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This game has been retired! You may play it in the Game Graveyard, but you may not send your score or earn Neopoints. Current Version »

Deckswabber: the game where you play a blue Blumaroo pirate who's been given ship mopping duty, because a clean mast is more important than the fact that your ship's being invaded by Kikos, Techos, and Myncis (not to mention animated cannons). Or maybe they're all your shipmates and they're just bullying you for being given swabbing duty, but the point is that they're kind of getting in the way.


Unlike the real life version of scrubbing floors, the Deckswabber version doesn't include aching backs, dirty towels, and wet floors. All you do is use your arrow keys to move the Blumaroo from tile to tile and he cleans the floor! Yay.

For every round, there is a new cleaning pattern! This is basically the order of color/cleanliness that the tiles go through as you clean them.

Color Transformations
Round Cleaning Pattern
1 brown → yellow
2 brown ←→ yellow
3 brown → yellow ←→ blue
4 brown → yellow → blue → brown

Things That Go Bounce on the Ship

Unfortunately for you, it doesn't seem as though you're going to be able to swab the deck in peace. Various pirates and pirate paraphernalia have come to distract you from your task and here's what they are.

Bad Guys

This is where you get your animated cannons as well as your pirate Myncis, Techos and skull Kikos. They will lower your health when you're on the same tile so try to keep away from them as much as possible. The exception is the skull Kiko, who will kill you the instant you touch him.


These guys are often mistaken for enemies but they're actually used to kill the bad pirates. Once one of them hops onto the same tile as an enemy pirate, it'll destroy the pirate along with itself. The swords cannot be equipped and you just have to let them bounce as they will.


Mostly harmless, but if you don't pick them up in time they'll self-destruct and dirty the tiles around them.


Sometimes various doubloons or treasure chests will bounce along the board. Collect these to earn bonus points.


So, you've probably noticed how on some of the levels, the tiles will revert back to their dirty color if you step back onto them. This causes some problems, especially if you have to go backwards to avoid a bad guy. I find that the best way to avoid this problem is by not going backwards. Go forwards anyway, so that you won't have to redo any steps and try to go in a pattern that doesn't leave any blank spots. There is some time in the beginning, before anyone else shows up when you can do this. However, later when there are three Myncis on the board, this becomes a bit more difficult.

If you are forced to go out of your way and you do dirty some tiles, it's not that big of a deal. You can go back and try to clean it up again. Just go back and forth and your pattern should no longer be disrupted. It works! Eventually... depending on how many steps you took.

Deckswabber also has a cheat code: vitaminc. You can use it once per game to restore your health.

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