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Desert Diplomacy: Parchment Reading

Alongside the Desert Diplomacy event, collecting each of the clues about the thefts will award you a piece of parchment that needs to be deciphered. This event began on August 8, 2014.

Like all Neocash components during events in Neopia, this is completely optional and not required to complete the logic puzzle!

Getting Started

First, collect one of the clues from Desert Diplomacy by visiting the locations specified. Upon returning to the Desert Diplomacy hub, you'll be awarded a Neopoint item and a parchment.

Since Neopoint items are awarded in tandem to the parchments, you may not participate in this activity on your side accounts.

To begin deciphering parchments, you'll need to purchase a dictionary from the NC Mall:


Instead of activating the dictionary itself, you will need to have at least one parchment and one dictionary in your inventory, and from there, click on the parchment. On the action dropdown, there will be an option to decipher it with a dictionary.

Parchments and Prizes

Each parchment gives you access to five different NC items. You may only receive each prize once, so no duplicates!

August 8th - 12th

Sign of Life Parchment

August 13th - 17th

Dual Reeds Parchment Piece

August 18th - 21st

Watchful Horus Parchment Piece
Watchful Horus Parchment Piece Prizes

Bonus Prize

Visiting the Desert Diplomacy hub after deciphering all 14 parchment pieces will give you the following message and bonus prize:

"Wait a moment! Those parchments..." The Princess pieces them together and you can read faint text on the back, bleached by the sun. It's a declaration she'd planned to announce long ago, just before Jazan arrived with his ill-fated offer of marriage. "I thought I'd lost this," she says. She releases her final, greatest design from the magical paper as an extra reward.

Bonus Prize
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