play as Abigail, you'll need to use AAA if you want to get a high score.
  • You can always see your total progress and Scram's location on the bar at the top of the screen.
  • On level 3, keep a close eye out for the Helmet. If you are unlucky it may show up in a place that you cannot get to without using the Shovel. If you pass it, you'll need to start the game over.
  • On level 4, you can wait for ice cream cones to pass overhead just to be safe if you need to use the Spring. Scram has fallen far behind by this point and should not be a problem.
  • On level 5, use the Bubble in mid-jump before you land on any hazards on the ground.

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