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Dip & Dye Neggs

Dip & Dye Neggs

The Fountain Faerie, Naia, is dyeing three special Neggs in the Rainbow Fountain for the Neocash component to this year's Festival of Neggs. Using Negg Dyeing Kits from the NC Mall, these items can be unlocked to grant bonus NC prizes! The event runs from April 8th through April 30, 2021, and may be completed on side accounts. For full details, please refer to the official FAQ (click Events/Plots).

Oops? In early November, 2021, the Negg Dyeing Kits returned to the NC Mall for purchase and the Dip & Dye Neggs page was reactivated. TNT has indicated that these items and the event will remain up until the 2022 event is released.
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Ever wanted to see what would happen to a negg if you dipped it into the magical Rainbow Fountain? I sure have! Let’s find out!

Negg Dyeing Kits

Dyeing Kits will allow the dyeing of three Neggs! The three themed kits are Pastel, Bright, and Dark, and each must be purchased to unlock all prizes from their respective Neggs. (You can't purchase the same Dyeing Kit twice to open different Neggs.) Alternately, the Bundle will award all three of the themed Dyeing Kits to cover the entire event. You may also purchase a Single kit to dye a negg for an individual day's prize.


In order to dip a Negg, you must activate the Negg Dyeing Kit in your inventory, then visit the Dip & Dye Neggs page with corresponding themed Negg Dyeing Kit or Single Negg Dyeing Kit in your inventory.

Then, click on the corresponding Negg on Naia's workbench. Once you have selected your Negg, you can 'unlock' it using Negg Dyeing Kits from the NC Mall to gain exclusive NC prizes.

Each Negg contains a set of five prizes, and the prizes are given out in the same order to all Neopians. Each themed Negg Dyeing Kit only works once for all five items and only with the corresponding Negg. When you unlock the full set of prizes from a given Negg using its themed Dyeing Kit, you will receive a bonus item. You may purchase multiples of any themed Negg Dyeing Kits and you will be awarded all corresponding items again including the bonus.

You may dip a particular Negg only once per day during the event, except if you missed prior days, you can make up for those days by dipping multiple times in one day to receive past prizes (but no more than the number of days/prizes you've missed).

The Single Negg Dyeing Kit will allow you to dip any available negg and get any day's primary prize (just no bonuses.)


Prizes are awarded daily, when dyeing the Negg you're currently dipping.

Pastel Negg Prizes

Pastel Negg

Pastel Negg Prizes
April 8th

Candlelit Floral Foreground
April 9th

Bouncing Negg Flowerpots
April 10th

Cybunny Ice Cream Cone
April 11th

Rainbow Pastel Wig
April 12th

Negg Tea Party Background
Pastel Negg Bonus

Bright Negg Prizes

Bright Negg

Bright Negg Prizes
April 12th

Rainbow Daisies Foreground
April 13th

Springtime Crown
April 14th

Confetti Negg Garland
April 15th

Negg Hunting Overalls
April 16th

Negg Fountain Background
Bright Negg Bonus

Dark Negg Prizes

Dark Negg

Dark Negg Prizes
April 16th

Festival of Neggs After Party Background
April 17th

Black Floral Dress
April 18th

Shadow Cybunny Ears
April 19th

Giant Rainbow Neon Sign
April 20th

Multicolored Lights Garland
Dark Negg Bonus

Final Prizes

A final bonus item as well as a gift box were awarded for dipping all three Neggs using the coloured Negg Dyeing Kits.

Dip and Dye Neggs Bonus Items
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