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Destruct-O-Match II

This game has been retired! You may play it in the Game Graveyard, but you may not send your score or earn Neopoints. Current Version »

We all know the game's precursor- Destruct-O-Match. The game of games. And now we have a better version of it. Sometimes the sequels are worse, but not this time! Destruct-O-Match II has better graphics, more options and even a zen-mode. How much better could it be?

There are tons of boulders blocking your village's construction zone; reds, blues, greens and more. It's up to you to clean the place up!

Of course, there are some special types of boulders that make your work easier:

Fire Boulder: It will destroy any boulders within a one boulder radius. This is best to save until you have no more moves left, as a good many times, it'll clear the board for you.


Overkill Boulder: It will destroy any boulders that have the same color as it. This is good to use at higher levels only. It doesn't give you all the points it would if you destroyed them all by hand, which isn't a good thing during the lower levels when there wouldn't be many boulders left to get points from.


Multiplier Boulder: When you click on this boulder, you earn 3 times the score. Best used in big combinations ;)


Fill Boulder: This will add a line of new boulders at the top of the stack. Sometimes useful if you have a bunch of single boulders without any same-color boulders next to them.


If there are good boulders, there has to be nasty boulders. Ladies and gentlemen, here are those pesky things that try to stop you from getting rid of all those rocks:

Morph Boulder: You have a certain amount of time, which is counted down on the boulder, to destroy this boulder, or it turns into an Indestructible Boulder. It will also turn any of the boulders touching it that are the same color.


Indestructible Boulder: This boulder can only be destroyed by using the Fire Boulder.


Cheats and Tips

Typing "destroyboulders" will clear a certain color off the board, similar to Overkill Boulder! If you use this cheat in between levels, if it decreases the number of boulders to a number eligible for bonus points, your score will increase to reflect the bonus.

Also, here's a tip to getting through the first few levels: at the start of a level, destroy all boulders except one color, preferably the most numerous, and leave them until they're the only ones left to destroy. Then, destroy them all in huge group for massive points!

Like many other games on Neopets, this one was worked on by the great Oliver himself! To see all of the games he is in, and how to get him, read The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article.

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