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Donate to Jellyneo

Hi there! Jellyneo is the most popular Neopets help site on the Internet, and year after year we've been amassing more visitors and more pageviews. We've been going strong for the past 19 years and we plan on sticking around for many more! However, we need a little help to keep chugging along.

Current Status

Our web hosting costs have increased over the years. We make no profit from JN; the site has run 100% on user donations since 2006. Most importantly, we do not run any third party advertisements.

We're currently hosted on a private server at DreamHost. We're very happy with them and they offer great service. It is flexible, too, so we can adjust server settings (more expensive settings = more uptime; less expensive settings = less uptime).

Our Goal

We'd like for JN to be ad-free and online in 2023, so we're asking for your help! You do not need to donate money in order to use JN. Everything we offer, including jnAccount services, is free! However, if you have some spare change lying around and you want to assist us, feel free to do so—we would be eternally grateful! (You can also read further down the page for purchasing discounted web hosting that gets us a referral bonus.)

We've estimated 2023 hosting costs at $2,500 to run JN at a comfortable setting. Therefore, we're making it our goal to raise that amount this year. Check out the nifty thermometer below to see our progress!

Our goal for 2023 has been achieved! Donations made from here on out will still receive trophies, and the money will start funding our goal for next year. On behalf of everyone here at JN, thank you!

2023 Goal: $2,500
2023 Current: $3,670

Donation Trophies!

We like thanking those who help support JN. We offer three special trophies for displaying in your jnAccount trophy cabinet after you donate. These trophies are awarded to your jnAccount, after we send you a thank you email to the address of your Paypal account. (We'll ask for your jnAccount if we can't find it.)

Donation Tiers
Donate $50+
Donate $25-$49
Donate $10-$24

Donate Here » Extra Generous Donations »

You can see the trophies in action in Dave's trophy cabinet. They could be in yours, too! Read on to find out how!

We award the trophies in batches once ever few weeks, so if you just donated, please give us 1-2 weeks and then you should see an email from us!

For those who are extra enthusiastic about helping Jellyneo out, if you're interested in obtaining all 3 trophies, you can donate $85 throughout the year ($50 + $25 + $10) in either one lump sum or spread out in multiple donations. When we send out your thank you note, just let us know that you're donating for multiple trophies! :)


How can you contribute and get one of those spiffy trophies? Glad you asked! There are two ways:

Use PayPal

If you're 18 or older and have PayPal, you can donate any amount via our donation gateway. We prefer increments of $10, $25, $50, or $100. We do not receive any of your personal information, we only get a summary of the transaction with your email and the amount you donated. We'll email you to ask which jnAccount we should award the trophy to.

All incoming funds go straight to our hosting bill and cannot be cashed out.

Donate Here » Extra Generous Donations »

As of December 2020, our PayPal donation gateway cannot accept custom dollar amounts—instead, we've added some preset amounts at the links above! If you'd like to donate something else, please let us know and we can set something up for you. We appreciate it!

Purchase Web Hosting

If you're interested in running your own website, we offer a wonderful promotional code that gets you a discount with DreamHost. We get a nice referral bonus for each person who signs up. For full details, please see our hosting page.