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Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing Information
Click to play Double or Nothing! World:
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Neopoint Ratio:
5.00 Points =
1 NP
Our Difficulty Rating:
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Welcome to the Meridell Castle treasury, friend! Fancy a game of chance while you're here? For only a few NP and a bit of luck, you could walk away with as much treasure as King Skarl himself! Maybe.

Go ahead and click it...you know you want to!

How to Play

Snargan, an enterprising Skeith who works as Meridell Castle's treasurer, has invited you to play Double or Nothing. To begin the game, click the coin on the page to bet 10 NP and flip it. If the coin lands on the Heads side, your current jackpot will double and you will be given a choice: flip the coin again to double your winnings, or leave with what you currently have. If at any point you land on Tails, you will relinquish all of your winnings to Snargan.


Technically there is no real strategy here, since the only option you have each round is to continue playing or quit. Your chances of getting heads are always 50/50. If you're going for a trophy, check out the current high scores to see what score you need, and keep playing over and over until you get it. If you're going for Neopoints, well...play a different game!

Snargan Plushie

Probability Table
Flips Winnings Probability
1 10 50%
2 20 25%
3 40 12.5%
4 80 6.25%
5 160 3.13%
6 320 1.56%
7 640 0.78%
8 1280 0.39%
9 2,560 0.20%
10 5,120 0.10%
11 10,240 0.05%
12 20,480 0.02%
13 40,960 0.01%
14 81,920 0.006%
15 163,840 0.003%

Even though it may sound promising having a 50% chance of winning each round, realistically this game is just not worth playing if you're hoping for a quick fortune. If you want to earn the avatar, make sure you cash out as soon as you win the 6th flip! As tempting as it may be to continue, your greediness could be your downfall. As with all games, playing at the beginning of the month for a trophy is your best bet.

Skeith - Snargan

Skeith - Snargan / Guide

Collect your winnings when you reach 320 NP on Double or Nothing.

Released: September 26, 2005

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