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Dice of Destiny

Dice of Destiny Information
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You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? In this ultimate game of chance, you must rely on the will of the dice to free yourself from the stone prison you've found yourself in. The unlucky ones will be trapped here...FOREVER!

Hmm...should I roll one dice, or two?

How to Play

In each level, you will be presented with stone tablets numbered 1-9 and a pair of dice. For each round, you may choose to roll either one or both dice. After the dice have been rolled, you must choose tablets whose sum matches the amount shown.

As an example, if you roll the dice and get an 8, you can choose any of the below combination of tablets:

  • 1, 2, and 5
  • 1, 3, and 4
  • 1 and 7
  • 2 and 6
  • 3 and 5
  • 8

Each level has a certain number of rounds it must be cleared in. If you finish the level without using all of your rolls, you will be taken to the bonus level where you can use your remaining rolls to earn bonus points.

Rounds per Level
Level Rounds
1 20 Rolls
2 17 Rolls
3 15 Rolls
4 12 Rolls
5 10 Rolls

During the bonus level, a new set of dice will be used that has symbols instead of numbers. Matching the symbols will either increase or decrease your point total. If the symbols do not match, nothing happens.

Bonus Dice
Matching Symbol Points
10 Points
5 Points
-10 Points


For each tablet removed from play, you will earn 10 points. If you clear a level, you will earn an additional 10 points. This means that you should get 100 points per level and a minimum of 500 points if you clear all 5 levels. The remaining points come from the bonus stage, as detailed in the section above.


Although luck plays the biggest role in this game, you can figure out the best possible strategy for attaining a certain sum from the dice using the power of probability!


Probability Table
Amount Needed One Both
1 16.67% 0%
2 16.67% 2.78%
3 16.67% 5.56%
4 16.67% 8.33%
5 16.67% 11.11%
6 16.67% 13.89%
7 0% 16.67%
8 0% 13.89%
9 0% 11.11%
10 0% 8.33%
11 0% 5.56%
12 0% 2.78%

For all numbers under 7, the probability is higher if you roll one dice instead of both. However, there's still one catch, the limitation on the number of rounds per level. If you roll both dice, you can clear more than one or two stone tablets per round. If you try to clear one tablet at a time, you won't have enough rolls to clear all of the tablets in the later levels. At the beginning of each level, you should always roll both dice to clear as many tablets as possible, especially 7, 8, and 9.

Once you are down to fewer tablets, you can figure out what to do based on the sum of the values of the remaining tablets. If the sum of the remaining tablets is more than 6, roll both dice. If the sum of the remaining tablets is 6 or less, roll one die. (Thanks to PipoTheFreak2 for pointing this out!)

If you are trying to earn a trophy, start the game over until you have an early bonus point lead in the first level. The rest is just luck!

Quick Tips

  • Keep starting over until you get an early point lead from the first bonus level.
  • Roll both dice at the beginning of each level to clear as many tablets as possible. For the few that remain, use the probability table to decide how many dice to roll.

Good thing I had my lucky pet rock with me!

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