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Dubloon Disaster

This game has been retired! You may play it in the Game Graveyard, but you may not send your score or earn Neopoints. Current Version »

Dubloon Disaster is a neat game for whiling away the hours! Here are some great tips for maximising your score:

While you are playing, remember that you can use the "down" key for reverse. Try to stay as far away from the mines as possible. If your computer is sluggish (or even fast), go to the options section and turn off all the settings. It improves the game and allows you to get away from the mines quicker! (See the visual!)

Turning off settings

Try to make the mines crash into each other if there are a lot of them. Rarely, a whirlpool might appear. It will devour all the mines, but be careful that you don't get sucked into it as well! (See the visual!)

Exploding Mines

However, if you cannot wait for that precious whirlpool, you could always type in "scallywags" once per game for an instant whirlpool. However, you need to close the window and reopen it before you can use this code again. (Thanks ivyshinigami!)

Whirlpool cheat in action

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