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Dip & Bob Apples

Dip & Bob Apples

Vandebart Biggsby, aka Bart, is hosting apple Bobbing for three special "apples" in the mysterious Apple Bobbing barrel for the Neocash component to this year's Festival of Neggs. Using Tickets from the NC Mall, these items can be unlocked to grant bonus NC prizes! The event runs from April 19th until the 2023 event launches, and may be completed on side accounts. For full details, please refer to the official FAQ.

Step Right Up!
I’ve got these strange, mysterious apples- unlike anything you’ve ever bobbed before! The prizes will just blow you away!
I'll just need to take your Tickets first, and then these apples are yours for the bobbin'!

Apple Bobbing Tickets

Tickets will allow for the bobbing for three apples! The three themed tickets are Springtime Neovia, Apple, and Paintbrush, and each must be purchased to unlock all prizes from their respective apples. (You can't purchase the same Apple Ticket twice to catch different apples.) Alternately, the 15-Pack will award all three of the themed apple Tickets to cover the entire event. You may also purchase a single 1-Pack Ticket to bob for an apple for an individual day's prize. While the event will run until the 2023 event starts, the Tickets are only available for purchase until May 11, 2022.


In order to bob for an apple, you must activate the Ticket in your inventory, then visit the Dip & Bob Apples page with corresponding themed apple Ticket or 1-Pack apple Ticket in your inventory.

Then, click on the corresponding apple in the barrel. Once you have selected your apple, you can 'unlock' it using Tickets from the NC Mall to gain exclusive NC prizes.

Each apple contains a set of five prizes, and the prizes are given out in the same order to all Neopians. Each themed Ticket only works once for all five items and only with the corresponding apple. When you unlock the full set of prizes from a given apple using its themed Ticket, you will receive a bonus item. You may purchase multiples of any themed Ticket and you will be awarded all corresponding items again including the bonus.

You may bob for a particular apple only once per day during the event, except if you missed prior days, you can make up for those days by bobbing multiple times in one day to receive past prizes (but no more than the number of days/prizes you've missed).

1-Pack Redemption

The 1-Pack Ticket will allow you to bob for any available apple and get any day's primary prize (just no bonuses).

To start, choose one of the apples (shown above). You will be prompted to confirm your choice; once confirmed, the apple in the barrel will become coloured.

You can then click the coloured apple to choose your prize. You will be presented the options from that apple one at a time in order of release. For each prize, you can choose whether to redeem or to move on to the next prize.

Once you choose a prize, it will be added to your inventory.

If you decline all of the prizes, the window will close and your ticket will not be used up. You can start over from the beginning.


Prizes are awarded daily, when catching the apple you're currently bobbing for.

Springtime Neovia Apple Prizes

Neovia Negg

Springtime Neovia Apple Prizes
April 19th

Negg Festival Bonnet
April 20th

Crumpetmonger Bakery Counter
April 21st

Basket of Decadent Chocolate Neggs
April 22nd

Neovian Springtime Gown
April 23rd

Negg Balloon Columns & Confetti
Springtime Neovia Apple Bonus

Apple Apple Prizes

Apple Negg

Apple Apple Prizes
April 23rd

Negg Sprout Head Accessory
April 24th

Red Gingham Skirt
April 25th

Posh Ribbon Wig
April 26th

Apple Sweater
April 27th

Blossoming Apple Negg Foreground
Apple Apple Bonus

Apple Negg Village
Prize Swap! If you redeem the Dip & Bob Ticket - Apple Apple (the 5-pack), the Apple Negg Village will be presented to you as an ordinary prize and the Blossoming Apple Negg Foreground will be presented as the bonus. However, the Foreground can be redeemed with a 1-Pack ticket, meaning the Apple Negg Village is actually the bonus.

Paintbrush Apple Prizes

Paintbrush Negg

Paintbrush Apple Prizes
April 27th

Handheld Paintbrush and Palette
April 28th

Aspiring Artiste Body Paint
April 29th

Paint Splattered Artist Outfit
April 30th

Paint Palette Wings
May 1st

Paintbrush Collector Foreground
Paintbrush Apple Bonus

Final Prizes

Glitched prizes! Earlier in the day on May 1, users were erroneously awarded last year's bonus items instead. This was fixed later in the evening for those who had not yet collected the bonus. TNT has not yet stated what will be done about those who received the wrong bonus; in the meantime, you may consider submitting a support ticket.

A final bonus item as well as a gift box were awarded for fully bobbing for all three apples using the themed Tickets.

Dip and Bob Apple Bonus Items
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