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Dream Neopet Giveaway

The Dream Neopet Giveaway, which occurs each December, is an event that allows Neopians to choose one of their Neopets to transform into a new species and colour of their choice, free of charge. In the most recent iterations, 40 lucky Neopians are chosen each year.


You may enter any one pet from any of your accounts (including side accounts), but you can only enter on one account.

There are no limitations on what species or colour you can wish for, so long as the species/colour combo is released. You can even wish for limited and restricted species, Lab Ray-exclusive colours, and Fountain Faerie-exclusive colours!

However, Unconverted (UC) pets cannot be wished for, and if you enter a UC pet and win it will be converted.

Once you submit your entry, you are not able to change it. So choose carefully!


This event is usually held every year in December. It was moved to July in 2014, but has since returned to being held in December.

Winning pets are always transformed automatically on December 25th, though they may not be publicly announced until later.

Dream Neopet Giveaway Timelines
Year Entries Opened Entries Closed Winners Announced Number of Winners
2022 December 9 December 20
11:59 PM NST
December 25
(and in the news on Jan 4th)
2021 December 9 December 20
11:59 PM NST
January 3 40
2020 December 9 December 21
11:59 PM NST
January 4 40
2019 December 10* December 21
11:59 PM NST
December 25 40
2018 December 10 December 21
11:59 PM NST
December 25 54
2017 December 8 December 22
11:59 PM NST
December 25 40
2016 December 2 December 19
11:59 PM NST
December 25 40
2015 December 1 December 18
11:59 PM NST
December 25 40
2014 December 12 December 19
1:59 PM NST
December 25 55**
2014 July 7 July 21
2:00 PM NST
July 23 10
2013 December 12 December 20
11:00 AM NST
December 25 10
2012 December 12 December 21
6:00 AM NST
December 25 10
2011 December 12 December 21
6:00 AM NST
December 25 10
2010 December 10 December 21
12:00 PM NST
December 25 10

* On December 13, 2019, Mosaic and Burlap (both released earlier that year) were added to the list of colour options mid-event, and so players were allowed to change their entry.

** 15 winners who entered to transform to a Vandagyre (released earlier that year) and 40 winners of any other species.

How to Enter

When the giveaway is accepting entries, you can submit your dream pet here.

When you arrive on the page, you will be presented with images of all the pets on your account:

You can select which pet you would like to enter by simply clicking its picture. Then, choose the species and colour you want from the dropdowns. After you select both a species and a colour, it will appear next to your pet's image.

Need inspiration for your entry? Check out Jellyneo's Rainbow Pool for an easily browsable experience of all species and colours available!

Although the transformed version will appear without clothing, you will not lose anything if you win; it will just be moved back to your closet.

You will be prompted to confirm your selection. You cannot change your entry after you confirm this, so be certain you are certain!

Your entry will remain on the page all year until the Giveaway restarts the next year.

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